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About Lady Gaga´s Judas.

20 Apr

She, Lady Gaga, has been “controversial” again.


It´s important to be controversial. Make headlines for some reasons. Thank God for religions or no one would be offended by anything. Think about that!

Well that it´s not completely true. There are many other groups, other than religions, that are easily offended by different subjects. Feminist would be angered by any women degraded without consent. Animal right movements would be offended by art, music etc that would have animal cruelty. Political left would be offended by… everything that doesn´t fit their world view. Right wing… well that goes without saying.

I think it´s a good thing that people get offended. It makes life exciting!

So back to Lady Gaga´s new song, soon to be video, “Judas“. The song is about Judas (dah!). Most likely this Judas is Judas Iscariot, the betrayer of Jesus Christ in the canonical gospels of the bible. The one that made Jesus crucified during Easter about 2000 years ago.

Judas has had different portrayals through the years. Originally he was a man who´s actions are only known through biblical stories. There seems to be the dogmatic interpretation that he betrayed Jesus for money, but other apocryphal stories tell about a deeper plot involving a plan between Jesus and Judas for the prophecy to become true. Since the occult (hidden truth) does fascinate many people, these “hidden truth” have been made it into many debates and some even claim that Judas was good.

I don´t know what happened 2000 years ago, and I would not speculate on whether or not Judas betrayed Jesus for money or as a plan between him and Jesus. What I do know is that if Judas hadn´t betrayed Jesus, Jesus would not have died (at least not without a lot of violence), so there is a theological, artistic and philosophical question to explorer of Judas importance and faith in the gospels.

And this has been explored many times… The one that fascinates me the most is the Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar. In this musical, Judas has a greater role than in most of the Gosbels, where he is has just a supporting role. In Jesus Christ Superstar it is Judas´s downfall that get´s the most attention, not Jesus´s suffering, like most passion plays.

And now, as if never done before, Lady Gaga provokes people with her song that seems to be about a sort of love-attraction to Judas the Betrayer. I say “people”, but media has portrayed it as if Christian religions as a whole have been aggravated by this little song.

I have not been. I was in fact more irritated by “Born this way” because of it´s very liberal lyrics. But that to has faded.

So what is Lady Gaga´s intentions with this song?

To answer this question we should perhaps ask another question first: Is it IMPORTANT what Lady Gaga´s intentions was?

I would answer yes and no.

Yes, because to me any artistic or creative text (be that music, painting, film etc) is something that is communicated. And when something is communicated one should out of politeness or interest try to understand what it is that is trying to be said. Lady Gaga tries to say something here, what it is needs, as in any communication, to be interpreted.

No, because art is autonomous (it is what it is) and trying to find the creator in the creation can be hard for anyone and one can be wrong.

So if we remove Gaga from the song Judas, what does the story of lyrics tell?
A girl sings about being in love with Judas. The name Judas goes again and again in the song as the name has some deeper meaning. Is the woman in love with his name? Is it meant as a mantra, incantation or just to symbolize a persistent repetition? She then mention “gaga” and sort of forces the singer into the interpretation, but for now I will still leave Lady Gaga out of this song.

The verses are about darkness, violent attractions, stultification and betrayal. In the last verse we also hear repugnance and that the singer moves away from this destructive feelings and instead towards Jesus. But that Judas, as a demon, is still something that the singer needs.

The chorus apart from the repetitions of Judas is about being a “holy fool” that is attracted to someone (Judas) who is so cruel. “Holy fool” could be a reference to any religious person or that the singer is a religious agnostic (someone who are following the religious dogmas but don´t understand them). Either way it seems to be a contrast in this song between wanting to do right, but needing to do wrong. Right being personified by Jesus and wrong being personified by Judas. A sort of human duality between ideal virtues and the animalistic sexual. Apart from the last verse it would seem that the singer is loosing herself to her dark side, but there is a constant battle between the two sides.

So if we place Lady Gaga into the song, what is it she is trying to say?

