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Sia – Elastic Heart feat. Shia LaBeouf & Maddie Ziegler (Official Video) – Pedophilic? An analysis.

14 Jan
What is this music video about?

What is this music video about?


Sia! The best thing to come out of pop since… The 80´s? She is an artist in every sense of the word. I have a great respect for her work. Both before she had a real break trough and the later hits. She has a quirky sound, exciting music videos and sings about interesting themes without falling into an -ism.

The last couple of years or so Sia has had a couple of mainstream big hits. Two songs with DJ David Guetta (Titanum and She Wolf) and the songs Chandelier from her album A 1000 forms of fear. These videos have accompanied music videos which were the style of the time.

Her last single Elastic Heart and [one of the] the music video for Chandelier used a very talented child dancer called Maddie Ziegler to do some impressionist dance to accompany the music. Some people have called pedophila on those videos as it is a child in the center of the video. Now let´s watch the lates video to see what we are talking about —>

So the question is: Is this video pedophilic in some way? Let´s answer that question by looking for the videos meaning. I will use David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson analytic tools for interpreting meaning explained in their book Film Art. I will therefor look for the referencial, explicit, implicit and symptomatic meaning of this video before coming to a conclusion on this “controversy”.


Joking and playing
Let me start by saying one thing; A perverted person see perverted things in anything. To look for the referencial meaning is just pointing out what we see without giving to much interpretation.

This video is about a girl and an adult man dancing in a cage with dirty clothes. The girl wears a wig also used in former music videos by Sia. The dance is expressive and intense with lots of jerking movements and grimaces accompanying the song Elastic Heart song by Sia. Most of the time the dancing seems playful and comedic but at points during the video it goes slower, more intimate.

I do not know a lot about dance as an art, but I can say that it technique seems to be good and interesting to watch. The dance moves goes from averting to more aggressive. The actors goes from being distant from each other to jumping on to each other. They use the entire space of the cage to explore.

At one point the girl goes out of the cage but the man can not go trough the bars. The girl then goes inside again to continue the dance. Then at the end of the video and song the girl goes outside of the cage again, this time staying while the man reach out for her, grabbing her. First he has an intense pleading look and then goes over to a more stale and dead look. This end scene goes on for a while, long after the music has ended and the sounds are just silent ambience of the room. Then the video fades to black.

There is nothing referentially pedofilic in this video. At no point is there kissing, touching of bad parts or any other perverted imagery. Its just an adult man dancing with a girl.



Very little can be explicitly stated about this video. There is no explanation to the girl and the mans relationship (other than outside in the real world, where he is an famous actor, and she is a child dancer). There are no cue card pointing out “Father” and “Daughter”, or “Pedoman” and “Victim” or anything else. So we as an audience has to guess what this dance is about. In 2015 that is not a good idea cuz people are too emotionally stumped to use empathy to understand what is going on. It needs to be hammered in with a nail.

The only thing that is explicit is that this is a music video for the song Elastic Heart and that the dance is suppose to represent the music or the lyrics somewhat. So let´s look shortly at the lyrics song during this dance.

The song starts of with

And another one bites the dust
Oh why can I not conquer love?
And I might have thought that we were one
Wanted to fight this war without weapons

So it is some kind of love song. The way I interpreted that song its about a love relationship with a lot of baggage. The singer has issues that makes it hard to keep the relationship going. It seems she leaves when things get to complicated. That the song is accompanying the dance and that this is a music video is the only thing explicit in this video.


Bad touch?

Bad touch?

So I at least couldnt find any pedofilic references neither referencial or explicit. So I guess that the pedophilia must be interpreted and implied. So I will now analyse this video for deeper implicit meanings. I will make two interpretations of this video. One that I think is the most “normal” one and most people will see and that may have the most evidence for, and then my interpretation that may or may not be a little more far fetch.

But first… A coffee break.

Okay. So I think the most common, non perverted, interpretation of this video is that its a dance representing a coming of age between a father and a daughter. The daughter is playing with her father as a child, but also wanting to be alone and explore on her own. The father then fights with himself to accept that the daughter is growing up and soon will be moving away. I think this is a sound interpretation that fits in with what we see in the video. It´s not my interpretation, though.

I interpet the music video as having a symbiotic relationship with the song. That the video´s dance is meant to be seen as an henanchement of the songs meaning, which is a song about a woman struggling to find ease in a relationship. The cage then represent the relationships bounderies, the man represents the love interest and the girl represents a immature woman not being able to do the “adult” thing. I will add that I also think the girl is a representation of the artist Sia. I base this on the use of the wig, that looks much like the artist own hairstyle.

We, as a mature audience, could see the girl as a metaphor of an adult woman with childlike mentality. This does not make the video pedophilic as their is nothing sexual going on and if you accept a) child is an adult, you need to accept b) this does not mean the video is about an adult and a child, and c) this does not make the video pediophilic in nature since purely referentially its about a man and girl dancing which isnt strange or perverted.


Angry Pedo

Symptomatically interpretation is when we look beyond the video/movie/book we are interpreting and see how this text is seen from a societal or historical context. I would therefor ponder a bit about why this video has been accused of being pedophilic when there is nothing sexual going on in the video itself.

I stated earlier, and I´ll state it again “A perverted person see perverted things in anything“. We don´t live in innocent times anymore for better or worse. We see dangers everywhere and think badly of any seemingly good intention. Not to sound anti-american, but USA is perhaps worse in this area. They see faults and dangers in everything.

Pedophilia is a rarity, but its not unknown anymore. There are no more pedophiles now than in the 1950´s (I think) but we talk more about it now. The consequence is that this sows a seed of perversion in our minds. An example of this is the norwegian song “Blåveispiken(eng: pennywort-girl) which is a song about a man walking on a rural road and meeting a girl with a bouquet of flowers. They talk and then she gives him the flowers and he gives her candy. The songs end with a reflection of ease from the man who felt she gave him more than he gave her.

In the “innocent” times this song was written there was nothing wrong with an adult man talking to a child and giving her candy. Now we “know” that men can be perverted and giving candy to children can be a trap for a sexual predator. This means that we as audiences are a bit… fu**ed up. We can no longer see innocence where innocence were. That is a fault we need be conscious about and work against. Yes, in this world there are people doing evil, that does not mean every person in this world is evil. Sometimes an adult talking to a child is not the start of a perverted and evil act.

You may think this seed of perversion in our minds is a small issue, but this goes beyond our understanding of text. This is also put out into actions. One warning sign was when Men Seated Next to Unaccompanied Minors is Forced to Change Seats. That is a sign of sickness that is downright madness.

If people see pedophilia in Sia´s music video its not because the video in anyway condone or romantizese this, it because they themselves have a f**ked up view on the world. It´s themselves they mirror in this. It´s themselves they see. Not as pedophiles, but as people seeing pedophilia and perversion where there is non.


Come with me
I think the most profound text I have read about understanding art was the preface to A Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde and I have quoted it regularly. So let me again quote it as a final thought

Those who find ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being charming. This is a fault.

Those who find beautiful meanings in beautiful things are the cultivated. For these there is hope. They are the elect to whom beautiful things mean only beauty.


All art is at once surface and symbol. Those who go beneath the surface do so at their peril. Those who read the symbol do so at their peril. It is the spectator, and not life, that art really mirrors.

-Oscar Wilde, Preface of The Picture of Dorian Grey

I will probably quote it again cuz this needs to be said time and time again.

