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Me being PC. Almost full SJW.

23 Jun


I am a Christian Concervative and I hate SJW and Political correctness. Then I watched a video that made me almost go full SJW. Here is the ressult.



Bruised ring

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How to get an eating disorder.

15 Nov


You wanna be a lean, mean, skinny machine but exercise and dieting only makes you see your lower rib bones and you can not scratch the spinal cord from your belly button.

AMC aims to please, and has gotten alot of letters and e-mails from young girls and woman needing to get rid of excess fat and tissue. So here is the guide of how to get an eating disorder, and the pros and cons for each.

There are mainly three kinds of eating disorders that could give a woman the fashionable “skeleton with skin look”.; Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia nervosa and the mix of these two. I will explain the pros and cons of each disorder, and at the end tell you how to get them.

Anorexia nervosa

Remember! Anorexia is not just for the women of the world. There are alot of fat males too.

Anorexia nervosa is the proses of not eating anything… ever! By not eating anything your body starts a something known as catabolism, which everyone has, but where fat people break down new energy from constant eating, you will digest your own body instead. By digesting your own body, fat will disappear, and a new healthy look will appear. Anorexia has an incidence of between 8 and 13 cases per 100,000 persons per year

Pros: This is the best way to get skinny. It´s faster and more effective than any other diet and it´s so easy even a model can do it.

Cons: It does demand a lot from you. Even though the two step program is easy to learn (just “1) stop eating, 2) exercise”) you need to be in total control over your own body to do that. If you don´t think you have the backbone for it, (or the need to feel your backbone), then perhaps Bulimia nervosa is the better choice.

How to achieve Anorexia nervosa
YOU GOTZ TO WANT IT YOU FAT BITCH! Look at your self. Fuck! I don´t understand how you can believe anyone would want such a fucking fat ass!
This is the mantra to any Anorexia nervosa success. As of now you do not have any control over your life. You´re not a model like you thought you would be and male attention give you only temporal pleasure (and besides sperm is fattening). You need to take control over your self. No more binging, no more salad with dressing. No more anything. Look in the mirror. LOOK! How can you stand yourself. You have no control over you life. NO CONTROL! If you can´t control you own body, how can you control anything else? You need to show restraint. When you know that you have no controll over your own life you need to bow down to the two-step program of; “1) stop eating, 2) exercise“.

    1) Stop eating: Eating causes harm, and only weak people does it. You need to stop eating right now!
    2) Exercise: Everybody know that exercise is good for you as it makes your body beautiful and you´ll live forever young. Now fat people exercise once or twice a week, you need to exercise once or twice A DAY!

If you follow this two-step program to the letter an NEVER EVER lose control, then t´you will become the most beautiful woman in 1-2 years. And all your friends will cry in envy as the carry you out in a casket.

Bulimia nervosa

So you don´t have the backbone for Anorexia nervosa because you´er a weak person who really don´t deserve to live. But self mutilation with a knife causes scars and is ugly, and so you need to punish yourself in away that is both painful and constructive. Yes then Bulimia nervosa is the choice for you. By vomiting after every meal you will get skinny too.

Pros: It´s far more easy to do than Anorexia nervosa as you can eat (to be social) but also go down in weight.

A common rookie mistake. It´s suppose to go IN the toilet!

Cons: It´s rarely said but I think it need to be pointed out that Bulimia nervosa does have some side effects that Anorexia nervosa does not. First, you never really get control over your life, and secondly there are some aesthetic problems you need to know of. The aesthetic problems are: Vomiting can lead to tooth enamel and tooth decay, and although you do get skinnier, you never get a models flat stomach. Because since you eat before you vomit the stomach get´s bloated and soft to the touch. Also you need to know that constant vomiting can destroy some barriers in your stomach and throat which can lead to uncontrolled vomiting at inconvenient times. Fortunately, most people are so shallow they will not take notice.

