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Let’s talk about racism, homophobia, misogyny, intolerance and general badness (“I’m useless, but not for long! The future is coming on”)

19 Jan

Dear Internet,

I applied for a job a couple of weeks ago, and then I got a rejection. There have been many job applications before, and I probably will write some more.

Oh, how I ponder.

Now, as I ponder about my own failures in getting a job I start to wonder; “Who can I blame for this?” and the only answer I can come up with is; “Myself“.

In psychology there is something called “projection” which in essence is the need to put once own failures onto others (there is also something called “bias“, which also could be good to know, but here it would only be distracting.)

And there is of course many to blame for many a reason. The most usual is “My folks were bad parents“, “The [enter governmental system here] let me down“, “The world doesn’t understand me” and of course “society is very racist/intolerant/sexist“.

I will at this point state:

“My name is AndyAce83, I’m a white straight male from Norway, and I’ve got no one to blame.”

But(t) as(s) my pile of failures steadily increases I too feel the need to blame someone. I feel the need to point fingers as this has got be the wrong doings of other. But who? WHO? No probably not the world health organization (hehe?), but someone out there is working against me.

I have an education, and I had always heard that education was important. I have a functioning body, and my mind is not always away. I don’t have great hygienic or social problems. Why won’t anybody hire me? THERE HAS GOT TO BE A REASON OTHER THAN MYSELF!!! (Please)

I’ve heard of “the man“, and he always keeps someone down. Could he be working against me as well?

Now, there’s this other psychological term for a mental disorder called paranoia. Paranoia is the irrational belief that someone is out to get you. Not that I imply that allegations of sexism, racism and homophobia is based on paranoia, but I’m not saying it isn’t either.

Here’s what I think. There is always going to be someone who will work against you. You may call them “challenges” (or “bigots” or “haters” or “rain on your gay parade”). So let’s praise people who do it “right”, and not bitch about those who do it “wrong”. It will not help either way. As I see it, people who get criticized because of their world view will only get offended and then continue doing it, at least as long as there is no reward in doing otherwise. There will also always (I hope) be a broad-minded individual who will look past prejudice and hire, applaud, hug, yes even love a person though they may be different.

So call me naive, but I still believe that someday someone will say “Hey AndyAce83, I know your white. I know your male. I know your still part of the majority in your country and that there is nothing exotic in your appearance or lifestyle whatsoever. But you know what? I will look past that, and believe that you still got something to offer“.

So one day we will all sing “come bay yah my lord” or perhaps a more secular camp-site song and be just LOVE (ahh!)

What is the difference between those two circles except their colours? Well one of them's gay, and the other is a female. But can you tell the difference?