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Nothing new… Part 3 – Again and again and again

4 Jan

Nothing new
It´s true.
Well, nothing new for you.
Now don´t be rude.

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How to get an eating disorder.

15 Nov


You wanna be a lean, mean, skinny machine but exercise and dieting only makes you see your lower rib bones and you can not scratch the spinal cord from your belly button.

AMC aims to please, and has gotten alot of letters and e-mails from young girls and woman needing to get rid of excess fat and tissue. So here is the guide of how to get an eating disorder, and the pros and cons for each.

There are mainly three kinds of eating disorders that could give a woman the fashionable “skeleton with skin look”.; Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia nervosa and the mix of these two. I will explain the pros and cons of each disorder, and at the end tell you how to get them.

Anorexia nervosa

Remember! Anorexia is not just for the women of the world. There are alot of fat males too.

Anorexia nervosa is the proses of not eating anything… ever! By not eating anything your body starts a something known as catabolism, which everyone has, but where fat people break down new energy from constant eating, you will digest your own body instead. By digesting your own body, fat will disappear, and a new healthy look will appear. Anorexia has an incidence of between 8 and 13 cases per 100,000 persons per year

Pros: This is the best way to get skinny. It´s faster and more effective than any other diet and it´s so easy even a model can do it.

Cons: It does demand a lot from you. Even though the two step program is easy to learn (just “1) stop eating, 2) exercise”) you need to be in total control over your own body to do that. If you don´t think you have the backbone for it, (or the need to feel your backbone), then perhaps Bulimia nervosa is the better choice.

How to achieve Anorexia nervosa
YOU GOTZ TO WANT IT YOU FAT BITCH! Look at your self. Fuck! I don´t understand how you can believe anyone would want such a fucking fat ass!
This is the mantra to any Anorexia nervosa success. As of now you do not have any control over your life. You´re not a model like you thought you would be and male attention give you only temporal pleasure (and besides sperm is fattening). You need to take control over your self. No more binging, no more salad with dressing. No more anything. Look in the mirror. LOOK! How can you stand yourself. You have no control over you life. NO CONTROL! If you can´t control you own body, how can you control anything else? You need to show restraint. When you know that you have no controll over your own life you need to bow down to the two-step program of; “1) stop eating, 2) exercise“.

    1) Stop eating: Eating causes harm, and only weak people does it. You need to stop eating right now!
    2) Exercise: Everybody know that exercise is good for you as it makes your body beautiful and you´ll live forever young. Now fat people exercise once or twice a week, you need to exercise once or twice A DAY!

If you follow this two-step program to the letter an NEVER EVER lose control, then t´you will become the most beautiful woman in 1-2 years. And all your friends will cry in envy as the carry you out in a casket.

Bulimia nervosa

So you don´t have the backbone for Anorexia nervosa because you´er a weak person who really don´t deserve to live. But self mutilation with a knife causes scars and is ugly, and so you need to punish yourself in away that is both painful and constructive. Yes then Bulimia nervosa is the choice for you. By vomiting after every meal you will get skinny too.

Pros: It´s far more easy to do than Anorexia nervosa as you can eat (to be social) but also go down in weight.

A common rookie mistake. It´s suppose to go IN the toilet!

Cons: It´s rarely said but I think it need to be pointed out that Bulimia nervosa does have some side effects that Anorexia nervosa does not. First, you never really get control over your life, and secondly there are some aesthetic problems you need to know of. The aesthetic problems are: Vomiting can lead to tooth enamel and tooth decay, and although you do get skinnier, you never get a models flat stomach. Because since you eat before you vomit the stomach get´s bloated and soft to the touch. Also you need to know that constant vomiting can destroy some barriers in your stomach and throat which can lead to uncontrolled vomiting at inconvenient times. Fortunately, most people are so shallow they will not take notice.

How to achieve Bulimia nervosa
The first thing you have to do before getting into the Bulimia nervosa program is to acknowledge that you have a problem with eating. You eat too much and too often. As with people in the Anorexia nervosa program you need to know that you do not have control over your body, but unlike those in the Anorexia nervosa program you have to admit your troubles are chronic. You will never have control. Then you enter the three-step program of the Bulimia nervosa; 1) Binge, 2) Release, 3)Repeat

    1) Binge: You need to eat lots of food to build up a pressure in your stomach
    2) Release: This is the hardest step to do and it´s rarely explained to people. First you need a toilet or a bucket or a bush and some privacy. It´s important to make sure no one knows what you are doing, as most people like being fat and will not understand what you are doing. When you have that you need to put your mouth into the toilet, bucket or behind that bush and stick a finger down your throat. Keep the finger deep down in your throat until the food comes up again. Make sure everything you have eaten has come up again. A trick here is to eat something of a different color first, and when that has come up again you´re done. At first this may be hard, but as the days go by this will almost go automatically.
    3) Repeat: Do this ritual over and over again for prefect result.