Blog 2.0 -  In Sovjet Russia art mirrors you.

Blog 2.0 – In Sovjet Russia art mirrors you.

Something happened the other day (There but by the grace of God )

18 May

A short story by AndyAce83

I was at the train station, a place used many times as a symbol of life changing choices. Sort of like a wheel turning or an arrow pointing in a direction or a comet in the sky. Not to say that there are any symbols in real life. «A=A», and that’s that. There shouldn’t be any meaning beyond the direct and observable. At least that’s what I had heard, learned and understood.

So I was at this train station waiting for a friend to arrive, but he was an half hour late. So I had time to myself where I could let my mind wander. I had taken shelter from the cold of the fall in a kiosk and satt on one of the benches placed there for people waiting for trains where I had a perfect view of the newspaper stand and all the news of Norway. There where lots of celebrities having problems that day, I recall. Lots of them talking to us mortals about their problems coping with success and the horror that may be.

So I was at this kiosk at a train station waiting for a friend while reading the covers of the newspapers when a lady enters. She was probably also looking for a shelter from the cold, and as she enters a fascination smell came along with her. The smell of death, the smell of urine, the smell of something that got hit by a bus, then died, then expelled bodily fluids, then resurrected and now wanting to feel the heat of civilized society. It was the smell of this woman.

The woman was between the ages of 30 and 60. It’s really hard to tell the ages of a druggydrunk, as she obviously was, but I would guess her age in that area. She stumbled around in this kiosk, not seeming to know where she was, and after taking a few slow laps around she decided to enter the toilet.

Now, I have to be honest; I can be a cynical and prejudice person, and I felt that she was now planing to take some drugs in there. I won’t say that my suspicion was confirmed, but she exited the toilet quickly when she saw the blue light coming from within.

It was time for a couple of lapses around the kiosk again for her, while I looked at her and everywhere else my eyes could rest. Not wanting to be a voyeur or some other pervert like that I also looked at the clock, the newspapers again, my mobile phone, the clerk in the kiosk, other people in the shop etc. But the woman between the ages of 30 and 60 was what my eyes where drawn to. She had a fascinating face, and a fascinating way of dressing. Her face was drawn, her eyes distant and unfocused, her clothes wet from what had to be rain from hours ago and unpolished make-up. The mascara was running down, and seemed to be better removed than retouched and her hair was clogged and thick with what my imagination would guess was dirt. And that smell…

She had finished her lapses and decided to have a sit down and of course that sit down was close to me. I have always thought of my appearance as kind, earth like and loving. That is why I think she sat down beside me, because I looked like a person who would and could care about her misfortune. I didn’t dare to stare, but I had my glances and when our eyes met I tried to smile to her. Not the kind of smile that had dollars in it, not the seller smile, nor was it a smile that was happy in any way. It was a smile I like to define as a sad smile, where I acknowledged her pain, but tried to say that perhaps there are still hope. Perhaps Richard Dawkins and his friends were wrong, that there is a plan and a meaning to all pain that we just don’t understand yet. I hoped she received and understood that that was what I was trying to express in my smile.

So I was at the train station waiting for a friend with a druggydrunk who smelled of piss only a few feet away. She looked slanted and worn, sick and cold and her nose was running. I wanted to help her, but I didn’t know how. A wonder grew in me of how this person could be so depressing in the land of Norway. The Utopia of the North! How could our loving welfare system let her be so in pain, while we seemed to cry for everyone else? The old, the immigrants, the young, the sick, but no one cared for her. WHY WASN’T ANYONE DOING ANYTHING?! And what could I do? I wasn’t a powerful or even a resourceful person, but I wanted to ease her pain that so clearly came to me through her sniffing, body posture and smell. I had by now taken my scarf from around my neck and tried to discreetly pressed against my nose to save me from her smell, and save her from embarrassment. She really had a horrible smell. We are taking about a urine smell that was not freshly pissed. It was like vinegar, and it’s acid smell burned my nose.

So I was at the train station waiting for a friend with a druggydrunk who smelled of piss only a few feet away while I had my nose covered with a scarf while trying to give her a smile of ease when the lady leaned towards me. She was going to ask me something and that question was

«Do you have a cigarette?»

I could have been insulted by that question because smoking is dangerous, and did I really look like a smoker? With all the associations that came with such a claim? Did I look older than my age, with sickly white skin and yellow teeth? Who was she to say that I was the kind of person to have such a filthy habit?

I did, though, have that filthy habit and decided not to take offense and rather give her what she needed. I gave her two cigarettes, instead of the one she asked for, saying «So you have one for later as well». I also asked her if she needed a lighter, and then I gave one to her, even after I saw her having one in her crocked and cutended hand. But as she took my cigarettes, I felt one of her fingers touching my thumb and although I didn’t show it out of respect to her, I felt sickly repulsed by that.

Don’t you judge me! You don’t know how she looked and smelled. She smelled of old piss and looked like a alleyway hooker! There is a influenza plague now, if you haven’t heard! So as she left to take her cigarettes, I went to the blue lighten toilet to wash my thumb from sickly whore-piss-druggydrunk smell stain. I washed it good with soap and let in run under running water for quite some time before I felt that the thumb was clean again.

I entered the kiosk again looking over to the clerk and he seemed to smile at me. The smile was not a seller smile or a smile like the one I used but a smile of acknowledgment that I had done something nice for that woman. I smiled shortly back, more out of politeness than that feeling you get when you have done something good. What was that word again? Pride. I did not give a smile of pride. Who knows of pride in the west anyway. It’s all dark, depressing, decadent and dirty. There is no pride left to take, even when your nice to a whore. It’s all bleak and grey like the fall.

Not thinking, but feeling this thoughts, I felt the need for a cigarette myself and I exited the kiosk and went outside to indulge myself too my vice. The weather was fitting for the fall as it had a grey sky, and it was cold as hell. Not the kind of «cold as hell» where there is ice and frost, but the real cold of hell. It’s like its not cold enough for the body to react to it and therefore you start to freeze faster because the cold is snicking it’s way inside you when you look at the dead trees and the black wet asphalt from the rain hours earlier. That’s the real bone chilling cold, because that’s the only cold that reaches your bones unless your dyeing from it.

So I started to freeze instantly, and I lit my cigarette fast so I could enter the heat again. And there she was again; The pissing woman. Circling around me like a vulture. A sickly, pathetic and tragic vulture with a freshly panhandled cigarette in her mouth. The old or young lady closed in on me and I feared the smell would again hunt me, but the smell was gone. Taken from her by the clammy fall air.

I looked at her again with my ambivalent loading pity and wondered how I could reach this woman and help her without being dragged into the mud alongside her. Should I have called the police, or the ambulance to come get her? She was clearly out of it and in great pain. The need and scream for help was there, but I couldn’t do much. This person, I sort of knew, would not find me calling the police or ambulance a way of helping her. I knew, sort of, that the only thing she would perceive as help was money in the hand or a free cigarette in her mouth. Anything else, would be a rude intervention.
So I just stared at her, with that smile that now felt more goofy than anything else and I had nothing to say.

I was at the train station, a place many poets would use as a symbolic place for change and choice. Here there were no change. I was at a train station and so was she, but there were no link between us. She was already dead, and there was nothing I could say. No choice or change that could make a difference. Just a goofy stare of empathy from me, and a blank one from her.

