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No comment… Part 2… The return of “it’s speaks for itself”

4 May

The song is called Atheist Anthem, it’s made by LEFTOVER CRACK…. The song is called Atheist Anthem, it’s made by LEFTOVER CRACK….The song is called Atheist Anthem, it’s made by LEFTOVER CRACK…. The song is called Atheist Anthem, it’s made by LEFTOVER CRACK…. Leftöver Crack… whatever


Atheism, Satanism, Autonomy,
It’s all the fuckin‘ same,
Those fucking straight-edge christ-core motherfuckers,
They don’t know shit,
Their just fucking sheep looking for easy answers,
And they’re too close minded
To look anywhere beyond their local church,
Or whatever the ignorant masses say is true.

From high up on yer crucifixx..
You preach about my triple 6
You spit about my this and that
And yank away yer welcome mat
With a coupon jesus christ will save
So don’t you christians misbehave
‘cuz satan makes the list himself

And it’s rotting on the warehouse shelf

And all the boys in the straight-edge scene
are in the basement huffing gasoline, they’re
Dead, dead, dead, dead
their god is dead to me!
And when the laws of God just make ya pissed
You better become an atheist Your
Dead, dead, dead, dead
Your god is dead to me!

When the greed of man is not appeased
All will rot sick and diseased
Once again the fallen towers
The Tortured death of every hour
And at the toll of the final bell
You lead the righteous down to hell
When all the world is dead and gone
All I ask is bring me along!

And all the boys in the straight-edge scene
are in the basement huffing gasolinem they’re
Dead, dead, dead, dead
their god is dead to me!
And when the laws of God just make ya pissed
You better become an atheist Your
Dead, dead, dead, dead
Your god is dead to me!

Nuclear Apox spells your doom
like the t.v. in your living room
each bomb kills a million dead
it melts yer skin and implodes yer head
And now you get your judgement day
You think you’ll float up then away
But yer guilty just like everyone
You turn to ash when the burning’s done

And all the boys in the straight-edge scene
are in the basement huffing gasoline
Dead, dead, dead, dead
Your god is dead to me!
And when the laws of God just make ya pissed
You better become an atheist You
Dead, dead, dead, dead
Your god is dead to me!

There’s a hunger within you
a tapeworm deep inside
or maybe it’s just cancer
the doctors can’t decide
but yer stomach keeps on growning
as yer body wastes away
and yer getting ill & weaker
every single fucking day

we are alone
we are alone

(Note: There seems to be some inconsistencies in the lyrics. I just found them on the internet and posted it here. I have tried to make the lyrics closer to what they sing (basically adding fuck and fucking sheep to the first verse) but I can’t make out what they say as all I hear is screaming. There seems to be a verse in the lyrics that are not in the “song” but I may be wrong. To find the original lyrics press here —>)

Blog 2.0

Blog 2.0 -''Those fucking Christian fucking sheep fucking believing fucking shit fucking hate fucking them fucking hell. FUCK ALL FOR FUCK SAKES! SHIT.''

So the Wednesdays goes by…

31 Mar

I like Jeff Buckley. A great artist, great singer and a great persona.

I bought the “Jeff Buckley – Live in Chicago” and it’s a real experience. He seems to love to perform, but he also gives a wibe of not enjoying loud woman in the audience and other strange behaviours.

I recommend that concert:)

To quote Buckley: “FUCK OFF! JUST FUCK OFF!
I couldn’t agree more.

I also recommend to listen to the albums Grace and Sketches for my sweetheart the drunk. Both of them gets the AMC approval:)

And so the Wednesdays goes by…

Blog 2.0 - Likes when people screams cathartic to Weltschmerz. Yes, Mr Buckley, we all want to take a swim in the river with our booths on sometimes.

Blog 2.0 - Likes when people screams cathartic to Weltschmerz. Yes, Mr Buckley, we all want to take a swim in the river with our booths on sometimes.

Bad boys will beat you down…

26 Mar

but good guys will bore you silly.

Bad boys are sexy, but you will not be. Life... you know?

Blog 2.0

AMC and Blog 2.0 takes a stand against violence against women. To do anything but would be gunpowder.

Just felt like bloging:)

16 Mar

I like the song The Girl and the Robot (especially Spencer and Hill remix).
I like that it is soon summer.
I like that coffee makes me happy.
I like the idea of Peace.

Pretty colours don't make right.

