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Lets Sing RockBand4 Part 2 – Set list “PART1”

28 Feb

So in this video we actually play the game.




spilling eros

Blog 2.0 3D – You´re not even trying anymore are you Andy?, “THE GREATEST! THE GREATEST! ALIIIIVE!”


Lets Sing RockBand 4 Part 1 – Let´s buy some songs.

21 Feb

In case you havent noticed I try to be… different… when it comes to my youtube videos. SO in this video I spend 37:50 on browsing the RockBand 4 store for songs. Jupp.


Well… Not just browsing though. We do buy some songs to.


Blog 2.0 – Let´s buy some songs.

Let´s sing RockBand 3 – Part 2 (In Guitar-o-Vision)

14 Feb


Let´s sing RockBand 3 – Part 2 (In Guitar-o-Vision)

I made a lot of singing games let´s plays. Here is another one.

And you may wonder. Why do I publish them on wordpress instead of writing something about something?

The truth is I think I need to. Sometimes I search my own videos on youtube. Do find them I have to write veeery specific the title of my video or a thousand other videos will appear. By posting them here people may more easily find them and ignore them.

spilling eros

Blog 2.0 3D – Remember! I you want to find this video on youtube type “Let´s sing RockBand 3 – Part 2 (In Guitar-o-Vision)”. Exactly that! Or a 1000 other videos will appear before mine.