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Let´s Play Alone In The Dark (Games AndyAce83 Hate #3)

7 Oct

I really should make more of these. I want to make one of Silent Hill 2, Dead Island and others. It’s just… when do you have the time? I also want to make a remake of Condemned as I made it before I got a good recording tool. We’ll see.

In short my complaint is that its too many good ideas thrown in without good execution and the story becomes an annoyance after a while. It just becomes a chore to play.

As with most of the games I hate its because I see the possibilities in the game but the annoyances get in the way of me playing them. I don’t think I will ever finish Condemned and this game. And very few games I have bought have I not finished.

Blog 2.0 -  BOOOOOOORING!!!!

Blog 2.0 – BOOOOOOORING!!!!

Let´s Play Resident Evil 5 Versus (with raging)

7 Feb


I made a video series I call “Let´s play games AndyAce83 hates” where I play games that pisses me off and so I hate. Resident Evil 5 Versus is a game that pisses me off a lot, but still I don´t hate it. Why is that?

Well, I can not hate a game that I keep on playing, don´t you agree? And that is the main difference between Versus mode in RE5 and the games in that other series of mine. Where as Condemned, L4D2 and future shows in the series is games that I rarely play and have no interest in trying anymore RE5 and Versus mode is something I return to ever so often.

There are two kinds of game raging. Game raging because you suck at a game or get “pawned” a lot and games you rage on cuz the game sucks. Some of the games that I hate don´t even make me angry when playing, they just make me drowsy, sleepy and perhaps even slightly depressed as I feel like I am wasting my life on them.

I suck at RE5 Versus, but also the gameplay kind of sucks at times, but in the end I do like it as the I know that the reason I fail so much is mainly cuz I suck at it, not because the game itself sucks.

So here is my Let´s Play Resident Evil 5 Versus (with raging) . Enjoy.

Blog 2.0 3D - Happy New Year!

Blog 2.0 3D – COWBELLS and flash grenades

Haters gonna hate. But is it too much to ask to hate the right stuff?

1 Oct

So I am soon 30 going on 50 years old as I am writing this entry so the subject matter is perhaps a abit out of my demographic. I´ve just watched an episode of a youtube program called “Kids react to…“. Its a simpel show about watching children react to different kinds of trends etc. Not my kind of show, but I saw it non the less. The episode in question is this ->

Kids React To Rebecca Black – My Moment

Its a fascinating video to watch as children show their less innocent side. In fact we get to see them really hating the girl Rebecca Black to the producers off-cam laughs. I wonder… Where does the hate come from? My Moment is not a bad song. Although Friday arguably is a bad song (I find it catchy and funny in a naiv sort of way. A childish song.), but still the hate that it has gotten is beyond rational and reminds me why I am a misanthrope.

I am sorry but yet again I have to bash the “freethinker” movement cuz this hate is clearly secular but still very human. And the hate is real to. What is written online is not “ironic” hate. Its pure hate. Comments under the friday video follows “Oh wait is this even called a song? I feel like vomiting when listen to this. Fucking shit quality”, “Rebecca Black: why haven’t terrorists killed her? Because they need her alive to terrorize America with her ear-bleeding voice XD“, “Bitch Yur Luckyy I Dont Know Yu Ill Fucking Numb Yur Ass And Fucking Torture Yur Ass (: P.S. No One Cares If Its Friday ,Instead Of Singing About It Fucking Kill Yur Self On Friday Then Yu Will Make Everybodys Friday Better 🙂“, “rebecca, kill yourself, plz, no one likes your music you suck” etc. etc. etc. This is not normal… let me rephrase this. This should not be seen as normal!

I know the internett is a harsch place wherehaters gonna hate“, “trolls are gonna troll” and voices of reason should be drowned by “fuck you”-s. But I still should be allowed to say that I hate those who hate just because its fashionable. I am not against hate. Its natural feeling like any other. People should be allowed to hate Christians, Muslims, Black people, White people, women, men, Rebecca Black, Justin Bieber, Bill Maher, Socialist, right wingers, people who swear to much, the haters, the players, the game, atheists etc. Everyone should be allowed to be hated, but… Fashionable hate or “group hate” is just so effing stupid and sickening. Often in this “group hate” people try to overgo each other in being the most vile in the description of the person, group the cum [sic] together to hate.

