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Milo Yiannopoulos, pedophilia and gay culture.

22 Feb


Today I want to write about a touchy subject matter… again. Its about Milo Yiannopoulos´ statement on the drunken peasants podcast where he is being accused of defending pedophilia.

My views on Milo Yiannopoulos

Just before this scandal emerged I found out that I was tired of Milo Yiannopoulos. I was tired of him as a character and I was also tired of him being used as a concervative shield. The “we can´t be racist, homophobic or anti-semetic cuz we like Milo Yiannopoulos and he is a gay jew who just have sex with black guys”. I dont know how many times I heard that. I am so tired of hearing about Milo Yiannopoulos´active sexlife and what he does and likes to do. If he truly were concervative he would agree that that is a PRIVATE thing and not something to rub into other people´s faces.

I liked Milo Yiannopoulos when he started to become famous. He wrote some interesting pieces in defence of GamerGate and he was fresh air in the debate. But after some years I have grown really tired of him as he grew more and more flamboyant, more and more “outrageous” as a fighter for freedom of expression. I am myself a lover of freedom of expression, but that doesnt mean I think its taktfull or wise to run off with ones mouth over and over again. I found myself wishing that Milo Yiannopoulos would tone down his demeanor and go back to a more serious behavior as he originally was. Perhaps that may be the one good thing to come out of this, that he may tone down is blabbering mouth a bit in the future. You are no Oscar Wild, Milo.

What did Milo Yiannopoulos say and what did he mean

So the scandal came from some “free thinking” on the Drunken Peasants Podcast Episode 193 “aired” Jan 4, 2016. I dont listen to Drunken Peasants Podcast or anything else the AngryAtheist puts out, but when this scandal came out I did know that Milo had said what he said a long time ago. It was another one of the vulgarities I have become so tired of. “Oh, Milo. What a provocateur. How are you a christian concervative again?”

The subject that was addressed on the Drunken Peasants Podcast was child pornography, pedophilia and child sexual abuse. The setting of the Drunken Peasants Podcast is to spew out provocative nonsense to offend people who are easily offended. Its a childish show, just as most of what the AngryAtheist makes. This setting may have been the reason why Milo decided to be “outrageous” again. Here is what he said that seem to provoke people a year later.

He talked about his own sexual experience of having sex with an older man at the age of 13.
“I would say in the situation I describe on the Joe Rogan show, I was definitely the predator in both occasions, as offensive as people may find that. I dont much care. That was certainly my experience of it.” He also jokes “I’m grateful for father Micheal. I would not give as such as good head if it weren’t for him.”

The problem with this talk is that he is running of with his mouth and cant keep it clear if he is talking about his own experience or sexual molestation in general. But it does seem from later statements that that was his intent. To speak from his experience and not draw some liberal view on the matter. He also wants to distinct between sex between pre-pubescent children and pubescent teens. From the strict definition of pedophilia he is right. Wikipedia says: “Pedophilia or paedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children.” You are not a pedophile if you molest someone after they have reached puberty and have become sexually mature. But he says it with little tact and it can be disturbing to listen to. Not seem to acknowledge the mental maturity that is also relevant to the AGE of CONCENT debate. He does, though, make it clear that he thinks the AGE of CONCENT is “just about right” and that the german AGE of CONCENT which is 14 is a bit low.

The lost context of the gay subculture

When I was young there was a show aired on Norwegian state channel NRK called Queer as Folk (UK-1999). I have seen about two episodes of that show, and one of them was the pilot episode. In the pilot episode we are introduced to three characters. From Wikipedia “The main characters are Stuart Allen Jones (Aidan Gillen), who is highly sexually active, and successfully so. His long-time friend Vince Tyler (Craig Kelly), who has a crush on Stuart, has less luck regarding men. 15-year-old Nathan Maloney (Charlie Hunnam) is new to the gay scene but is not lacking in self-confidence.”.

The still from the sex scene between older man and someone below the british standar of Age of Consent.

The still from the sex scene between older man and someone below the british standar of Age of Consent.

In the first episode we witness Nathan, the 15 year old, have sex with Stuart. This is below the age of consent in the UK, where this show was made. It is also illegal in Norway where I saw the episode on Norwegian television. From what I gather, this is never brought up as something bad and there are noe legal consequences for Stuart having sex with this 15 year old. There was not much debate after the show was aired either if this portrayal was okay or not.