How to achieve Bulimia nervosa
The first thing you have to do before getting into the Bulimia nervosa program is to acknowledge that you have a problem with eating. You eat too much and too often. As with people in the Anorexia nervosa program you need to know that you do not have control over your body, but unlike those in the Anorexia nervosa program you have to admit your troubles are chronic. You will never have control. Then you enter the three-step program of the Bulimia nervosa; 1) Binge, 2) Release, 3)Repeat

    1) Binge: You need to eat lots of food to build up a pressure in your stomach
    2) Release: This is the hardest step to do and it´s rarely explained to people. First you need a toilet or a bucket or a bush and some privacy. It´s important to make sure no one knows what you are doing, as most people like being fat and will not understand what you are doing. When you have that you need to put your mouth into the toilet, bucket or behind that bush and stick a finger down your throat. Keep the finger deep down in your throat until the food comes up again. Make sure everything you have eaten has come up again. A trick here is to eat something of a different color first, and when that has come up again you´re done. At first this may be hard, but as the days go by this will almost go automatically.
    3) Repeat: Do this ritual over and over again for prefect result.

Anorexia nervosa with Bulimia nervosa on the side (the mix)

This third choice is just a mix of the two mentioned above. Sometimes you don´t eat, sometimes you eat to much and vomit. It´s nice to have this alternative if you fear getting caught. By eating when with friends, but not eating when you are alone and excise every chance you get you will still get that perfect body. Just remembered to brush your teeth after every vomit.

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My views on the Smoking bans (A very outdated post)

1 Aug

Warning: Crazy nonsense. May destroy your mind!

I am soon going to Hollywood to put the fear of God in those godless heathens!

And success will be imminent as, you know, God helps his faithful followers (just ask Job). The point is that after my success everyone will want a piece of me.

Strangers in the street will yell; “Hey, AndyAce83. We loved what you did in that thing!“, “AndyAce83, I want to have your baby!” and “Love you so much I will kill myself.” I will naturally wear sunglasses and look angry so they will know that I am better than them. Ahh, happy times awaits.

What was I writing about again? Oh, yeah. Smoking bans in pubs and bars. I will get to that, I just need to daydream some more.

So everybody would want a piece of me and I would give it to many young and pretty ladies. Hard and sloppy, the AndyAce83 way! I will become one of those that I hated. The once I wanted to destroy by throwing the bible in their face. My plan was to run into Bill Maher office and say: “Take that Lucifer” with a kick-throw in his stomach and using bible paper for ninja stars cutting off his big nose. Also I would run into Asia Carrera and scream: “Whore of Babylon, your time is up! JUDO PUNCH! HOOYAAAA!“.

When I get to Hollywood, she will probably be legal. Hmm, tender, tight and crazy! Nothing wrong with that:)

Instead I would screamTHERE IS NO GOD” in a back room at a bar with red eyes and blood from my nose as I just killed another stripper-whore for the thrill in a delirium of drugs. Her stretch marks telling me I have made someone an orphan (as there are no fathers in Hollywood).

I am closing in on the point of smoking in bars now. Relax, man! Chill out. I know you are used to the internet giving you the fix at once, but in AMC we take a journey.

So I would be a failure in my success, and my life would become an exciting downwards spiral of infamy. Keywords being; violence, sex, drugs and MURDER!. Of course a book had to be written of my life. It would probably be called “AndyAce83- destructively exciting genius“, or “AndyAce83 – I can’t believe I fucked them all!

In that biography, to really emphasise the tragedy of my life, they would start in my innocent childhood. Then moving forward to my teenage life, early adulthood etc. Trying to find out where my downfall from grace to nihilistic annihilation (another great title for my book) began.

''from grace to nihilistic annihilation''- Yeah, I like that tittle the most. Do I hear of a Pulitzer Prize?

The answer would not be simple as there are lots of fascinating details to be revealed and lot’s of possible psychological motives for self-destruction. But one thing they would have to explore is one of my most important character traits; my intense burning for a subject for a while and then sudden disinterest.

Throughout my years, lots of what I would call “important” issues have been rebelled and argument for ad nauseam. In my early teens it was idealistic beliefs in the right of teens (believe it or not), in my late teens it was a rebel against the powers that be, in my early twenties it was smoking bans and now it’s the growing number of “freethinkers” who is using that phrase like a badge of honour (when I would make the claim that it is quite the opposite).