I think it´s important to mentions Lady Gaga´s love with another figure; Madonna. Not the ikon, but the singer. Throughout her carrier she has made constant reference to this other singer in her videos and also through her songwriting and music. I would take a guess and say that the song Judas is a pastiche of Madonnas song Like A Prayer. “Like a prayer” was a controversial song who also used religious symbols and icons in a way that caused quite a stir. Judas could be seen as a continuation of this thought.

The song Judas is not atheist in tone or lyrics as it does not question divinity or the truth of the gospels. It does however question religion and make christian mythology about sex and being earthly, simple, sexual orientated as represented here by Judas. It does seem that Lady Gaga admits her need for a religion that accepts everyone and everything, even betrayal. The song, although it is ambiguous, does not seem to be about asking for forgiveness for her urges, but acceptance. This is a common wish for reformation of religion; to remove the laws, and accept everything.

So although this song is not atheist, I am not so sure about Lady Gaga. In the song the singer (here not referring to Lady Gaga) calls herself a “Holy Fool”. Another music video from Lady Gaga, “Born This Way”, from the same album as Judas, there are alot of symbols that could be inturbted as atheist.

In the very first image we see on screen we see a pink triangle with a transparent unicorn inside. This could be the icon of an atheist mock deity called “the invisible pink unicorn“. What´s strange is that the song is about how “God made us perfect as He makes no mistakes”. But she does reference the “religion of the insecure” what ever that religion is.

If she believes in a god, it is probably not the Christian, as much of her thoughts are as far away from the bibles as even the most liberal of interpretations could contain.

In fact, I would say, quite the opposite. You can only wish to change so much of something before you have to make a decision that this or that choice is perhaps not for you. That anymore reformation will change the entire thing to something completely different (i.e. I wish I had a car that didn’t drive on a road but instead flew in the air. That is an airplane!). So I would say that not only is she not a theist, she is probably an atheist. But of course I have never spoken to her and I probably never will. So for now, and always, I just have to watch her expressions and interpreted.

So these are my thoughts on this song. Now here is Lady Gaga – Judas


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PS: Someone may comment that I may have interpreted to much into a simple song. That, for instance, the constant use of Judas is not meant as more than being catchy. Of course! But when one interpret a song one can not take anything for granted. One has to ask the question “What does this do/mean?“, not “Why was it placed there?” as the latter only Lady Gaga and the once who made it can answer.

Trance-dance-techno-whatever (part 0.8)

19 Oct

Hmmm…. You know what? There is another great aspect of the dance music gengre and that is that it is very wholesome. It´s one of the few music types that hasn´t been corrupted. In short it doesn´t sell out on sex. Take this little number for instance… Il Caesar – Calma

This was pure Norwegian innocence. Like Sound of Music without the nasty Nazis.

Then we have this little church number; Pafferndorf – Crazy Sexy Marvelous . Sort of reminds me of Sunday School for adults.

The harder we come, the rougher you go“, that is the essence of the christian work ethic. By looking at this video you know they know their scriptures. Pure Christendom through and true We´ve made a few changes. We´re crazy, sexy, marvelous now! Join us!

Another example of innocence is this one. Ding Ding song… Could it be more child like? Pure naivete.

But hey, no Benny?” Benny made lot´s of aesthetic videos about sugar, spice and everything nice. Well, you´re right. Here is Benny with his existential question: “Who´s your daddy?“. All men wonder about that one. Especially in these liberal days;)

I really like the cough… Nice touch:)

So if you want a break from the decadence of the Gaga artists of the world, you should join us in the Trance-dance-techno-whatever world. Here it´s Disney day everyday. Squirrels resting on our shoulders and birds flying around our heads (I think it´s a swallow).

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PS: “But hey you haven´t posted part 0.6 yet. WHY HAVEN´T YOU POSTED PART 0.6!!! TELL ME!“, you may ask.

Relax. It´s coming. Coming real soon.

An hypotheses about “shock”.

30 Apr

I don’t know about how it is internationally, but Norwegian journalist use the word “shocks” a lot about the latest stunt from the B too Z celebrities.