We were standing a few feet away from each other but we were miles away, weren’t we? And she leant towards me, and than she said:
«Thank you»
I said:
«Thank you for the cigarette»
«Oh, that’s nothing», I laughed shyly
«No, you saw me and you gave to me» she said looking into the black wet asphalt.
«I just did what anyone else would have done», I said more hopefully than truthfully.

I felt an urge to take my hand on her shoulder and tell her that there were still hope. To hell with her smell! To hell with hygine and personal bounderis. This woman needed my warmth. She was cold on what a poet could claim were more than one way. What the cynic atheist would say didn’t matter because everything is just nothing. No meaning beyond void.

But I didn’t care, I was filled with Godly love. I would care for her! I would…

Anomietopia – Bow down to the rain.

I didn’t touch her, but I said that there were hope. I asked if she needed my help and she said with a low voice «Yes». A voice that gave me associations with a ghost whisper, death by embarrassment and the unknown beyond. I called an ambulance, and it arrived shortly. I gave her my number and demanded from the drives that they would care for her. «Give her the best treatment available», I think I said.

And then they drove away, and I felt pride! A sad, but still very present pride. I had done good! A good deed beyond human definition. It was good because it was good. I knew that God was pleased, and that he loved me. And her. And everyone! From the queer dyeing of aids to the atheist scientist who dedicate their lifeves to post-modern misery. God loved everyone and he had a plan for everyone. A reason for starving children in Africa freshly raped, to the liberal socialist who wanted prayer and hope out of the schools.


Nah, I’m just kidding.

As she lent towards me, she tried to steal my wallet. I looked at her and asked polity of what she was doing. She looked up at me and moved slowly away. I walked further out into the cold weather of fall and death. Turned too her who was now inside the warmth of the kiosk again. She looked at me, and I looked at her and she said «Ifhn flanatlaus», or some other gibberish, but I understood what she was saying. She said «I wasn’t trying to steal your wallet, but to show you that it was hanging out», but she didn’t have the strength or pride to bother to lie any more. So gibberish was all that she said.

Not Blog 2.0 – Diamond of positivity!

Fox News vs MSNBC (Fair and balanced or Fear and Biased?)

27 Jan


I live in Norway, have identified myself as a political neutral man (what people call “independent“) and have therefor been fascinated by the Americans who claim that Fox News is biased. Knowing little about the US politics and less about American news cast and their ideologies I got this growing curiosity about this “evil channel of biggots“. They call the channel Faux News (or worse) and claim that the channel is making hate speech and basically is the KKK in news form.

When people talk like that, I at once think “brainwashed“, but still if the haters of Faux News is brainwashed they are at least growing in number (whatever that means (legion!)). It seems it´s been concluded that Fox News, whiteout hope or redemption, is the news channels who lie the most about evil stuff.

More Demo-crazy! (Fun Fact: In Norway the right and left parties argue over who is the MOST socialist*.)

Now, I would be lying if the only place I got my impression of Fox News was trough the internet. Living in Norway, I of course got to see alot of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (it´s proclaimed Doubleplusgood by our state leader; the all-loving Stoltenberg the second, and his party Norsoc. ALL HAIL NORSOC!) as it is aired many times a day on our state owned channel called (NRK or translated to English; NORSOCK BROADCASTING CORPORATION). Why Jon Steward is such a great comedic genius in Norway is because he quacks like a duck in the right (therefor left) way.

Moving on—>

NRK = NORSOCK BROADCASTING CORPORATION = NBC. You see the PATTERN?!?!? Hysj, you din´t hear it from me! Moms the word!!!

As the argumentative person I am, I began watching Fox News, but living in Norway with American “region blocking” and the Norwegian Social-democratic fog there would be problems. I started to watch Red Eye w/Greg Gutfeld< (after I heard, then read the book “the bible of unspeakable truths” ) by watching clips on youtube and then subscribing to the podcast. To be honest, Red Eye was not as funny as the Daily Show, but the smugness was reduced to a minimum.

But the point is, with the little impression I got from Fox News, I though “This ain´t that bad? What is the problem with this channel?” (which of course is thought-crime in Norway). I also started to watch clips of The O’Reilly Factor on youtube, often with the tittle “O´Reilly is SCARED/OWNED/Taken Down by [the people with the right bellyfeel].“. Sorry to say, I never saw that O’Reilly was taken down, but just met with counter-arguments (the basic building-blocks of a debate) that may or may not have been better.

But O’Reilly is of course an unperson so we should not speak of him. Or at least only in a mocking way. He commits thought-crime everyday, questioning government and what not. When the revolution comes, he will be the first against the wall, after of course the revolution leaders.

I had to look a little bit longer for this mock logo.

Anyway, I got this growing sensation that I was becoming more and more sure that Fox News was not “biased” no matter how many liberal viewers told me FAUX NEWS WAS and “debunked” them. Perhaps I was too becoming BRAINWASHED by the MAN!!!! To ask a philosophical question; can one know when one is being brainwashed?

Due to the stress of my thought-crimes I repented and went to MSNBC.com to confess my wicked thoughts of independence, freedom and liberty without quotations. The first article I found on their page was “Atheist teen forces school to remove prayer from wall after 49 years

Need I say more?

You know that this 16 year old atheist knows what´s best for the community. She loves Harry Potter, facebook, is a self-proclaimed nerd and she looks really serious into the camera with her arms closed. Did I mention she loved Harry Potter? She is just like us. Only smarter and godless!

The MSNBC article had the following unbiased observation of a child’s rage against society. The child was “the daughter of a firefighter and a nurse“. The daughter of a FIREFIGHTER and a NURSE! She “has received online threats and the police have escorted her at school“, so she most be a true hero. The child said “It seemed like it was saying, every time I saw it, ‘You don’t belong here,’ ” she said the other night during an interview at a Starbucks here” so you know she is fighting for the right to be different by removing another seventh-graders prayer. You see, by removing the past, like this wonderful child does, we can change the future. We all learned that from the wonderful instructional manual 1984 by George Orwell. George Orwell was a socialist himself you know, so you know that 1984 was not a critique of state, communism and lefties collective thinking, but of course of RELIGION!!! It´s a guide for people who love HARRY POTTER to remove RELIGION!!! God, I hate effing teens! Think they know everything!

Never say MSNBC is biased.

So of course MSNBC, NRK etc. are the right channels. They are good against the social-democracy that loves us all. I love MSNBC and I love Stoltenberg the first, second, the future third! I love socialism, and I unlove everything that speaks untruth like FUCKING FAUX NEWS!!!!

Blog 2.0 - - Commits thought-crime everyday. But my state will absolve me! The state will save me!

[*]: Conservative Party gives claims to the Norwegian Model of the Welfare state (Norwegian entry): http://www.hoyre.no/www/norge_2030/barekraft/den_norske_modellen/

That´s a keeper.

20 Jan


I spend alot of time arguing with the dangerous people known as atheist, “freethinkers” and lefties (aka. “liberals”, aka. commie bastards). To be honest there are no hard line between them. We could just call them all “brainwashed liars” and be done with it. But, as all in that group would say, of course then we wouldn´t take the individual into consideration and be biased etc. etc.

Anyway, these people are filled with hate and nonsense and, as the next video will show, they can even believe a child has the answer to great troubles in identity, gender and culture. Let´s have a look —>


So the debate (on the youtube video discussion) got heated, and looong. Time I could spend ranting on my own blog instead. I felt sad that this debate should disappear into the great flow and drown in the internet´s vortex of opinion.