So with intense passion, heat, even anger I have fought for or against these different matters. I was like a broken record in the dessert sun that suddenly burned up to cinder.The fight has been fought and lost, but for your pleasure, and my future biographers easy reference, I will beat the dead horse one more time. Although now I couldn’t care less.

No smoking Bitch! (I am finally getting to the point)

I am by principal against smoking bans in bars and nightclubs as it’s a enormous loss in our civil liberties. If one makes the argument of health, I would make the claim that we are all going to die anyway. If one makes the argument of longer life, I would say we have no guarantees anyway. If one makes the argument of concern for people with lung-disease and allergies, I would make the claim that 1) sickly people shouldn’t be in bars anyway and 2) if we take consideration for them what about disco-lights for people with epilepsy or loud music giving us all hearing defects. If one makes the argument of smell, I would say that if you come back from a night on the town smelling of roses you have not been partying anyway. Debauchery smells of infected bodily fluids and cigarette smoke conceals much of it (another free tip from AMC;)

But this is not the main problem of smoking bans in bars and nightclubs. It goes far deeper than that, almost all the way to the illuminati and the white house. The problem is how it was forced upon us by the power that be (a theme in all my rebellions!). How we didn’t get any alternatives (and alternatives to the alternatives… see, another theme!) but instead got to be forced to be forced outside (yes, I am a smoker.) in the cold like the homosexuals once was. The sheeple saying “this is great because [baaa!!!]” not seeing the trouble this causes for everything else.

Psychic (or crazy or both. You decide. Send an SMS to 45-CRAZY to cast your vote)

Now I have made the suggestion before (many chapters in my biography will probably explore this) that I am psychic. In this case I gave the prophesy that “THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!”. It was probably not noticed by my friends as it came between other prophesies of doom (i.e “Feminism will be the end of us all!”, “DEATH AWAITS!”, “Meat is dead animals” and “My tooth hurts. I may have cavities.”), but time has proven me right.

Before the discussions was “Where should people be allowed to take a cigarette brake?” but now it’s “Where else could we ban people from having a cigarette brake?“. Sheeple have screamed the disgust with people who do not take to the healthy lifestyle of just alcohol, whoring and weed smoking. And now… I just don’t care. There will always be sheeple, and they will always be the real majority.

But it’s not that bad, cuz I will become a great Hollywood success story that will have sex with many sexy ladies before I die. So what do I care?

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Everybody Draw Mohammed Day (My contribution)

20 May

aka. Sticks, stones and bombs may break my bones (and blow me to dust in screaming pain, fear, blood and guts as I try to defend the ones I love), but pictures can never hurt me.

My contribution. Hope everyone is happy now! Angry Muslims you are also at fault here.

So everybody discovered that Islam has a rigid and angry world view and so everybody wanted to make them more angry and rigid. That’s great! And now we got “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day“! So it has come to this?

Let’s reflect…

Flying Spaghetti Monster - Haha. It's funny because it's liberal, blasphemous and a commercial success. You can buy, buy, buy lot's of ''Fuck you Christians'' iconic gadgets. Who knew one could get rich by raping everything that is ''holy''?

I have always been against “pointless blasphemy” as it is pointless blasphemy. I guess that today we are going to see Mohammed in a great many situations, often very disrespectful (perhaps fucking a pig or raping a little girl. Whatever the emotionally numb soul can come up with.).

My picture is rather dull I’m afraid, although I went for something I think could be intelligent (a comment on art) as I really don’t see the point of being blasphemous. I frown upon pictures of crosses in pee and other nonsensical rebellions.

But I am for Freedom of Speech!

It's funny because it's scary. It's also funny because it really shows who's got the biggest (non cancer) balls.

Here’s the point… Just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should! Even if you have the right to piss upon every holy symbol in the world does not make it right to do so. I think that people with a lack of respect towards others religious beliefs are dead-beats in need of attention they do not deserve.

I think we should respect the Muslims wishes for respect for their traditions, just as I think the Muslims should respect (perhaps “accept” is a better word?) our needs to rebel against everything and nothing.