Its kind of difficult to talk about this without understanding that gay subculture have a long history with sexual promiscuity, sexual exploration and sexual hedonism. Causal drug use, bending of ones own and others sexual limits and even braking the age of consent is not uncommon in the gay subculture. One usually laughs when a “christian concervative” says that accepting homosexuality may lead to accepting other more destructive sexual behavior. i.e Pedophilia. But those who laugh dont understand that in the gay subculture there is a lot of grey areas. More than 50. If you want to know more you can google search things like “daddy and son” and “twink”. You will see that there is a lot of this.

Do I stand with Milo?

So do I stand with Milo? Yes, I do. If I understood everything correct his opinion is that 1) pedophila is to be attracted to pre-pubesant children, 2) that not everyone who have sexual encounters below the arbitrary age of consent will feel abused, 3) he supports the age of consent (although not sure if its the UK or US standard, but at least not the german one). If this is his stand then he is NOT an advocate for pedophila. He may have been provocative, but mostly from a hetrosexual and US point of view. I am sure that the LGBTQ will not support him for saying this, but they do know that what he said is very common in the gay subculture. If that is okay or not we need to have a DEBATE about, but that debate can NOT be had if one is suppose to crucify anyone who talks about it.

I wish Milo Yiannopoulos would tone down his character a bit. I think he may say many interessting things, but sometimes, like now, he said something that was not tactful. He also said he was sorry, which means he will be dead by dawn. But yes, I think I understood what he meant, but I had to try to understand it. Not everyone will have that attitude. I think Milo Yiannopoulos have spooken from a gay European perspective and the US do have some serious issues with talking about certain things that we in Europe, for better or worse, talk more freely about. Also I think Milo Yiannopoulos should ask himself if he truly is a concervative. Often he says stuff that does not ring concervative at all.

Blog 2.0 - BOOM! I may have blown up in my face.

Blog 2.0 – BOOM! I may have blown up in my face.

Me being PC. Almost full SJW.

23 Jun


I am a Christian Concervative and I hate SJW and Political correctness. Then I watched a video that made me almost go full SJW. Here is the ressult.



Bruised ring

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Let´s Play Lost Odyssey with Doc Dee

22 Apr

The world´s faith lies on his shoulder and all he has is a bruised ring.

I never played much J-RPG. I think this is my first one.

Also there is a lot of jokes about homosexuality in this let´s play.

Blog 2.0 -  Now with bruised rings

Blog 2.0 – Now with bruised rings

Doc Dee N Me Talk About Movies & TV– Part 06: Gay Movies

26 Sep

In this video we talk about gay themed movies. We didnt mention Brokeback mountain. Isnt that funny?

Blog 2.0 - Hello... This is AndyAce83 and I hate PC gaming.

Blog 2.0 – Hello, sailor!

Trick or treat

31 Oct

She put on her panties in the dark. The motel was outside of town and it was Halloween. A memory flashed before her eyes as she was looking for the other cloths. It was a image of her going around town trick or treating with daddy. She noticed how the image was outside of her self. How the memory was sort of out of body like.
“Trick or treat”, the child said.
15 years later all her life was tricks.

Blog 2.0 - Not every scary story contains murder. You should write that down in your diary besides one of the defaced model pictures.

To think and talk in Blacks and Whites

16 Oct

So did anybody see the game last night? That was a great game. They really brought that trophy home. I really loved how it was a thriller until the end. That the winning point was… Who cares. Let´s think about thinking instead.

``Oh, that´s original (!)´´

I love to discuss thing with people and when you do something many times and have a consciousness you can sometimes discover a pattern. What I have seen as a regular event in many discussion is that I am being told; “You see things in blacks and whites“. Which probably means something like I overgeneralize, simplify and use broad brushes to describe my world view and opinion.

Then I started to think “Doesn´t everybody?

Here is my perhaps overgenrealizing, simplified and black-white argument:

Every time we say something as a matter of fact… Every time we give expression to a strong opinion be that well reflected and well weighed or otherwise it´s still a statement of blacks and whites. At once someone draws a line in the sand between their “right” view and others it has become an argument of contrast and possible conflict.

Nah, that ain´t true“, you may say and at once proving my point. “Black and white” is a argument of contrast and when you state you don´t agree with my opinion you are individualizing and claiming my view faulty therefore you are contrasting. There will be no conflict with an indifferent person. Ambivalence does no harm, but do no good either (gray, get it?). So when you have an opinion about something that diverse from other people in your group you have created a conflict that is polarization. A statement that splits between you and others.