I like the simple things in life (i.e fast cars, lose woman and free liqueur)
I like TV on DVD.
I like The King of Queens, South Park, Arrested Development, The first 7 seasons of The Simpsons, The first 7 seasons of X-Files and The Big Bang Theory.
I like to be acknowledged for my intelligence and not being the most ugly guy in the world.
I like The Smiths.
I like the idea of love.
I like the idea of privacy.
I like Brave New World, 1984, Discworld, Carrie, Mysteries, Ernie-cartoons, the Raven, Batman vs Joker cartoons, the “Elling” tetralogy and Sandman.
I like to think and smoke.
I like to learn and then adapt knowledge.
I like the idea of freedom.
I like Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf, Requiem for a Dream, The Exorcist, Dr Strangelove, the Shining, Lolita, Welcome to the Dollhouse, Chinatown, A hole in my Heart, Alien 1-3, Coffee and cigarettes, Rope, Psycho, Jaws, Dogville, Ghostbusters, The Wicker Man.
I like the things that I like.
I like valium.

Diamond of positivity

Chaos and Anarchy on the WWW (“fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa better.”)

29 Jan


Dear Internet,

I’ve been listing alot to one song of Talking Heads called Psycho Killer. Now, I am not going to go into an in-depth analyse of why I like that song (i.e base line, subject and catchyness) but instead note a certain part of the lyrics.

You start a conversation you can’t even finish it.
You’re talkin’ a lot, but you’re not sayin’ anything.
When I have nothing to say, my lips are sealed.
Say something once, why say it again?

What I think about those lines is that they could fit very well with the state of much of the bloging going on the internet right now. I have read articles (or blogs if they are in the on-line edition of a newspaper) that states that twitter is pasê and bloging is back! Something like “everybody is bloging”. Okay, so everybody is writing blogs, but does anyone read them?

I have to be honest. As a rule, I don’t read anyone’s blog. I tend to scan blogs of people who comment on my blog (to know who I am dealing with) and I have sometimes scanned blogs that have similar tags than mine (to investigate the competition) and of course “En kopp kaffe ved midnatt” (as that is the best blog on the web except mine). I have also read some blog entries that are related to news events that are linked under the articles from on-line newspapers.

This is what I have noticed when doing so.

  • Few blogs are of any real interests
  • Few readers (if any) comment*
  • Something, something
  • Lot’s of blogs get deleted. (Even when I have posted one of my sazy comments)
  • There are way to many blogs out in cyberland
  • Now I will not attack other blogs for being dull, unimportant, unfunny while trying (the saddest blogs of all), or that we shouldn’t have blogs. Nor will I defend my own blogs right to live and claim that it is better than most (although it is). What I do want is to comment on the consequence of all this.

    People claim that the internet is the most important way for people to express themselves. That some historical events (i.e revolutions in [some God forsaken place]) are changed do to activity on the nett.

    It’s all hype.

    I will probably write an entry later about the dangers of remembering things (as you may go crazy or become very angry) but if we remember how something was hyped one day and completely forgotten the next (“Y2K, what?”, “Sars, who?”, “The Hampster Dance, where?”) you may notice and perhaps learn something.

    The point is that to me internet is a vortex of opinions (“Whooo, someone has been to college (!)”) that you may drown in, but most likely you won’t as that would demand that you actually read any of the opinions that were there. That although things may seem to have changed, everything is really just the same. It’s the same dark men (or as Michael Moore would call them “stupid white men”) that controls everything. We just got new smoke and mirrors to distract us. That although your opinion may be heard now, so does everybody else’s, and that since we all scream “rable rable rable” nothing new will come.

    So as a conclusion I would say, “blog OKAY, but the printed paper is the only way” (I’m not a slogan writer) or else there is little hope for [enter positive word here].

    My work station (where the magic happens).

    (*Of course with the exceptions of blogs that have been linked to larger sites, with lots of tags for easy reference about something recent that appeals to the masses as either fascinating, frighting or aggravating.)

    Afterthought to “A poem for my 27 birthday” (“Encore Une Fois, Encore Une Fois, Encore Une Fois”)

    12 Jan

    Afterthought: This was a horrible poem, I know. It doesn’t rhyme, it didn’t have pretty pictures and it obviously didn’t have any reference to Schopenhauer or any other great thinker of the past.

    I have read a couple of poems in my life. I think some was of Shakespeare, Poe and some woman who is dead. Virgina Woolf perhaps? Or Ayn Rand? Or… No… Yes, it was Dorothy Parker. I also think that musical lyrics fall into the category of poetry and therefore I have also “read” many poems by listening to music.

    The point is: I don’t get poetry. I have no idea what that is. I know what I like, the ones who rhyme and are easy to understand, I also understand the article on wikipedia about poetry, but some poems that are supposed to be great are for me completely incomprehensible. Now that makes me feel stupid. AND I DON’T LIKE FEELING STUPID!