Soooo, I thoughtThat´s a keeper“.

So for all of yours pleasure I give you the transcript of the discussion between me (political neutral (not neutered)) and some PC-THUGS. Enjoy.


That’s nice healthy indoctoriation right there.A future sexually confused teen and alienated adult. Nice going Dad (!).
AndyAce83 3 days ago

@AndyAce83 Lol ok. ‘Being encouraged to question culture’ is ‘indoctrination’? Oxymoron, much?

Jacksthemouse 3 days ago

@Jacksthemouse It’s not questioning. Questioning is “Dad can’t I play with action figures?” and dad says “Sure. Why not.” This long tirade is called deconstructing and the child is a tool for an upprining that will not turn out good.

AndyAce83 3 days ago

@AndyAce83 …Um. You do realise there was a lot of ‘Why can’t we’ in what she was saying? I’m PREEEETTY sure that qualifies as questioning.

Jacksthemouse 2 days ago

@Jacksthemouse Well let me ask you this… cuz I’m PREEEETTY sure you will agree with me on that. Would it be an example of indoctrination if the child of a white supremacist asked “That why is there so many nig… in this mall?” or the inquisitive nature of the kid? The point is; we do not call it propaganda if it’s for Obama, we call it raising a child if it’s left wing, and we call it educating not brainwashing if it’s PC.

AndyAce83 2 days ago

@Andy Ace83  WHAT??????????????

katpratt83 2 days ago

@katpratt83 Hehe.

AndyAce83 2 days ago

@AndyAce83 The kid’s asking a question, not making a statement. So no. If the parent tried to challenge their reasoning and he/she came back with more reasoning, that is NOT the child being led on or indoctrinated. Because they’re not ‘responding’ to it.

I think you’re reading way too much into this. Step back for heavens’ sake.

Jacksthemouse 1 day ago

@Jacksthemouse I think close study will reveal that she is being corrected for crime-thought. The dialogue I am thinking of goes as follows; Girl: “[The Girls want to play with both] and the boys don’t want pink stuff. Yeah!”, “Well, boys want both. Why do you think that?”, “Because… Because… Because… they try to trick the girls…” She looks scared and wanting to please her father. This is indoctrination. I don’t think I read more into it than most. I just read other things

AndyAce83 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 Either that or she’s stammering. You can’t assume you know everything about a situation from one video, asshat :/

Jacksthemouse 18 hours ago

@Jacksthemouse I guess we see what we want to see and hear what we want to hear. The questions are; is one born a liberal or mass suggested into one? And is there a cure?

AndyAce83 15 hours ago

@AndyAce83 You certainly do. Reading into something and insinuating ‘lol this is indoctrination because she looks scared’. So because you read into it… it means that studies would follow your suit? You flatter yourself. You’re clearly, HEAVILY biased against liberals/left wing folk for one thing, and seeing what YOU want to see makes your opinion more ‘valid’, apparently.

Jacksthemouse 13 hours ago

@Jacksthemouse biased is such a harsh word. Let’s call it “experienced”. I am “HEAVILY [experienced] against liberals/left wing folk”. And I think my interpretation holds water or you wouldn’t bitch about it like I hit you in the groin. The father corrected her thought-crime, and she duck-spoke back on track. Doubleplusgood 🙂

AndyAce83 12 hours ago

@AndyAce83 then why arent boys allowed to play with pink stuff

youratwitface 3 days ago

@youratwitface Same reason only in reverse and outcome will be a effemninte virgin who will live with his mom.

AndyAce83 3 days ago

@AndyAce83 your a loser. kids should be able to be themselves and parents should let them be themselves………

youratwitface 3 days ago

@youratwitface I just think it is a bad choice to raise your child to be an argumentative and deconstructive PC girl as that can make her a very unstable rootless adult. But sure “be themselves” is good.

AndyAce83 2 days ago

@AndyAce83 Ask yourself if you think anyone who has changed history would agree with you about that.

RussFx 2 days ago

@RussFx The point was that the child is not “herself” but is indoctrinated. You can’t change the world if you talk the talk of the ignorant collective. She does. If a person believes in darwinism then biology is king. A girl wants to play with girlish things, and boys with boy things. Why? Because culture is just a reaction formation of our animal need. I am not a darwinist btw, but I know most liberals are 😉

AndyAce83 2 days ago

@AndyAce83 No, it’s a formation of what the forces driving culture WANT us to need. You see, we’re stuck with culture one way or another. It doesn’t mean we all have to like it, and many of us don’t. Some girls don’t want to play with girlish things, because it’s not how their ‘animal need’ works. Every animal is different, genius.

Jacksthemouse 2 days ago

@Jacksthemouse As I have said in earlier post; this is a fake and constructed problem. If you think there is something wrong with a culture, fad or tradition then you are free to have sex with someone, create a child and do not buy this and that toy for them while we other people who see no trouble with a girl playing with a baby doll and boys with GI Joes can do that. That is freedom not creating a fuzz about pink coloured bicycles.

AndyAce83 2 days ago

@AndyAce83 ..You’re really naiive if you think that you are ‘free’ to do anything without pressure to do otherwise. Culture lays down these unwritten rules which many swear by- namely, that girls wear pink and boys wear blue. It’s forced down everyone’s throats, from baby clothes to children’s toys. THAT is all this girl is saying. That’s the problem, and it’s getting a bit much at this point.

Jacksthemouse 2 days ago

@Jacksthemouse Call me what you want; I am saying it’s nothing wrong with raising a girl to be a girl, making her wear a dress to school and teaching her about make-up at 14(?). There is a correlation between identity, tradition and culture that is psychologically important to create a healthy person. To know who they are. If we remove some of the rules (that can be broken) a sense of well-being disappears. Norms are not bad and mostly “not forced”. We can, if we want, change them

AndyAce83 2 days ago

@AndyAce83 Not forced? Excuse me? When you’re a child living under the influence of an overbearing parent, the rules ARE forced. Open your eyes. This child is no such kid, her parent certainly isn’t forcing her to do anything or be anything she doesn’t want to be.

Jacksthemouse 1 day ago

@Jacksthemouse Well if you want to rebel you call attention. The more you force the more it will stretch, then it may brake. You know the law. If it’s important to you, then make an uprising. But as everything in life it will cost ya. If it’s not important then stay in line.

Man, it’s like I have to raise you. This is elementary knowledge of the world. Pick your battles. You don’t have to fight against everything. Genderolls are an important part in building safe relations.

AndyAce83 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 You should also realize that almost anything can be called “indoctrination”. We’re all brain washed. Sure we don’t like to admit it we like to point to points of view we don’t agree with and go see that! those people are brain washed. So he’s “indoctrinating” her to believe that it’s ok for boys to play with girl things and girls to play with boy things if they want. Call child protective services! Seems like an unfit parent to me… -_-

politico92 1 day ago

@politico92 Yes, in many way I agree with you. But you forget the trouble with cultural-Marxism and PC-terror. Gender study, deconstruction etc belongs to the left wing and they have gotten the power of defining right and wrong. I do not agree with their views as I am not a socialist.That is why I find it scary to see a child being indoctrinated at such a young age. If she was at college at least she had a more developed brain that perhaps could see the logical flaws of their lies:-)

AndyAce83 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 The fact that you can relate this video so socialism and marxism shows that all you’re trying to do is confirm you’re own beliefs. Don’t act like some fox news sheep person who uses words they don’t understand. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you do know what it means which has nothing to do with breaking down gender stereotypes and roles. The only result of such a movement is kids breaking out of the norm, I suppose that’s scary to you, oh well.

politico92 1 day ago

@politico92 Now, let’s stop lying to ourselves, uh? You see many of the same things as I, but would perhaps called it “empowering” or “feminism”. I say this because if you didn’t then we wouldn’t have discussed this for THREE DAYS!!!