But let´s complicate a bit… Why is it that a well thought of opinion with every sides views and situation is taken into account is just as black and white as a statement of pure bigotry and ignorance? Because you take for granted that the other persons sides views are based upon pure bigotry and ignorance. We all do. We all expect people who believe otherwise to be at fault because of some reason or other and seldom do we make the argument that is because they “know to much” or because they are “to good“.


What is my point? Not to make any argument pro or con anything? No, but please never say that my opinion is more black and white than yours, because it really isn´t…

I think.

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Time for some Q&A. Part 3 (About AMC. To be honest it´s more like a faq)

10 Oct

It´s been a while since I have answered questions from my many fans and the mailbags are piling inn. I fear there may be a mail avalanche. So I have read some of your many, many interesting questions, and todays theme is about my blog as there seems to be alot of people who haven´t found the “about AMC” page on the top right side —>

The first question is from a man (I guess) from France called Pierre (no joke, he´s name really was Pierre). He wonders:

Q&A? More like FAQ U!


Je suis un Français qui ont poignets pliés et je dois donc faire court. Je me demande pourquoi vous haïssent la France et la Suède autant.
Avec l’amour homosexuel,


Of course this disgusting fellow had to write in french. You tried to make french the world language and you failed. Get over it. Eat your baguette and shut up. Anyway, since I don´t speak french I had to translate in on a internet application (no advertising here!) from french to English (no, not the other way). And he wonders why I hate Sweden and France so much. Well, Pierre, I hate France and Sweden because of history, ideology and culture. Sweden I hate because of the Norwegian-Swedish rivalry (history), because of their worst kind of cultural relativity, atheism, PC despotism and feminism gone horribly wrong (ideology) and their spinelessness (culture).
France I hate because they were cowards through most of recorded history (history) , because of their smugness and self-righteousness that is so far from reality as human denial can pervert (plus their atheism) (ideology) and their spinelessness (culture). I hope you can understand the cultural (relative) similarities between these two countries. In fact; I always say “If you´re an atheist who wants to live in a atheist-cultural relative world you should move to Sweden or France”

The next question is from Jack D. Ripper, from Hell, and he writes:

por eso nada?!


I read your blog everyday. If nothing new is posted I read the old once again and I am a hardcore fan of your work. I have a degree in medical science and I am a agnostic liberal, democrat and feminist. Your satire over conservative values surpasses even Stephen Colbert. What is even more fun is that only I seem know that you are joking. It makes me feel so smart. Thank you. But sometimes I wonder if you write too long, too complicated and with distracting digressions that could give people head-aces. Would you consider writing more pleasing to your readers?

With an intelligent bow,
Jack D. Ripper


Dear Ripper.
It´s nice to have fans of my work as not every blog entry I have written has been dragged out my ass. But to answer you question. Yes, I have considered writing more pleasing entries, and sometimes even tried. But looking back, I think my expression works best. It´s called verfremdungseffekt (I learned about it in college). And if I didn´t my opinions would be propaganda. We can all manipulate people to believe in what we believe. There are lot´s tools of the trade (just study Dawkins). I don´t want to lecture people, nor preach to people. They are entitled to their belief, but I refuse to sit idly by when young impressionable teens with new found atheism rants about how their “logical world view is the only rational conclusion” without acknowledging the dark shadows behind their opinions. But I do not claim to know anything, but I have a strong got feeling (aka. secular psychic) that says that nothing good will come of it. And it would be a placebo (aka. secular miracle) if atheism would remove human power hunger, bigotry, war and death. But that is their faith, let them have it. But the problem is that they are not having their cute little meetings in their moms basement anymore. They are gathering strength, and demanding things. That´s why I speak against the pure logical nonsense, because it´s a war coming. A war between people without a sense of humor. (Yes, atheist have no sense of humor. They only laugh when they feel superior. Just observe)

But I digress. The point is that I don´t have a point. I do not know anything, but I believe that truth can be found but that perhaps we don´t want to know it. I also feel that feelings are an important part of being a human, and that if logic is our only compass, than that could be the end of humanity (not necessarily homo sapience, just “humanity”)

The next and last question is from OptimusPrimeMinisterofNoway55 and he writes:

Q&A? More like FAQ U!