    Here’s a little gem from a poet we have all heard of (i hope). His name was William Shakespeare:

    Time’s glory is to command contending kings,
    To unmask falsehood, and bring truth to light.

    What the hell! “Time’s glory is to command…”? I DON’T GET IT! First, I don’t get “Time’s glory“! Is that the same as “glory over time“, aka. the glory that will come to people who wait? Or is it the glory that belongs to time, the honour that we can give it? Now, if I don’t get the first two words, why should I bother trying to understand the rest?
    Secondly, I don’t find it beautiful either. It doesn’t rhyme, it’s not intuitive and therefore, to me, it is not sublime (YES, I KNOW THAT WORD! I may not, perhaps, understand it correctly, BUT I DO KNOW IT!)

    Let’s look at an example that I do like from the same author/poet/writer/whatever:

    By the pricking of my thumbs,
    Something wicked this way comes:

    NOW THIS I THINK IS GREAT! This I can understand! And it rhymes! Enough said perhaps? I give up anyway. It’s all very “subjective” hypes. What someone finds great others don’t. It’s very frustrating in it’s interestingness.

    But the point of this point is that to ME there has to be a certain motive or message that goes beyond mere aesthetic vanities (i.e “Ahh, lots of pretty, big words.”) and intellectual arrogance (i.e “this is great because YOU don’t get it”).

    You know, discussing art (but also alot of other subjects) I tend to fall back upon a tale of H. C. Anderson called “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Now that is art! Not just because it is a facinanting tale, that I guess also is written well, but because it touches something we can all relate to. That sometimes from fear of seeming stupid we say we understand, accept and/or like something that is just SHIT!

    Space ain't the kind of place to raise a kid.

    Videogames are stupid! (“Fitter, happier, more productive, comfortable”),

    7 Nov

    So now you got this new game called Dragon Age: Origins, right? And I saw a Xbox live segment about it, yes? Where I can get this Golem right? And it can like develop it’s own personality, so when it’s like with dwarfs something happens cuz they forgotten how to make them or something? Which is cool. Then I get to use my sword on stuff and kill things. But do I get a video game that is about clues and thinking? NO! I get Golem who develop personality!!!!Dragon_Age

    The point is… Why is every video game in the making so braindeadly dull? Now, there was a time where games was meant to be made for people who liked to think, and not just people who wants to escape from reality. I am not afraid of violence in videogames, I am afraid that every game made from now on will kill our brains with flashy pictures and nonsense.

    BUT DID YOU SEE HIS HEAD EXPLODE? Wow! Like BANG SPLUSH. Thats cool. You want to smoke some weed?

    I have been looking for a game for a while that is entertaining, stimulating, exciting and do not give me headackes and lots of stress. A game that would not get me unnecessary angry. In other words I look for a game that could be the new Resident Evil 0-3 or Killer7 (the story, not gameplay). So I searched the different discussions around on the web for a game I could like. I thought (and still do) that my genre of choice would be Action-Adventure and there where very few to Xbox360. Something like Monkey Island, but with a little less strange riddle solutions (“A flagg could be used as a skull??? Yes, it is a pirate flag… but still!“), and with an exciting plot.

    256px-CondemnedSo someone on the internet recommended Condemned! I read on the cover that I would play an FBI agent who needs to find clues left by a killer! “Wow”, I thought. “I get to be Mulder and Scully. I can play Clarise chasing a murderer. How clever and exciting!” But…
    *Bliping* hell! That was not the game I was thinking of at all! Yes, it was scary, but it also made me angry and it contained no real puzzles. It was just another run, run, run shot, explode, jump, jump (in seat) kill, press buttons, press buttons, press, press, aim, die, try again.

    Oh, how I remember a funny game called Discworld noir… I LOVE THAT GAME! I could play a detective who did real detective stuff without using guns and running and shooting! I AM SO EFFING TIERED OF GAMES THAT REALLY do ONE THING; TEST HOW FAST I CAN’T HIT BUTTONS!

    There were clues in Discworld Noir. You talked to people and found clues and then the written clues in your diary could be added together to create new clues or solutions.

    I am just so tiered of hitting buttons and then dieing and then starting some place earlier and then succeeding and then just not care.

    (Blog update 11/13-2009: I have decided to read a book instead.)
    (Blog update 11/19-2009: There seems to be a kid who feels just the same as I. But he shouldn’t drink milk at the Korova Milk Bar. That milk is bad for you!)