I am from Norway. I do not get Fox News. Bigotry, much? In fact, we have no right wing newspapers/channels in my country. Only a webpages called the “dark side” of the internet by our Prime minister.

AndyAce83 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 Do you spend as much time worrying about all the parents who have beat there boys for being too girly? Cause I’d say that’s brainwashing and to a much more dangerous level. You clearly don’t understand the trend people are trying to end or you just like that trend to begin with. Which would be interesting since you claim to of played with girl toys as a child.

politico92 1 day ago

@politico92 Yes, I do. I also think of how many people ought not to have children because they do not care for them at all. They may give them food, shelter and provide the basics of need but not give the children the love they need. Children has become something to fit the carpet in many homes. Sad to see. I also think about the high suicide rates of teens., the term anomie and how they correlate. And I worry about how many people get forced out in the cold for not “thinking right”.

AndyAce83 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 YOU’RE CONTRADICTING YOURSELF NOW! God you’re annoying. I get it your a liberal hater and most of the people who like this video lean to the liberal side. (how many conservatives do you know who support a boy playing with a barbie if he so chooses) but this whole “political point” is nonsense, he recorded a video of his daughter and all she’s saying is that companies market certain things for girls and certain things for boys and that’s all completely true.

politico92 1 day ago

@politico92 Hehe…. Hoooo… It’s so entertaining to see how liberals react to people who think differently and especially when they believe they are defending the right to be different. And no, I am not a “liberal hater” that is not allowed in my country now do to some resent events.

This video would have been innocent, indeed, if it wasnt’t t that innocent videos don’t get heated discussions below. You are definitely defending this videos “innocent” and cheering it on.

AndyAce83 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 You’re being a “liberal hater” or not has nothing to do with what is allowed in your country. You do recognize you’re being hypocritical right? I can find comments all over the page about you telling everyone they’re all liberal and indoctrinated and wrong. I personally don’t care what you believe because you don’t even live in the US and the people in the US who agree with you aren’t the type to take advice from ANY other country. You can’t judge a video based on comments.

politico92 1 day ago

@politico92 “I personally don’t care what you believe because you don’t even live in the US ” - You are the essence of tolerance 🙂

AndyAce83 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 I’m just being honest. I have to deal with stupid Americans all the time and have to actually care because we all live in the same country and progress can be impeded by such people. With you I don’t care because you aren’t going to affect my life. Don’t try and spin that as some ignorant American quote. I’m just happy the Americans who I do have to deal with that would agree with you wouldn’t listen to a word you said anyways because you’re not American.

politico92 1 day ago

@politico92 Row, row, row your boat…

AndyAce83 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 I also live overseas before you just try and continue pretending like that quote (leaving out the second part that explains what I meant) means anything.

politico92 1 day ago

@politico92 Oh, you live overseas? Yes, that makes your ignorance and lack of interest in other cultures and countries opinions and experiences all okay. And so very unlike most Americans(!).

AndyAce83 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 How predictable, doing exactly as I said you would. Explain what I’ve said that is ignorant or lacks interests in other cultures? I simply pointed out that back in the US the people on “your side” of this issue would never listen to a word you say, so I don’t have to worry about your ideas affecting my life. I hope you truly are not “anti liberal” and aren’t just laying low because you don’t want to be associated with domestic terrorists.

politico92 1 day ago

@politico92 You said that since I lived in another country than my opinion didn’t matter to you. U also gave clear signs that you did not care that in my country it was not allowed to criticise your politics. I don’t know how much more explicit “I don’t care how it is in your country and I don’t care about your opinion.” you want it. I think it’s time to give it a rest Politico92. Time to look a little in the mirror and reflect. Perhaps u are not as tolerant as you thought you were?

AndyAce83 1 day ago

Comment removed

politico92 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 I would expect a moron like you to accuse me of having “no interesting in other cultures” despite the fact that I’m living in Europe. Yes, I just moved here so I could walk around talking about how great the US is all the time, that’s the ticket. I also like to make american propaganda movies for annoying Norwegians.

politico92 1 day ago

@politico92 “I would expect a moron like you”. Oh, so we are at the Ad hominem stage now? “How predictable”. Yes, you have the right imperial attitude. And now you even bother walking outside of your borders to tell us how annoying we are? Very “white man’s burden” like 🙂 Yes, I see a bright future in you, as you speak tolerance like most liberals do. After your globe-trotting you should move to Hollywood and tells us all about it. Buy yourself a mirror and have a look!

AndyAce83 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 Actually I’ve liked almost everyone I’ve met since I’ve been in Europe. I’m far from one of those “USA is the best!” Americans and don’t care if you believe it or not. I love Europeans and the different points of view. I guess that’s why I was intrigued so hear one sounding so much like the fox news zombies of my country. Oh well I guess from a country where a right winger kills children to prove his political points that I shouldn’t be too surprised.

politico92 1 day ago

@politico92 Everything you said was dobbleplusgood 🙂

AndyAce83 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 I’m really bored with you though. You’re logic seems almost non existent. You say a video would have been innocent except for a bunch of liberals are liking it and getting into arguments with people like yourself hence this video was some planned malicious propaganda video about forcing more boys to act like girls. That’s the jump you take with it simply because you don’t agree with the words a little girl is saying.

politico92 1 day ago

@politico92 I think you got me logic, so it couldn’t have been non existent. “You say a video would have been innocent except for a bunch of liberals are liking it and getting into arguments with people like yourself hence this video was some planned malicious propaganda video about forcing more boys to act like girls” – sums it up pretty well my young padawan.

AndyAce83 1 day ago

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@politico92 I explained that first part 3 times now. As for the second I said that just because hating liberals isn’t legal doesn’t mean you don’t. You’re explanation of not being a liberal hater was what was pathetic. But sure go ahead and pretend like I was hating on your culture so you can feel like I am the intolerant one. I shouldn’t of expected you to twist pick apart and rearrange my words any less than you would to a little girl on youtube. oh well, fuck off Norgie! =)

politico92 1 day ago

@politico92 … 

AndyAce83 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 “You don’t have to fight against everything.”. Uh huh. And YOU don’t have to fight against what THIS video is saying. You’re fighting a battle against A FOUR YEAR OLD who is speaking her mind!

All the girl is saying is that there is just too much ‘pink’ and ‘princesses’ practically shoved on to girls, and is questioning why. Leave her to her battles. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS VIDEO. Quit the nitpicking because it’s seriously getting you nowhere.

Jacksthemouse 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 While gender roles may be important in some way, there is no point in forcing a gender role in terms of INTERESTS. Things like health and personal hygiene.. it’s necessary to learn what’s attributed to us. But there is no need for ‘gender interests’ to be forced onto us, and there never was.

Jacksthemouse 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 Face it. It IS all a ploy. If it wasn’t, the girls’ section of toys would not be as saturated with sickly pink as it is. It would be a mix of all kinds of colours to go with any frills.