Q&A? More like FAQ U;)

Dear AndyAce83,
I am a state leader of a country (but I can´t revile which). I use your blog as a guidance in everyday matters as having a Guru is far to expensive. I have a problem; I don´t know how to lead a contry, I just got the job through my father. I pretend to be in control, but sometimes I just want to cry. I didn´t want this. I didn´t want to stand between humanist and Christians, between communist and fascist, and feminist and sane people. To be honest I am scared. What can I do to hide my fear? How can I avoid destroying my country? How can I avoid being hated by everyone who do not agree with me and my party?

Jens (OptimusPrimeMinisterofNoway55)


Dear OptimusPrimeMinisterofNoway55,
in the last year or so my fan base has become more and more powerful. Originally it was just perverts and crazy loners who read my blog but I get more and more letters from state leaders, presidents of big business and organizations. Just the other day I got a letter from someone in the UN. They all say the same thing. “We don´t know how to lead. We know some theories, but reality keeps messing them up.” To be honest with you, I don´t know how politics work, nor stock exchange or the powers that be. And that is my advice to you, be honest too.

Now I am not an idiot. I know that honesty is not the best policy and lies will get you anywhere. But web of lies can also snare you, and if you don´t get caught, you still may live in constant fear of being caught. Now one knows how to rule the world, but humility could get you somewhere not completely destructive. By working hard towards self knowledge (ask “why do I want power?” and “will my changes be for the better or is it just fool hardiness that makes me want to force my ideology onto others?“). There is a factoid that is said so many times that it has become a truth and that is “the common man is an idiot“. Many say that, and they are the real idiots (FACE!).

The truth is; people are different (but also fascinatingly similar), and not just one solution could fix all. It is important to be a liberal, and it´s important to be a conservative.It is in short important to believe in a democracy. A democracy is not red, or blue, it isn´t for the rich or the poor, no for the gay or the bigot. It is for everyone. That means that a good politician listens to everyone and tries to make everyone happy. Not just their voters, but also those who voted differently. It´s called the Golden mean (you and every other politician should look it up). Politics are NOT about right and wrong (that is for religion and philosophy), it´s about causing the least amount of damage.

Oh, and there is a story from a book that could also be useful to know. The story goes like this; It is this king, and two woman comes to him claiming an infant be theirs as another child died during birth. The king then listens and they both has solid arguments, and at this time DNA was not yet been discovered. Anyway, he says “Let´s chop the child in two so both can have a part“. Now I don´t know what you know about human bodies, but that would kill the child. Anyway, one of the woman says “No, don´t kill him, let the other woman have him instead” while the other said “What a great idea. Now we can both be happy in our misery“. And that´s when the king knew who was the mother and so he chopped the child in two. The moral being, if unsure, make sure no one is happy. And don´t listen to holy scriptures because they are all nonsense.

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A History of Suppression (a book idea)

10 Aug

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever.

      -O’Brien (from Nineteen Eighty-Four)

As you may already know, I’m lazy and I also have a short attention span (what was I writing about again? I blame TV, genes, the government, education, culture and misc. mental disorders).

A possible book cover. - ''If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever. '' NOTE: You should always start a book by quoting someone else! Preferably someone famous, critically acclaimed and/or a known visionary. I choose 1984, as it's every paranoid New World Order loonies first choice. And it's true too;)

But if I wasn’t lazy and with…hmm?… I would write a book. I would have called it:

    A History of Suppression.

The hypothesis in that book would have been; there are real suppression in history but that now suppression is used more as an excuse for not trying or ambitions over talent.“. I have written a couple of blog entries about that subject on AMC already [1] [2] [3] but as I have said I’m lazy.

I would have, should have, could have done some research on real suppression in history like slavery, segregation and violence (etc.) against minorities and put it against modern day suppression like “Glass ceiling” theory, bigotry and racial profiling. But I am so sleepy (perhaps I’ve got myalgisk encefalopati or Fibromyalgia?).

Cuz sometimes it’s all about being a cliché, you know? Sometimes we get a slap in the face because we are just so annoyingly stereotypical. We’re playing a role, doing what we think we are suppose to do because of our cultural backdropping. We’re trying to be an individual by worshipping a sub-culture that is just stupidly destructive and animal like. Claiming afterwards that people don’t understand us since we’re so special, when in fact we’re just bland copies of former expressions we don’t understand but just pretend to do. (“How dare you call me Uncle Tom!”)