My Moment is a nice song. It is not the nicest song ever written. Perhaps you think its “too commercial” compared to your avant garde music taste, be that SlipKnot, Madrugada, Morrissey, Bob Dylan, ELO, Björk, AC/DC, Ulver, Panthera or John Lennon, but the song is a decent song. And even if you hated the song Friday for being a badly song, badly written and generally stupid song, you can not say that My Moment is bad for its type of music. People who say this is blinded by hate, just like people get blinded by love.

Its like a ying/yang thing.

Did that make sense to you?

Oh, and in 2012 Rebecca Black is 15 (FIFTHTEEN) years old. Meaning, she is a CHILD. Being treated this cruelly by others should be seen as BULLYING by PC people and they should react to this like any other bullying. With contempt!

Blog 2.0 – Haters gonna hate, and love is all you need, and if you take a chance with me I will watch you burn.

Iraq and a hard place.

11 Sep

Dilemmas and an implicit ultimatum.
In case you haven´t noticed there is a war of words going on in Europe about how Europe is going to be in the future. This war is also known as a culture war between right vs left, theism vs atheism and the intellectual and the ignoramus. This isn´t new, it has been going on since the beginning of civilized society.

But something has changed: It getting polarized. And a new addition to western cultural has emerged; Islam.

The way I see it there are three outcome of the millennial culture wars of the western civilization.

1) An atheist/secular culture
2) christian culture

3) Islamic culture.

And since I like to be a head of the curve I have started to prepare myself for the choices I have to make. First I need to make a list of which kind of society/culture I want to live in.

The future or just a mass-psychotic nightmare? Perhaps it´s a utopia?

I want to live in a (relaxed) christian society first, then a secular sterile one and NEVER EVER do I want to live in an Islamic culture.

So now comes that hard part. I have to choose my allies in the culture war. Which of the two other choices is closest to my values. And here lays the dilemma.

Although I rather want to live in a secular world, I am closer to Islam when it comes to my metaphysical perspectives. So who should I alley myself with? Should I try to make my culture less godless with the Muslims, or should I fight against all the evils of Islam with the atheists? And do any of the other groups want to fight with me or do they want to join forces and “kill” of the Christians?

As of now, there are atheist who believe they can have the cake and eat it to [1]. They believe they can use Islam as an excuse to de-Christianize Europe and then have the Muslims leave quietly through the door when Europe have finally killed of the “hypocritical evil christian conservatives” who´s only wish is to rain on the gay parade and pro-choice movements. By the looks of it Christianity is soon out, because of their weakness in saying what they should say. Christians wants to be liked by people and be open minded. Being like that makes it easier to pick on them, ridicule them and finally ignore them.

There are two kinds of Christians 1) The evil Christians who say everybody is going to hell and 2) the boring Christians who will not make any statements whatsoever. The Christians need to make a hybrid. Someone tolerant (nothing wrong with that) who still are bold enough to say “Porn, decadence, promiscuity and other liberal values are not apart of our morality.

Here are two videos as an afterthought:

(This video shows a Muslim converting a non-Muslim, probably agnostic, Utøya survivor to Islam.)


But just in case I should experience ultimate defeat by Islam I practice my Shahada.

“لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول ال”

So I hopefully can survive long enough to see the first once against the wall, and those of course are the freethinkers. The group that I blame for the cultural chaos we are experiencing in the first place.

Then I will state my opinion loudly:

I hope I would have been that brave.

Blog 2.0 - No, I am not an islamophobe. I find their religion ugly and their culture disgusting but I do not fear them!

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day (My contribution)

20 May

aka. Sticks, stones and bombs may break my bones (and blow me to dust in screaming pain, fear, blood and guts as I try to defend the ones I love), but pictures can never hurt me.