To the Islamic believer… Why so angry? It’s only our own souls we are perverting by making fun at things we shouldn’t. If Allah and Mohammed told us the final absolute truth in the Qur’an, why do you care that we are in wrong? Why do you have to kill us and make so much destruction in the world?

But the drawings of Mohammed is just pointless blasphemy. No doubt about that.


I did it.

I guess there can be consequences. If Islam is right, then I will burn. But don’t kill me, pray for me instead.. If that’s how your religion works of course?

Mine does:)

Blasphemy! But it's only something the artist Andres Serrano has to answer for if there is an afterlife. There's no point in doing this, but he did and now it's done. That is that. Moving on!

Blog 2.0

Blog 2.0 -Wants to be a rebellion against the rebellion. But sometimes one has to go with the flow too.

The Muslim prophet with the powers of flame! (I don't get it. How can a prophet, with or without the power of flame, become more holy than God? It's like the butler becoming more important than what dinner he served.''Quite Right'', ''Indeed!'', ''Cheerio, me lad., ''Indubitably!'')

PS: This blog entry is not an attack on the South Park Mohammed blasphemy nor the Danish original incident. Those two examples are not what I would call pointless blasphemy. In the South Park episodes (Cartoon Wars pt 1 and pt 2 and 200 & 201) there was a point. I would guess the point was “It’s better to laugh at everything than to kill for anything.

PPS: If it’s not love, then it’s the bomb that will bring us together.

PPPS: I don’t like comedy central. There are two reasons why I don’t like Comedy Central. 1) How they behaved during the airing of the Mohammed episodes of South Park multiplied with 2) their cowardly fear of Islam does not mean that they are afraid at mocking Christianity time and again. As Matt Stone and Trey Parker said “Either it’s all okay or non of it is“. Comedy Central plans animated Jesus sitcom[1],[2]. WHO DO YOU FUCKING THING YOU ARE YOU FUCKING HYPOCRITICAL FUCKERS! Comedy Central is the worst bigots in the world! Didn’t you watch one of your own fucking shows?


Stop making fucking fun of my fucking religion when you don’t fucking dare to make fun at TWO others (Scientology and Islam)! Comedy Central are liberal atheist cowards! They believe in nothing, but are willing to make fun at everything that don’t punch back! FUCK YOU!.


PPPPS: Yet again I would point out that South Park is not at fault here! They make fun of everything. Not only that, they also have a point to it. They don’t just destroy things for laughs as is the case with so much other “satires” and “animated sitcoms” nowadays.


9 Apr

Now I’ve always thought I could spot a transsexual a mile away. That there were no chance in hell that I couldn’t see if that was a mixed-up-gender-type-person.

I would look at the jugular after the laryngeal prominence – the Adams apple -and if there was… walk slowly the other way. So I have swept myself into a blanket of comfort and lies believing that I would never be tricked.

Now as it turns out I may have been tricked… once.

I always thought that the guy in the band Le Tigre was a guy.

An effeminate guy, oh yes, but I always thought that was just the effects of feminism and strong women. That his nuts was just cracked, and that somewhere in his pants there would be… you know… “the defining power of a male“?

So he isn’t a man, but girl! Now I don’t know what’s what. Keep thinking… Is he a girl? Is she a guy? Am I a man? If a three falls in the woods could I still vote for Bush?

You don't even know your own gender HOW DARE YOU TELL ME ANYTHING ABOUT POLITICS!

Blog 2.0 - Likes when people screams cathartic to Weltschmerz. Yes, Mr Buckley, we all want to take a swim in the river with our booths on sometimes.

Blog 2.0 - Don't care what you are, but no surprises please!

PS: Now if you enjoyed that one kids you should read my blog about feminism and it’s discontents.

So the Thursdays goes by…

1 Apr

So the terrorist behind 2010 Moscow Metro bombings says “I am behind it“, to the many news papers of the world.

My God he looks like a dullard. Look at that beard and hat. I get so sleepy from looking. I don't even know his cause., don care either. So sleepy.


Now, I know that this man is a dangerous guy I just find terrorism so dull. I don’t care! Leave us alone!

So tired and bored…

Mr. Doku Umarov, please die and stop bothering the world with your destructive nonsense. Kill government leaders if you have the balls and stop killing random people who no one except their families cares about.

