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The Body’s Lover

19 Jun


Norway is a liberal country. We also have a state church and a lot of free thinkers exclaiming their views on the Internets. A guy called Einar Gelius was (is?) a man of the cloth… of sort. Tattooed is favorite soccer team on his arm, exclaiming radical opinions and writing books about sex in the bible. You may call him a rouge priest, a holy man not playing by the rules, a Dirty Harry cleric. He started debates, he got followers and he got dark men opponents.


Anyway… He was one of those liberal priest. Saying the bible is not anti-sexual, but very much a pornographic love-letter to carnal lust. Ugh!

There are two sides to this story. 1) The people who believe that a open liberal church is what we need. That more people will believe in a church that is adaptable, more liberal and open minded. And 2) the other side, like me, who believe this will destroy the church ones and for all.

We do not need a church that preaches that everything is allowed, we need a church that preaches everything can be forgiven… if that is the case. If not, the church should stay true towards their teaching and not sell out to the latest fads.

Haha... It´s funny because when stupid christian celebrate the apostals was filled with the holy spirit a ugly whore get´s filled with cock. Get it? It´s funny because it anemalistic and degrading to everyone. Funny stuff.

Einar Gelius either wants to destroy the church from the inside, to justify his own sins or just be argumentative. No matter what his cause it´s highly destructive. The people who support him are often atheist-humanist and even sometimes pure nihilists. Take for instance a protest stirred in the after match of Einar Gelius book. Fuck for Forrest imitated sexual acts in a church on Pentecost. Haha… It was funny because it was liberal, nonsensical, disturbing, disrespectful, disgusting (FFF were ugly as hell) and fitting perfectly with the currant anti-religious voices of the world. And talk about ugly sub-humans.

Anyway… That´s my view on the subject. Priest shouldn´t be liberal. We need that like a druggie needs heroin.

Blog 2.0 - Just wanted to post that picture of Einar Gelius as Anton LeVey