Take a note of the really young kids’ toys, garbed with many different colours. Why, then, does the ‘gender role’ of childhood divert to being mostly ‘pink’ or ‘blue’? Because the companies WANT it to be that way. Because going by the norm makes more money. It’s nothing to do with ‘setting standards’.

Jacksthemouse 1 day ago

@Jacksthemouse Why do people wear black in a funeral? Isn´t that racist? Why is red the color of PASSION when it obviously is the color of fire? I don´t feel blue when I am sad, I feel dark so we better remove that connotation to.

Seriously… There are no words. Talk about making mountains out of piles of shi… anyway.. I guess we got to agree to disagree.

AndyAce83 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 …I’m not talking about removing all connotations to different colours, ignoramus. I’m talking about NOT attributing a COLOUR to a whole SEX. Because there’s clearly more to a sex than a few sickly, fluffy, saturated colours, and the toy companies are stupid for not acknowledging that fact for girls’ toys as a whole.

I haven’t got any words left for you either. And you brought the hostility on yourself when you decided to parade your pedantic arse on this harmless video.

Jacksthemouse 1 day ago

@Jacksthemouse Oh, sorry then. You and your equals should ofcourse be the ones who decides what colour should represent what, and what deserves a color and what should not. Thank you for clearing that up. Ofcourse the left should decide everything and me and my equal should keep our mouth shut;-)

I say what I think, and fight everyday for people to be allowed to be honest. Ofcourse hostility will occure. This is not a harmless video. Look at the view counts, cretin!

AndyAce83 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 So… it’s not harmless… because it has a high view count?

I’m not saying I should dictate MY ideals on ‘what colour makes a representation’. I NEVER once said that. I’m saying- dressing a whole ‘girls aisle’ with pink is just not on. And for reasons I’ve stated quite enough now.

As far as the colour black for funerals is concerned, it has nothing to do with this issue, because it’s about tradition and respect, not interests and commercialism.

Jacksthemouse 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 So the fact you’re going WELL out of your way to find a problem with the way she’s being raised is beyond unreasonable. Grow up.

Jacksthemouse 1 day ago

@Jacksthemouse I don’t. I am only criticizing this video it’s contents. I do not claim she is being abused or anything. I am just saying what my original post said. And this videos success shows that many people support this political trend based on lies and deconstruction. In Europe we are waking up from this gender-study nightmarish experiment and looking to US and their studies. As we do US seem to be turning to “that’s not interesting” lies of genderstudies.

AndyAce83 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 The little girl is saying she doesn’t understand why all the girls stuff has to be pink because maybe she doesn’t always want pink. Way to find a problem with that. The parents seem to be doing a more than adequate job.

politico92 2 days ago

@politico92 Do you see a problem with what I am saying? Why? If you see no problem or (political) reason for this video then why do you care what I see as “wrong” in this video? Because you know very well why this video was posted and it goes far beyond a little girls tantrum over wanting a Barbie in a blue dress 😉

AndyAce83 2 days ago

@AndyAce83 I can see you think you’re logic is flawless. The guy posted a video of his daughter, if you look at his other videos he has plenty more of her. Then you call her “indoctrinated” and I would hardly call this video a tantrum. I can tell from your messages though that you’re clearly against the idea of boys and girls breaking from gender stereotypes and that’s why your acting like this video has some ulterior motive. Get a life.

politico92 2 days ago 2

@politico92 You bother to “argument” against me and then tell me to “get a life”. Who needs to “get a life” here? Then again anyone who finds gender bending to be interesting really should get a hobby.

And to answer me “breaking from gender stereotypes” is funny when Monty Python does it and obviously is salable when Gaga does it. But for the man on the street it´s just disturbing. Anyone who have seen a drunken middleaged crossdresser knows that. His lip-stick all smudged.


AndyAce83 2 days ago

@AndyAce83 Welcome to the 21st Century. People are learning to let their kids be who they are and like what they like without worrying to much over every stupid thing. Forcing a child to play with one toy over another because you feel that “gender bending” is a problem is stupid. There’s nothing “gender bending” about a girl playing with a action figure at all. The fact that you bring up crossdressers just shows your ignorance on the issue. You were better suited to live in the 50’s.

politico92 2 days ago

@politico92 And that’s where you are wrong. This is NOT an issue of kids playing with what they want. Cuz I am pretty sure that this Dad will give that kid her action figure. The fact is, this video forces a debate that is fake. It gives the impression that girls are forced to play with Barbies, but it’s more about taking away their dollies and make them play with GI Joes. It’s about giving internalisation more power than it really has.”Come on Girls PLAY WITH THOSE FUCKING GI JOES!”

AndyAce83 2 days ago

@AndyAce83 It’s a video of a father recording something cute his daughter is saying that sounds funny coming out of a small childs mouth. You’re the one who is going all conspiracy theorist about a homevideo. He also has a picture of her dressed like a fairy singing, what’s the secret message there? No debate is being forced. You should chill out and spend more time worrying about actual propaganda if you feel the need to make a big deal out of something.

politico92 2 days ago 2

@politico92 Whoah, having problems understanding AndyAce83…Kids this age do Not need prompting to express what they Feel!! I have a 22 yr. old Stepson, & a 17 year old daughter…. When they were small, Amber Loved playing Action figures, Transformers, & Any kind of Battle game or sword fight with her brother Trev!!! About as much as he loved playing Barbies & Dress-up with her!! It’s all good!!

katpratt83 2 days ago

@katpratt83 I don’t get it, or you don’t get it? The trouble is not that people play with unisex toys, or toys made for the “other” gender. The trouble is that it is made a big deal of, because of leftwing political motivations. It’s called deconstruction, making the differences between man and woman unimportant, and the similarities all that counts. This video and it’s success is symptomatic for that political thought. It’s anomic in its “everything solids melts into air”.

AndyAce83 2 days ago

@politico92 Dare I ask what “actual propaganda” is? Does it has something to do with the MAN and big business?

AndyAce83 2 days ago

@AndyAce83 There’s propaganda from all sorts of sources. It’s entertaining that you scoff at the idea of propaganda coming from “the MAN” and big business as if that never happens while your blowing a home movie out of proportion.

politico92 2 days ago

@politico92 Oh, I don’t. I know very well that the MAN and “big business” makes propaganda. When BB does it it’s called advertisement and commercial when the MAN does it it’s called “Hollywood talks about election to us the ignorant masses”, “vote Obama”, “yes we can”. “CHANGE!”. And I may on other videos point out the propaganda of those kinds of videos… But on this video I will point out that a child is getting indoctrinated. You can even hear the father correcting/leading her.

AndyAce83 2 days ago

@AndyAce83 I find it entertaining and worrisome that you think it’s so wrong for parents to encourage their kids to play with whatever they want. You try and take it to some sinister level like liberals are trying to make every little boy play with barbies now or something. They’re not, they’re just trying to stop the practice of making every little kid that strays away from “gender appropriate” toys feel like there is something wrong with them and they need to change.

politico92 1 day ago

@politico92 I am just stating the obvious and pointing out that the video is politically charged and that those who love this video believe in the deconstruction nonsense of gender study and left-wing “science”. I am further saying that raising a child like that is experimenting with someone’s psyche and worse an entire culture. I don’t share your view on the sanctions on not playing with “gender appropriate” toys. But I live somewhere else so what do I know?