Lindsay Lohan shocks yet again with being drunk in church“,
Rachel Corigan shock by having tattooed her forehead“,
Megan Fox shocks by saying she masturbate while reading the God delusion
Lady Gaga blah blah blah

What I first noticed was that only female celebrities can “shock“. (Now this is not a feminist statement, although it probably could be used as one, but just an observation.)

Secondly I thought, can one really shock more than once?

Yes, you probably can. If you start out with small indiscretions and build yourself upwards toward the great degradations. But most B-Z celebrities have already done the great ones so why should we care?

The answer is simple. We have nothing better to do. It’s sad.

''Sweet. Ahh:)''

''Shocking! Oh, so shocking!''



And so the stories goes. Some shorter than others.

''Ahh, cute ginger kid.''

''zzz...zzz...zzz.... uh? oh, Lindsay is dating a new man, that's...zzz...zzz'''


Well, the examples are limitless, but I can’t pay more paparazzi (aka. parasite) photographers for evidence. Sorry.

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About feminism…

4 Mar

The Castration of Urectum: fresco by Vasari & Cristofano Gherardi

Dear Internet,

so, as many of my faithful readers already know, I’m from Norway and Norway, apart from Sweden (the hell hole of the north) is the country that is most infected with the ideology of feminism. Now every person with half a brain knows that feminism is based on lies and try to keep this movement in check with prayer, crucifixes and holy water. Unfortunately God has left our country to be allied with the Americans during the Gulf war and every other war there after, so our prayers are not heard and feminism keeps raping every institution in our country with disastrous effects.

Now I have to be honest with you, as I’m writing this I am afraid. I am committing thought-crime and I fear for my life. The feminist movement could be knocking on my door at any minute, taking my testicles and leaving me to bleed to death. So I have to be quick! Sweden have always been, to me, the worst case scenario for anything liberal, cultural relativistic and just plain decadent.

By studying Sweden we see the long term effects of feminism, and to anyone with values and standards, it is not a pretty sight. THERE IS NOT ONE MAN LEFT IN SWEDEN. Everyone has become whiny jealous pussies. If you meet a Swedish “man”, his manners, behaviours and interests will show clear signs that he no longer has any balls. The characteristics of what we usually would describe a male homosexual fits perfectly with any of these. Their handshake is weak, their hands often bent like a wounded deer and their bodies tall, slender and effeminate. There’s no hope for Sweden, they are lost but it can be used as a warning to the rest of the world.

An average Swede or a Norwegian gay? Hard to say. Perhaps just a mac user.

What was that? I thought I heard something. A smell of musk, flow and death is in the room and the light seems dim. I think the feminist have gotten the sense of me. The time is of the essence… I have to get to the point quick…


Once upon a time woman where second class citizens. They where forced to be at home, many probably beaten etc. etc. Now, if anything bad befalls women (because they are women) it is the exceptions not the rule and they are seen as equal (but probably different) too men.

The problem is that feminism will not die. What original was a reasonable demand for equality and respect has now become a struggle for defining power of right and wrong of what gender is and should mean creating cultural unbalance and identity crises for a generation.

Feminism is no longer a movement for woman, but a movement for feminism. It’s got a mind of it’s own, and no one seems to be able to control it as it’s running amok in our schools, laws and daily speak (newspeak).

There’s that sound again. Sounds like the extreme loud version of dry crotch being scratched. And the smell of old flow is getting nauseating. I can’t see straight any more. I have dry heaves. One last point and then I have to flee.

You can do what? Castrate males? Of course you can. For the woman I love I would gladly give my manhood, but do you want to take it?

There are many kinds of feminists, not all bad. The really dangerous one is the Scandinavian type, started in Sweden and then slowly grabbing hold of Norway, castrating first the men in power, and moving downwards to schools and private homes. Their agenda is as simple as it is horrible, not to make equality but to create similarity. They want woman to become men, while making men women. This creating a disturbance in the cultural-natural balance.