And so the Thursdays goes by…

More like firecrackers.

Blog 2.0 - My bombs are made of words! More like firecrackers.

Oh no, please don’t! – Yes, it’s the best of Andy’s Mercury Comments.

18 Mar

Fifteen years, can you believe it?

Today it’s fifteen years since I wrote the first Andy’s Mercury Comment (AMC).

My how time flies.

I remember how it was back in the days. Now kids has got it made. All they need to do is write their blogs using their keypads. Back then you had to write your blogs in binary.

I had this huge book of binary code that I used to write my entries in from notes I had shattered all over tha place. You really had to think a lot about what you would write, and really think if it was worth it.

So since this is my fifteens year of bloging on AMC I thought it would be nice to take a look back at my previous blog entries. Some of my favourite once, perhaps even muse upon their greatness.

This guy died because of what I said, but I have made peace with it.

The first blogentry I would like to mention was the first blog where I wrote about something 4 real, you know? It was called “Let’s talk about racism, homophobia, misogyny, intolerance and general badness (“I’m useless, but not for long! The future is coming on”)“.

Wow, that was a hard one to write and I got a lot of trouble for writing it as it was not usual back then to claim that all people are suppressed in one way or another. I even got a call from president Clinton who asked me to please remove the comment as it was causing riots on the east coast of the US. I didn’t of course, as I believe in freedom of speech and all, but you know the 150 people who got killed probably would have understood how important my statement was.

The essences of me. A fetus that smokes:)

Come on! This has got to be art! A foetus that smokes? That has got many layers and is probably provocative too.

Another blog entry that caused alot of stir, although no one got killed, was ““My VERY POSITIVE Abortion Experience” (“Karma Police arrest this girl!”)“. I have always been a clear “pro-choice” guy as that has always gotten me laid but just as important, it has also gotten me out of a lot of trouble post-laid. What I didn’t know was that my blog-entry would stir up so much emotion from the readers. I thought in the year 2009 that people were ready for my liberal thoughts, but those evil pro-lifers gave me a lot of death threats. But FUCK THEM, if they don’t like it they can just… FUCK THEM!

But my blog haven’t always been political, it has just as often been about daily life, like this blog from 2003 show. It’s called “Perhaps I should keep it short? (Short Blogs For Short People)” Some say this was the genesis for the book “Die blassen Herren mit den Mokkatassen “(2005) by Herta Müller. I won’t claim it to be the truth, it’s just what I’ve heard.

Die blassen Herren mit den Mokkatassen

Looking back on all my writing, I would say that I am probably most proud of my entry called “Let’s appreciate some art (“and all that jazz!”)“. I really took an important stand in that one, as I tried to help all those people in Haiti.

You don’t remember Haiti you say? It was an earthquake that brought out the best in us.

Very much like the more recent one in Chile. A heavy earthquake with a magnitude of 8.8 on February 27, 2010, killing almost 500, and with a posterior tsunami, that destroyed the most in coastern towns between Llolleo and Araucanía Region. A posterior earthquake in March 11, with epicentre in Pichilemu, caused destruction Coquimbo and Bío Bío regions. You don’t remember that one either? Hmm… Okay… moving on…

''Blog 2.0 (C) really revolutionized the way we think of blogs, and proves that the internet is the only way to get to peace and change.''

I have also done some cute blog entries, like “Cute dog“, that really touch some hearts, souls and love. It is important to remember that although life often gives you shit, it sometimes is worth it since the dog seems happy. A thought just occurred to me; when a dog owner picks up his dogs droppings, who is the real master? The answer is of course THE GOVERNMENT who makes you pick up what should naturally be there.

Well that brings me to the end of memory lane and it was a dead end. Looking back it’s been quite a ride. LOL. Yes, Blog 2.0 (C) really revolutionized the way we think of blogs, and proves that the internet is the only way to get to peace and change. And as the importance of Andy’s Mercury Comments increases as a forum of truth in a world of LIES we can all go to the future with a quiet optimism. Yes, things will work out, it always does. Life always ends well:)


Blog 2.0

BLOG 2.0. Yes, we recycle.