1 day ago

@politico92 I agree!

katpratt83 2 days ago

@AndyAce83 You Don’t Get it….

katpratt83 2 days ago

@AndyAce83 This was NOT a Tantrum,,,, Apparently you are not a parent!! (Or else you have extremely well behaved children0!!!

katpratt83 2 days ago

@politico92 YES!!!

katpratt83 2 days ago

@AndyAce83 Bwhahahahaha! Why do you care? Are you afraid of girls who think outside pink? You strike me as someone who clings to masculinity with all your might.

Widgetski 2 days ago

@Widgetski And why do you care? I played with boy toys, girl toys with boys and girls when I was a kid. But it wasn’t my parents who directed me. It wasn’t some sort of “freethinking” political ideal that was forced on my child-hood. I played with what the hell I wanted, no questions asked (expect in my kindergarden we were not allowed to play with “violent toys” which I rebelled against!). The trouble nowadays is not that girls are forced to be girls but boys are forced to be girls.

AndyAce83 2 days ago

*end script*

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Happy New Year (my final tweet will be more than 140 signs!)

31 Dec

Happy New Year.


Whoohoo! Hugz! Kizikiz! Luv!

I have one new years resolution; I will not tweet anymore on twitter. I got myself an account with the same nick some years back. I never used it, but I knew then that I “owned” the AndyAce83 name on twitter (we don´t want a nick raider do we?). Anyway I got tiered of being ignored on Facebook so I decided to try to be ignored in a much more talked about “social networking site”…


I remember when Facebook was new (God, I am old!). I got an invite from someone and I looked at it and said; “WTF is that? An online album? Don´t need that. I gotz me some last.fm, youtube n myspace pages Ay gotz no need fo that!“. I was then told that Facebook was more than an online photo album. I could post comments and blah blah blah. You know what facebook iz!

So I was “one of the first” internationally who got access to Facebook. This “I was the first” bragging is not as pointless as it seems. You see, I got access to Facebook before media started the extreme hype. I had understood what facebook was about before the news started to use a facebook reference in every story.

I remember sitting in front of my computer while listening to the television.
News anchors announced the new revolutionary democratic online moments that Facebook and the like would start. Oh, facebook would revolutionize everything. The future was now; as people joined Facebook groups for one thing or another.

Old people was invited for debates on TV where they could pretend to understand and would therefor romanticize how teens now could be heard (or herd. Get it? Herd!) by using Face…book. I remember looking at the computer screen thinking; “What? Facebook is the dullest place to be and the “political movements” is started and ENDED by a click of the mouse. The democratic proses now seemed to demand a computer, internet and access to a college boy´s place to get laid.” But since my opinion didn´t matter, even though I posted it countless times in by news-feed, news people kept announcing how important different Facebook had become.

A Power Point sheet to all you who can not learn without one!

And then there was Twitter. There are three kinds of people, 1) those who have to be the first, 2) those who follow along and 3) those who do not care either way (these people are rarer than claimed). The first group got themselves a twitter account first and told everybody else (on facebook) that they got some tweeting to do, group two soon followed and people who claimed to be the third group shuck their head and snarled.

I was part of the second group, and joined about a year or two after it became “popular”. Later twitter has been used by news agencies to fill in secondary comments when there is nothing new to add to the original case. These kinds of news sound like “A guy announced on twitter that he heard the helicopters before Osama Bin Ladin got killed“, “Girl wrote something mind blowing after the massacre on twitter“, “The child announced his death on twitter before his father bludgeoned him to death” etc.

Oh, twitter is brilliant… if you are a retarded hipster or old guy wanting to be hip. No one with half a mind would use this BS forum, and I know because I have been using it for a year and now I only got half a mind! The brain scan show a black cavity where the other part of the brain should be. The doctors is amazed and frightened by this findings. They tried to warn people on twitter, but it wasn´t retweeted alot and they just got alot of unfollows.

But seriously…

I do not know why it is, but it happens time and again that media, and people in the media announces that some kind of new technology will change everything and then do follow ups where the show the many way in which they do. If you want my dollars worth I would guess it´s because of our secular times. If you read between the lines you can probably read something like “Wow, look at this shiny new thing. It can do all kinds of stuff. Who needs a God, answers to the deep, troublesome existential questions or real human emotion when you got SHINY NEW STUFF!!!

Which lead me to the conclusion: the internet is nothing more than another place to be ignored! But I have already said that, but I will add that Twitter is no exception. I mean sometimes… Sometimes I feel like twitter is a place that nobody #understands, but people use to #pretend #they #do.

Blog 2.0 - Needs more hype to get off the ground. Tweet about it and post it on facebook! DO IT! Write articles about how ´´BLOG 2.0 will revolutionize the blog-o-sphere!´´. Sounds SEXY!

Goin down hill to South Park

19 Oct

“Gah! South Park SUCKS NOW! I’m watching Family Guy instead!”

                  -Retarded teen with no sense of anything.


    Lot’s of know-it-all teens and besserwissers of all ages have made the following conclusion: South Park is not as good as it was. Is that true? Has the quality of South Park declined? I think people who say that has a bad memory. South Park has always sucked! That was the point!

    Aesthetic of crap

    Matt Stone and Trey Parker has worked together along time. Before making the show South Park they made Cannibal the Musical and Orgazmo, and later the made South Park; Bigger, Longer, Uncut and Team America. All of those movies has one thing (well, many things) in common; an aesthetic of crap.

    Cannibal the musical has realistic head shots but when it comes to beard make-up there must have been some budget issues.

    Cannibal the Musical was a low-budget, independent student-film so the crappyness of that movie was natural but also intended. Orgazmo (also an independent film) had a bigger budget (I guess, I haven’t done any research on this) but still kept a crappy aesthetic this time imitating porn movie style both in scenes, sound, actor quality and filming. Team America is a high-budget picture with marionettes as characters with clear strings attached to the dolls and action sequences that would ruin the joke if described. And South Park is an animated series that is basically suppose to look like cut-out paper even when done in sophisticated computers.

    (the point comes below the video)

    The point is: the creators of South Park has always had an iconographic use of low-budget, bad effect and style so to criticize them for “being bad” is like criticizing polar bears for being white (and that’s racism!)

    But I am missing the point, aren’t I?

    Because it isn’t quality the style of the show that people say has declined (unlike the Simpsons which also has gotten poorer animation) but the content. The jokes are not as funny any more, is it? They are getting old!

    Well I don’t agree. South Park was never a laugh a minute kind of show (unlike Family Guy that was always has been a fart a minute) but has been a show about wholeness. We laughed more about the idea that Kenny dies in every show more than how he died in every show. It was the “where are they going with this” that kept us smiling, knowing that South Park always has a point. Except when Towlie or Terrence and Phillip is involved of course, because then the only point is to piss us off.

    And we have to remember that the very first show of South Park was about a boy who had a huge satellite-dish in his ass because of aliens. So on the surface South Park never started out that brilliant either.

    “But it has become way to political!”

    So maybe you miss the good old days when Kenny was killed by a bull or by lighting his farts on fire or run over by cows or trains? Perhaps you miss the times when Mr. Hankey gave the children poo-hugs with run off? It may bug you that the rate of incest jokes has declined on South Park when Family Guy proportionally is increasing them? And when every other animated show on tv has imitated Family Guy’s joke-cut-joke-cut-joke pace why can’t South Park also desensitise us with cultural references? Because South Park has never been a nihilistic nonsensical show about SHIT.

    (more to cum after Orgazmo trailer)

    You see, you could learn something today.