The effects can be seen in Sweden, but also in Norway. Not only do we behave differently with weak passive males and other culturally disturbing images, but there is also another more scary change. A physical one. You see, nature and culture is not as separate as we want it to be. Yes, nature comes first, but nature can also adapt to culture if certain habits are prolonged for a long period. Examples of this could be: overzealous cleanliness (cultural) leads to asthma (biological), bad eating habits (cultural) leads to diabetes and so fort and so on.

Feminism was once about equality (around the 18th century), but is now about similarity with effect that woman are competing and even combating men in every field. They are also winning, which is great for feminism, but not so great for nature. Historically woman was passive (nurturing) and men was active (hunting) until a steady balance came about that gave food aplenty, households to most and time for thought.

Thinking is bad, I know because I have done it. And when people have it to well they stagnate and start to think about stuff they normally wouldn’t and shouldn’t think about (i.e is there really a God?, Why am I constantly bored? Is nature controlling us, or are we controlling nature?). The thought that came to woman when food was aplenty and households was to most was “why am I bored at home when my husband is at the office?”. Notice how this “problem” was a upper middle class to high society problem. Whores sucking strangers in an ally didn’t worry about equality. They needed to take dick for food, because hunger was their main problem.

''Does Lady Gaga have a penis?'', you may ask.

And so the battle of the sexes started. First about equality (the right to work, the right to once own body and the right to not to get hit, raped etc.) and then later about similarity (women in the garage, women leaders, women athletes, equal pay for equal work and then equal pay for equally worthy work).

Here is the point: Nature is slowly “loosing” to culture and I claim we can see it in the following areas: 1) Growing number of androgynous people, 2) Growing number of homosexuals (including lesbians), 3) Growing feelings of isolation, identity crisis and suicides. I base this claim on the following 1) observation around me and 2) scientific rumours that competitive behaviour releases the male hormone testosterone.

What was that? Oh, my God! They found me! Help! Call amnesty… I being taken to the ministry o

Blog update:

You did not read this blog entry, nor will you refer to it in anyway or we will use this on you!

Let’s appreciate some art (“and all that jazz!”)

9 Feb

Art is very important! Very, very important. It’s like the essence of existence or something. You are nothing if you can’t appreciate the modern arts. Here are some pieces (that are incidental for sale) that will broaden your mind!

Title: You may not approve old man, but I’m a good person
This first piece is priced at 657 $ and it is a rebel against suppression.

Made by: “Gay” McGee aka. “Bi-curious” McGee formerly known as “Straight” McGee

The artist saysWalking along Broadway on the way to one of my decadent sexy parties I saw a whore being raped in an alleyway. I thought how quaint as I snorted some coke residue from my nose and walked abit faster to meet lady Gaga. I love kissing Lady Gaga on her cheek. It’s so asexually sexual.

Now this piece is a memory to haiti. It’s pro-gay, pro-obama and pro-life… what? oh… Pro-Choice

Title: Whores runs, ladies takes it!
This second piece is priced at 1900 $ and is a scream against suppression. (Note: It’s hung the wrong way, so you should see it right if your head is turned 90 degrees to the left)

Made by: Angry O’Loner

The artist saysThis picture represents the rage I am feeling against Obama right now. How he let us all down. I saw this image in my head when I had just made passionate love to Lady Gaga with some sexy decadent friends and we discussed how art could change the world and I looked out the window. [the artist takes a brake to think]. A homeless person was outside our window, peeing on Jonathan’s installation. The rage boiled in me. Didn’t Obama promise to get rid of all those crazy homeless guys? But mainly it’s a non-figurative. Oh… Oh…. and it’s for Haiti.

Title: Coughed up lungs

This third piece is priced at 2.50 $ and is a choked up anger against everything.

Made by: AndyAce83

The artist says I was walking home from another bad night on the town. Lady Gaga wouldn’t have anything to do with me, not that it mattered because she was in NY and I was in a village in Norway. Anyway, I had drunk alot of wiskey, wine, some strange stuff in a bottle next to the sink… You know, what ever I could find. But something didn’t agree with me. Perhaps it was drinking beer after wine… I don’t know. Anyway, I vomited. Then I took a picture. Now, it’s art.

If it’s for Haiti? Hell no! Let them fight their own wars.”