About chatroulette.com

14 Mar

I will describe it as watching monkeys at the zoo combined with a growing sensation that no one wants to talk to you.

Blog 2.0

Blog 2.0. At least you don't have to watch me masturbate (although it wouldn't be that bad. I can do a great trick with my... nevermind)

About feminism…

4 Mar

The Castration of Urectum: fresco by Vasari & Cristofano Gherardi

Dear Internet,

so, as many of my faithful readers already know, I’m from Norway and Norway, apart from Sweden (the hell hole of the north) is the country that is most infected with the ideology of feminism. Now every person with half a brain knows that feminism is based on lies and try to keep this movement in check with prayer, crucifixes and holy water. Unfortunately God has left our country to be allied with the Americans during the Gulf war and every other war there after, so our prayers are not heard and feminism keeps raping every institution in our country with disastrous effects.

Now I have to be honest with you, as I’m writing this I am afraid. I am committing thought-crime and I fear for my life. The feminist movement could be knocking on my door at any minute, taking my testicles and leaving me to bleed to death. So I have to be quick! Sweden have always been, to me, the worst case scenario for anything liberal, cultural relativistic and just plain decadent.

By studying Sweden we see the long term effects of feminism, and to anyone with values and standards, it is not a pretty sight. THERE IS NOT ONE MAN LEFT IN SWEDEN. Everyone has become whiny jealous pussies. If you meet a Swedish “man”, his manners, behaviours and interests will show clear signs that he no longer has any balls. The characteristics of what we usually would describe a male homosexual fits perfectly with any of these. Their handshake is weak, their hands often bent like a wounded deer and their bodies tall, slender and effeminate. There’s no hope for Sweden, they are lost but it can be used as a warning to the rest of the world.

An average Swede or a Norwegian gay? Hard to say. Perhaps just a mac user.

What was that? I thought I heard something. A smell of musk, flow and death is in the room and the light seems dim. I think the feminist have gotten the sense of me. The time is of the essence… I have to get to the point quick…


Once upon a time woman where second class citizens. They where forced to be at home, many probably beaten etc. etc. Now, if anything bad befalls women (because they are women) it is the exceptions not the rule and they are seen as equal (but probably different) too men.

The problem is that feminism will not die. What original was a reasonable demand for equality and respect has now become a struggle for defining power of right and wrong of what gender is and should mean creating cultural unbalance and identity crises for a generation.

Feminism is no longer a movement for woman, but a movement for feminism. It’s got a mind of it’s own, and no one seems to be able to control it as it’s running amok in our schools, laws and daily speak (newspeak).

There’s that sound again. Sounds like the extreme loud version of dry crotch being scratched. And the smell of old flow is getting nauseating. I can’t see straight any more. I have dry heaves. One last point and then I have to flee.

You can do what? Castrate males? Of course you can. For the woman I love I would gladly give my manhood, but do you want to take it?

There are many kinds of feminists, not all bad. The really dangerous one is the Scandinavian type, started in Sweden and then slowly grabbing hold of Norway, castrating first the men in power, and moving downwards to schools and private homes. Their agenda is as simple as it is horrible, not to make equality but to create similarity. They want woman to become men, while making men women. This creating a disturbance in the cultural-natural balance.

The effects can be seen in Sweden, but also in Norway. Not only do we behave differently with weak passive males and other culturally disturbing images, but there is also another more scary change. A physical one. You see, nature and culture is not as separate as we want it to be. Yes, nature comes first, but nature can also adapt to culture if certain habits are prolonged for a long period. Examples of this could be: overzealous cleanliness (cultural) leads to asthma (biological), bad eating habits (cultural) leads to diabetes and so fort and so on.

Feminism was once about equality (around the 18th century), but is now about similarity with effect that woman are competing and even combating men in every field. They are also winning, which is great for feminism, but not so great for nature. Historically woman was passive (nurturing) and men was active (hunting) until a steady balance came about that gave food aplenty, households to most and time for thought.