Anorexia nervosa with Bulimia nervosa on the side (the mix)

This third choice is just a mix of the two mentioned above. Sometimes you don´t eat, sometimes you eat to much and vomit. It´s nice to have this alternative if you fear getting caught. By eating when with friends, but not eating when you are alone and excise every chance you get you will still get that perfect body. Just remembered to brush your teeth after every vomit.

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So the Mondays goes by…

5 Apr

The start of a new week and every possibility lies before thee. This week will be great! I have so many things I can do.

First I can save the rainforest by donating some money.
Then I can save a starving child by sending some money.
Then I can save a person being executed by sending a text message.
Then I can save my country by becoming more involved in politics.
Then I can become more eco-friendly by commuting, buying more organic foods and telling others the joy of commuting and buying organic foods.
Then I can listen to U2 and know that I support a good-doer.
Then I can find the perfect job that is both stimulating and that pays good.
Then I can meet my future in the form of a woman.
Then we can make children together that is both mentally and physically fit to do more good for our great world.
Then I can die knowing I have done some great contributions.
Then I can face the faith of non-existence with ease since I will be living through all the good deeds I have done.

Let’s be honest…
Monday is like every other day.
Nothing special,
nothing great.
Just like death.

So the Mondays goes by…

Blog 2.0 - Just like death.

PS: This was the last of my epic “So the [days] goes by…” blog entries. Yes, it’s been a Tour de Force. If you have missed any of the other great “ [days] that goes by“, you actually didn’t. They are still to be found on my home page:)

PPS: “Then I can face the faith of non-existence with ease since I will be living through all the good deeds I have done” could just as easily be “evil deed I have done“. Hitler lives on doesn’t he? And no one cares about gas-champers-guy #24567 even if he shoved a girl up to the ceiling in a desperate attempt to save her from the poison? The point is not what you did, the most important thing is that it had a great effect.

So the Wednesdays goes by…

31 Mar

I like Jeff Buckley. A great artist, great singer and a great persona.

I bought the “Jeff Buckley – Live in Chicago” and it’s a real experience. He seems to love to perform, but he also gives a wibe of not enjoying loud woman in the audience and other strange behaviours.

I recommend that concert:)

To quote Buckley: “FUCK OFF! JUST FUCK OFF!
I couldn’t agree more.

I also recommend to listen to the albums Grace and Sketches for my sweetheart the drunk. Both of them gets the AMC approval:)

And so the Wednesdays goes by…

Blog 2.0 - Likes when people screams cathartic to Weltschmerz. Yes, Mr Buckley, we all want to take a swim in the river with our booths on sometimes.

Blog 2.0 - Likes when people screams cathartic to Weltschmerz. Yes, Mr Buckley, we all want to take a swim in the river with our booths on sometimes.

So the Tuesdays goes by…

30 Mar

One of the few “strong woman puts you in your place” songs that I don’t feel is pointed towards the males. I always think she tells a woman these things.

Don’t know why, don’t care either…

But I feel that she says to a woman that a WOMAN will not hurt her again.

And so Tuesday goes by… it is Tuesday, right?

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Bad boys will beat you down…

26 Mar

but good guys will bore you silly.

Bad boys are sexy, but you will not be. Life... you know?

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AMC and Blog 2.0 takes a stand against violence against women. To do anything but would be gunpowder.

About feminism…

4 Mar

The Castration of Urectum: fresco by Vasari & Cristofano Gherardi

Dear Internet,

so, as many of my faithful readers already know, I’m from Norway and Norway, apart from Sweden (the hell hole of the north) is the country that is most infected with the ideology of feminism. Now every person with half a brain knows that feminism is based on lies and try to keep this movement in check with prayer, crucifixes and holy water. Unfortunately God has left our country to be allied with the Americans during the Gulf war and every other war there after, so our prayers are not heard and feminism keeps raping every institution in our country with disastrous effects.

Now I have to be honest with you, as I’m writing this I am afraid. I am committing thought-crime and I fear for my life. The feminist movement could be knocking on my door at any minute, taking my testicles and leaving me to bleed to death. So I have to be quick! Sweden have always been, to me, the worst case scenario for anything liberal, cultural relativistic and just plain decadent.

By studying Sweden we see the long term effects of feminism, and to anyone with values and standards, it is not a pretty sight. THERE IS NOT ONE MAN LEFT IN SWEDEN. Everyone has become whiny jealous pussies. If you meet a Swedish “man”, his manners, behaviours and interests will show clear signs that he no longer has any balls. The characteristics of what we usually would describe a male homosexual fits perfectly with any of these. Their handshake is weak, their hands often bent like a wounded deer and their bodies tall, slender and effeminate. There’s no hope for Sweden, they are lost but it can be used as a warning to the rest of the world.

An average Swede or a Norwegian gay? Hard to say. Perhaps just a mac user.

What was that? I thought I heard something. A smell of musk, flow and death is in the room and the light seems dim. I think the feminist have gotten the sense of me. The time is of the essence… I have to get to the point quick…


Once upon a time woman where second class citizens. They where forced to be at home, many probably beaten etc. etc. Now, if anything bad befalls women (because they are women) it is the exceptions not the rule and they are seen as equal (but probably different) too men.