My contribution. Hope everyone is happy now! Angry Muslims you are also at fault here.

So everybody discovered that Islam has a rigid and angry world view and so everybody wanted to make them more angry and rigid. That’s great! And now we got “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day“! So it has come to this?

Let’s reflect…

Flying Spaghetti Monster - Haha. It's funny because it's liberal, blasphemous and a commercial success. You can buy, buy, buy lot's of ''Fuck you Christians'' iconic gadgets. Who knew one could get rich by raping everything that is ''holy''?

I have always been against “pointless blasphemy” as it is pointless blasphemy. I guess that today we are going to see Mohammed in a great many situations, often very disrespectful (perhaps fucking a pig or raping a little girl. Whatever the emotionally numb soul can come up with.).

My picture is rather dull I’m afraid, although I went for something I think could be intelligent (a comment on art) as I really don’t see the point of being blasphemous. I frown upon pictures of crosses in pee and other nonsensical rebellions.

But I am for Freedom of Speech!

It's funny because it's scary. It's also funny because it really shows who's got the biggest (non cancer) balls.

Here’s the point… Just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should! Even if you have the right to piss upon every holy symbol in the world does not make it right to do so. I think that people with a lack of respect towards others religious beliefs are dead-beats in need of attention they do not deserve.

I think we should respect the Muslims wishes for respect for their traditions, just as I think the Muslims should respect (perhaps “accept” is a better word?) our needs to rebel against everything and nothing.

To the Islamic believer… Why so angry? It’s only our own souls we are perverting by making fun at things we shouldn’t. If Allah and Mohammed told us the final absolute truth in the Qur’an, why do you care that we are in wrong? Why do you have to kill us and make so much destruction in the world?

But the drawings of Mohammed is just pointless blasphemy. No doubt about that.


I did it.

I guess there can be consequences. If Islam is right, then I will burn. But don’t kill me, pray for me instead.. If that’s how your religion works of course?

Mine does:)

Blasphemy! But it's only something the artist Andres Serrano has to answer for if there is an afterlife. There's no point in doing this, but he did and now it's done. That is that. Moving on!

Blog 2.0

Blog 2.0 -Wants to be a rebellion against the rebellion. But sometimes one has to go with the flow too.

The Muslim prophet with the powers of flame! (I don't get it. How can a prophet, with or without the power of flame, become more holy than God? It's like the butler becoming more important than what dinner he served.''Quite Right'', ''Indeed!'', ''Cheerio, me lad., ''Indubitably!'')

PS: This blog entry is not an attack on the South Park Mohammed blasphemy nor the Danish original incident. Those two examples are not what I would call pointless blasphemy. In the South Park episodes (Cartoon Wars pt 1 and pt 2 and 200 & 201) there was a point. I would guess the point was “It’s better to laugh at everything than to kill for anything.

PPS: If it’s not love, then it’s the bomb that will bring us together.

PPPS: I don’t like comedy central. There are two reasons why I don’t like Comedy Central. 1) How they behaved during the airing of the Mohammed episodes of South Park multiplied with 2) their cowardly fear of Islam does not mean that they are afraid at mocking Christianity time and again. As Matt Stone and Trey Parker said “Either it’s all okay or non of it is“. Comedy Central plans animated Jesus sitcom[1],[2]. WHO DO YOU FUCKING THING YOU ARE YOU FUCKING HYPOCRITICAL FUCKERS! Comedy Central is the worst bigots in the world! Didn’t you watch one of your own fucking shows?


Stop making fucking fun of my fucking religion when you don’t fucking dare to make fun at TWO others (Scientology and Islam)! Comedy Central are liberal atheist cowards! They believe in nothing, but are willing to make fun at everything that don’t punch back! FUCK YOU!.


PPPPS: Yet again I would point out that South Park is not at fault here! They make fun of everything. Not only that, they also have a point to it. They don’t just destroy things for laughs as is the case with so much other “satires” and “animated sitcoms” nowadays.