But hold on! I would have gone even further by making the claim that not only are the different subgroups no more suppressed than the majority, but also add that we are ALL suppressed in one way or another. That if we are not suppressed by the power, than we are suppressed by each other. That if it’s not a legislation that keeps us down, than it’s other peoples expectations of us that keeps us in check.

NOT ONLY THAT: I would make the suggestion that this is a good thing! Our urges to do what we want should be suppressed, like holding a fart inn by the dinner table. And then finally at the end of my book make the conclusion that if you don’t like it you can move to France or Sweden the cultural low brow of the world.

So the book would have been a success (there are no problems in sweet dreams) and I would be RICH! Everybody would have said “That AndyAce83 guy, he something. I… Oh, he smart! He like see great things and be like all that and shit.“.

This is a ''Don't be a clich'' entry. About ''individuals in a group working hard to confirm our prejudice.''

Perhaps I would have gotten the Nobel peace prize? And meet the prez of the US?

Fo Sho!

But I’m so tiered, you know? So weak. Didn’t get much sleep last night from all the dreams. I can’t focus because of all the possibilities. So if you want to write the book feel free to do so. I don’t want royalties, only credit for the idea.

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The Soundtrack for this entry could be:

Or perhaps:

No, no, no… more like this:

Music is important, you know.
As you probably already know; when feeling suppressed music can really liberate. Of course not for real, but one can feel free, and it’s basically the same and probably the only time we will ever be. Such a happy exit thought:)

I’m a freethinker, but are you? (A check list)

17 Jul

We all know that we are freethinkers and we have the internet to prove it. But sometimes we fear that we may not be freethinkers enough. It is a constant battle to be a individual with strong, concious opinions, so we have to read other peoples blogs that can confirm our knowledge. “Yes“, we think “Ain’t that the truth!” and we feel at ease again. Knowing that we know.

''Am I really thinking freely enough?'', our anxious minds sometimes think. I blame religion!

Unfortunately our animal self has a dark side that it needs to return to, and our self-consciousness becomes clear and aware again. So sometimes we look into the mirror and think; “Am I really the freethinker I think I am?“.

But now you don’t have to fear any more that you are less of a freethinker than anyone else at the party. Now you can say loudly and proudly “I am a freethinker cuz I took a test!” (and of course add where you found it and what clever insightful internet page it was). For free, as all freethinking should be, I give thee a check-list.


Click on the image to get a greater size.


All “yes”: You are the essence of a freethinker and the central for real knowledge and truth.

Most “yes”: You are nodoubt a freethinker but you have to read some more books by other freethinkers and watch some stand-up comedy about how stupid some people are (i.e George Carlin or Penn Jillette) and remember keep feeling smug.

Most “No”: *Sigh* You are a conservative who probably believes in a talking dead guy in the sky. How stupid are you? Lol! But seriously, I hope you die!

All “No”: Fuck you! I will abort my fetuses as much as I want! I will sodomize who I want. I will do what I want and don’t you JUDGE ME!

Most “Idunno”: It’s okay as long as you keep your mouth shut and don’t ask any questions.

All “Idunno”: Who’s this retard?

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9 Apr

Now I’ve always thought I could spot a transsexual a mile away. That there were no chance in hell that I couldn’t see if that was a mixed-up-gender-type-person.

I would look at the jugular after the laryngeal prominence – the Adams apple -and if there was… walk slowly the other way. So I have swept myself into a blanket of comfort and lies believing that I would never be tricked.

Now as it turns out I may have been tricked… once.

I always thought that the guy in the band Le Tigre was a guy.

An effeminate guy, oh yes, but I always thought that was just the effects of feminism and strong women. That his nuts was just cracked, and that somewhere in his pants there would be… you know… “the defining power of a male“?

So he isn’t a man, but girl! Now I don’t know what’s what. Keep thinking… Is he a girl? Is she a guy? Am I a man? If a three falls in the woods could I still vote for Bush?

You don't even know your own gender HOW DARE YOU TELL ME ANYTHING ABOUT POLITICS!

Blog 2.0 - Likes when people screams cathartic to Weltschmerz. Yes, Mr Buckley, we all want to take a swim in the river with our booths on sometimes.

Blog 2.0 - Don't care what you are, but no surprises please!

PS: Now if you enjoyed that one kids you should read my blog about feminism and it’s discontents.