Thinking is bad, I know because I have done it. And when people have it to well they stagnate and start to think about stuff they normally wouldn’t and shouldn’t think about (i.e is there really a God?, Why am I constantly bored? Is nature controlling us, or are we controlling nature?). The thought that came to woman when food was aplenty and households was to most was “why am I bored at home when my husband is at the office?”. Notice how this “problem” was a upper middle class to high society problem. Whores sucking strangers in an ally didn’t worry about equality. They needed to take dick for food, because hunger was their main problem.

''Does Lady Gaga have a penis?'', you may ask.

And so the battle of the sexes started. First about equality (the right to work, the right to once own body and the right to not to get hit, raped etc.) and then later about similarity (women in the garage, women leaders, women athletes, equal pay for equal work and then equal pay for equally worthy work).

Here is the point: Nature is slowly “loosing” to culture and I claim we can see it in the following areas: 1) Growing number of androgynous people, 2) Growing number of homosexuals (including lesbians), 3) Growing feelings of isolation, identity crisis and suicides. I base this claim on the following 1) observation around me and 2) scientific rumours that competitive behaviour releases the male hormone testosterone.

What was that? Oh, my God! They found me! Help! Call amnesty… I being taken to the ministry o

Blog update:

You did not read this blog entry, nor will you refer to it in anyway or we will use this on you!

Chaos and Anarchy on the WWW (“fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa better.”)

29 Jan


Dear Internet,

I’ve been listing alot to one song of Talking Heads called Psycho Killer. Now, I am not going to go into an in-depth analyse of why I like that song (i.e base line, subject and catchyness) but instead note a certain part of the lyrics.

You start a conversation you can’t even finish it.
You’re talkin’ a lot, but you’re not sayin’ anything.
When I have nothing to say, my lips are sealed.
Say something once, why say it again?

What I think about those lines is that they could fit very well with the state of much of the bloging going on the internet right now. I have read articles (or blogs if they are in the on-line edition of a newspaper) that states that twitter is pasê and bloging is back! Something like “everybody is bloging”. Okay, so everybody is writing blogs, but does anyone read them?

I have to be honest. As a rule, I don’t read anyone’s blog. I tend to scan blogs of people who comment on my blog (to know who I am dealing with) and I have sometimes scanned blogs that have similar tags than mine (to investigate the competition) and of course “En kopp kaffe ved midnatt” (as that is the best blog on the web except mine). I have also read some blog entries that are related to news events that are linked under the articles from on-line newspapers.

This is what I have noticed when doing so.

  • Few blogs are of any real interests
  • Few readers (if any) comment*
  • Something, something
  • Lot’s of blogs get deleted. (Even when I have posted one of my sazy comments)
  • There are way to many blogs out in cyberland
  • Now I will not attack other blogs for being dull, unimportant, unfunny while trying (the saddest blogs of all), or that we shouldn’t have blogs. Nor will I defend my own blogs right to live and claim that it is better than most (although it is). What I do want is to comment on the consequence of all this.

    People claim that the internet is the most important way for people to express themselves. That some historical events (i.e revolutions in [some God forsaken place]) are changed do to activity on the nett.

    It’s all hype.

    I will probably write an entry later about the dangers of remembering things (as you may go crazy or become very angry) but if we remember how something was hyped one day and completely forgotten the next (“Y2K, what?”, “Sars, who?”, “The Hampster Dance, where?”) you may notice and perhaps learn something.

    The point is that to me internet is a vortex of opinions (“Whooo, someone has been to college (!)”) that you may drown in, but most likely you won’t as that would demand that you actually read any of the opinions that were there. That although things may seem to have changed, everything is really just the same. It’s the same dark men (or as Michael Moore would call them “stupid white men”) that controls everything. We just got new smoke and mirrors to distract us. That although your opinion may be heard now, so does everybody else’s, and that since we all scream “rable rable rable” nothing new will come.

    So as a conclusion I would say, “blog OKAY, but the printed paper is the only way” (I’m not a slogan writer) or else there is little hope for [enter positive word here].

    My work station (where the magic happens).

    (*Of course with the exceptions of blogs that have been linked to larger sites, with lots of tags for easy reference about something recent that appeals to the masses as either fascinating, frighting or aggravating.)