The problem is that feminism will not die. What original was a reasonable demand for equality and respect has now become a struggle for defining power of right and wrong of what gender is and should mean creating cultural unbalance and identity crises for a generation.

Feminism is no longer a movement for woman, but a movement for feminism. It’s got a mind of it’s own, and no one seems to be able to control it as it’s running amok in our schools, laws and daily speak (newspeak).

There’s that sound again. Sounds like the extreme loud version of dry crotch being scratched. And the smell of old flow is getting nauseating. I can’t see straight any more. I have dry heaves. One last point and then I have to flee.

You can do what? Castrate males? Of course you can. For the woman I love I would gladly give my manhood, but do you want to take it?

There are many kinds of feminists, not all bad. The really dangerous one is the Scandinavian type, started in Sweden and then slowly grabbing hold of Norway, castrating first the men in power, and moving downwards to schools and private homes. Their agenda is as simple as it is horrible, not to make equality but to create similarity. They want woman to become men, while making men women. This creating a disturbance in the cultural-natural balance.

The effects can be seen in Sweden, but also in Norway. Not only do we behave differently with weak passive males and other culturally disturbing images, but there is also another more scary change. A physical one. You see, nature and culture is not as separate as we want it to be. Yes, nature comes first, but nature can also adapt to culture if certain habits are prolonged for a long period. Examples of this could be: overzealous cleanliness (cultural) leads to asthma (biological), bad eating habits (cultural) leads to diabetes and so fort and so on.

Feminism was once about equality (around the 18th century), but is now about similarity with effect that woman are competing and even combating men in every field. They are also winning, which is great for feminism, but not so great for nature. Historically woman was passive (nurturing) and men was active (hunting) until a steady balance came about that gave food aplenty, households to most and time for thought.

Thinking is bad, I know because I have done it. And when people have it to well they stagnate and start to think about stuff they normally wouldn’t and shouldn’t think about (i.e is there really a God?, Why am I constantly bored? Is nature controlling us, or are we controlling nature?). The thought that came to woman when food was aplenty and households was to most was “why am I bored at home when my husband is at the office?”. Notice how this “problem” was a upper middle class to high society problem. Whores sucking strangers in an ally didn’t worry about equality. They needed to take dick for food, because hunger was their main problem.

''Does Lady Gaga have a penis?'', you may ask.

And so the battle of the sexes started. First about equality (the right to work, the right to once own body and the right to not to get hit, raped etc.) and then later about similarity (women in the garage, women leaders, women athletes, equal pay for equal work and then equal pay for equally worthy work).

Here is the point: Nature is slowly “loosing” to culture and I claim we can see it in the following areas: 1) Growing number of androgynous people, 2) Growing number of homosexuals (including lesbians), 3) Growing feelings of isolation, identity crisis and suicides. I base this claim on the following 1) observation around me and 2) scientific rumours that competitive behaviour releases the male hormone testosterone.

What was that? Oh, my God! They found me! Help! Call amnesty… I being taken to the ministry o

Blog update:

You did not read this blog entry, nor will you refer to it in anyway or we will use this on you!

Sensitive Poems to make you think! (The Pink Room)

12 Oct

Beginnings for the sensitive Poet.
I saw a genius in the mirror today,
but I don’t think any others would

Across the lonely beach I wander,
seeing the sea
Hearing the waves
Feeling small
Feeling Insecure

Near the lonely knoll I weep,
the tears taste so sweet
Looking down on my feet
Isn’t that sheep
Coming to me
Or am I going Crazy

On the lonely cliff I loiter
Alas, The hornets is buzzing in my brain

Tears don't lie! No, they do not!
An advanced sensitive Poem #1
I am a Barn,

I am empty inside
Cuz the government came and took my baby
Someone will come
Or maybe someday I’ll be gone

An advanced sensitive Poem #2
(aka; a “Sonnet about my mother”)
My mother is sweet
My mother is great
My mother is also my Mother

She doesn’t like that I smoke
She doesn’t like that I drink
But she do like me

As I am drinking my coffee
and smoking my cigarettes
my mind start to wander


Is there anything sader than an out of focus sad clown?

An advanced sensitive Poem #3
(aka: My unique feeling)

I have a feeling no one else have.
Zebra to

Rap music in my brain
Why do I feel so faint

oh so private
No one understands me
and my unique feeling

The Ultimate Sensitive Poem
(aka: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,
aka; Autumn in Spring
aka; Hypersensitive
aka; Feelings of creativity has been smothered by the Wall

In the autumn I think about pain underneath the trees
Feeling small in the cosmos of beauty
While the clouds drifting
It remind me of suicide
while I am dreaming of leaves falling

You are yourself
I am myself
I feel the loneliness of it all
in the futility of the blight depression of decay loss and the entropy of love
while the flowers, the branches, the trees and the stumps are around me.
God damn First Price Toilet paper
It makes me weep

It makes me weep.

It makes me weep.

(Thanks to “How to be a sensitive poet” guide in the “Love is Hell” book.)