    Family Guy sucks! And other than that South Park does not. It still got a pair! When that fucking cowardly creator of Family Guy pees in his pants by Muslims South Park gives Muslims a respectful FUCK YOU. While Seth McOward (Yeah, you read me! It’s sic, bitch!) is satisfied with making fun of humble Christians, South Park says “We make fun of everybody!”. While Family Guy tries to be provocative for cheep laughs, South Park really is provocative, stimulating and funny.

    (this entry continuous after the embarrassing cringing of Seth McFarliane (or whatever, fuck you!) )

    To be honest with you to even compare Family Guy (an insult to the mind only) with South Park is an embarrassment and I am sorry. South Park is in another league and even if it was true that it’s quality has declined is would never (please God!) stoop to those low-brow levels.

    South Park was and is brilliant because it combines a crappy aesthetic with a sharp satirical wit and that makes is dangerously funny where other shows are just dangerously retarded (do’h!). Where other shows are just for numbing laughs, South Park wants to stimulate you as well as entertain you. It want’s you to learn something. It wants you to understand that there is no such thing as Ass Burgers. It would be cruel to name a social development decease that! It wants to make fun of everything and by doing that also shows everything a certain respect. While everything else is rated Arrg for pirate! FUCK YOU!

    South Park may be mentioned:)

    I made this when Kenny still died (man, I am old!)

    Blog 2.0 - Respect my Authority

Iraq and a hard place.

11 Sep

Dilemmas and an implicit ultimatum.
In case you haven´t noticed there is a war of words going on in Europe about how Europe is going to be in the future. This war is also known as a culture war between right vs left, theism vs atheism and the intellectual and the ignoramus. This isn´t new, it has been going on since the beginning of civilized society.

But something has changed: It getting polarized. And a new addition to western cultural has emerged; Islam.

The way I see it there are three outcome of the millennial culture wars of the western civilization.

1) An atheist/secular culture
2) christian culture

3) Islamic culture.

And since I like to be a head of the curve I have started to prepare myself for the choices I have to make. First I need to make a list of which kind of society/culture I want to live in.

The future or just a mass-psychotic nightmare? Perhaps it´s a utopia?

I want to live in a (relaxed) christian society first, then a secular sterile one and NEVER EVER do I want to live in an Islamic culture.

So now comes that hard part. I have to choose my allies in the culture war. Which of the two other choices is closest to my values. And here lays the dilemma.

Although I rather want to live in a secular world, I am closer to Islam when it comes to my metaphysical perspectives. So who should I alley myself with? Should I try to make my culture less godless with the Muslims, or should I fight against all the evils of Islam with the atheists? And do any of the other groups want to fight with me or do they want to join forces and “kill” of the Christians?

As of now, there are atheist who believe they can have the cake and eat it to [1]. They believe they can use Islam as an excuse to de-Christianize Europe and then have the Muslims leave quietly through the door when Europe have finally killed of the “hypocritical evil christian conservatives” who´s only wish is to rain on the gay parade and pro-choice movements. By the looks of it Christianity is soon out, because of their weakness in saying what they should say. Christians wants to be liked by people and be open minded. Being like that makes it easier to pick on them, ridicule them and finally ignore them.

There are two kinds of Christians 1) The evil Christians who say everybody is going to hell and 2) the boring Christians who will not make any statements whatsoever. The Christians need to make a hybrid. Someone tolerant (nothing wrong with that) who still are bold enough to say “Porn, decadence, promiscuity and other liberal values are not apart of our morality.

Here are two videos as an afterthought:

(This video shows a Muslim converting a non-Muslim, probably agnostic, Utøya survivor to Islam.)


But just in case I should experience ultimate defeat by Islam I practice my Shahada.

“لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول ال”

So I hopefully can survive long enough to see the first once against the wall, and those of course are the freethinkers. The group that I blame for the cultural chaos we are experiencing in the first place.

Then I will state my opinion loudly:

I hope I would have been that brave.

Blog 2.0 - No, I am not an islamophobe. I find their religion ugly and their culture disgusting but I do not fear them!

Top 10 favorite movies…

27 Aug

… in no particular order. I will also try to find a scene that makes this movie stand out, although this was not the only reason why that movie entered my list.

#10 Requiem for a Dream:
“What´s the big deal about the red dress?”

This scene really show great acting and also perhaps says more about life than most movies does in their entire screen time.

#9 The Exorcist:
“What An Excellent Day For An Exorcism”

I think this scene really is great. The foreshadowing of the ending, the supernatural event that the doubter needed another take on and how the demon plays with the priest while the priest believes he is playing with Regan. Great scene.

#8 Dr. Strangelove – Or how I…
“You´re gonna have to answer to the coca-cola company”

The world is going to hell, but it still is important to follow procedures every step of the way.

#7) American Beauty

This scene reminds me off the real troubles in society.

#6) Alien
“You admire it.”
“I admire it´s purity. A survivor. Unclouded by conscience, remorse or delusions of morality.”

The views of the logical robot.

#5) Chinatown
“No. Why does it bother you to talk about it?”
“It botheres everybody that works there.”
“Chinatown. Everybody. To me, it was just bad luck.”
“You can´t always tell what´s going on.”

It´s Chinatown!

#4) Clockwork Orange

#3) The Shining

“Come play with us Danny”

Twins are scary, and even more scary when they are ghosts.

Fun Fact update 12th September: They aren´t twins. They are suppose to be 8 and 10.

#2) 2001 – A space odyssey
“I´m afraid.”

The monotones of it all, that´s what´s great.

#1) Who´s afraid of Virgina Woolf?

“I wouldn´t be surprised if you did take over the history department one day.”

SUBTEXT! SUBTEXT! SUB *Bleeping* TEXT! In this scene some keywords could be: innuendo, bulimia, love/hate, age, failure, passive aggression and alcoholism.

Blog 2.0 - Great movies are more about story not effects. Remember that... cuz no one else does.

A very special Christmas rant; Part 2 – Johnny gets caught stealing his present for mom.

15 Dec

A very special Christmas rant -10, I haven´t aged a bit!

Soo… It´s Christmas soon again and what is there not to complain about?

Here is the top 10 things to ruin a perfect hollyday in case you lack the imagination to find something to complain about yourselfs.

1) Some relative is coming to visit that I do not care for one bit.
2) Christmas should be called X-mas since Jesus was not born in December (if he even was born)
3) It should not be called Hollyday, but pagenday, in respect to atheist who also buy presents to each other.
4) Christ(x)mas have become way to commercial. Where is the family? Where is the love?
5) I haven´t got the time to buy presents to everyone. I have just to many friends to consider. And is it just me or is Christmas coming earlier each year?
6) I wish we all could skip Christmas this year since I lost someone dear to me.
7) To many are conformist and traditions are for idiots. I celebrate X-mas in my own special way, because I am original.
8 ) People become crazy before this hollyday.
9) Let´s not give each other presents this year. Instead I will buy a goat in your name to a country I can´t pronounce. People are so selfish!
10) To many are complaining about Christmas!

Merry Christmas, X-mas, or winter solstice. Celebrate it anyway you will, but odds are there will be complaints.

Blog 2.0 - Celebrates Christmas by firing up the electric oven. I will not freeze to death during Christmas.

And now a carol that everyone can enjoy!

What sort of games do I like? (Mr. Negativ goes Posetiv)

18 Nov

Dear Internet,
I have written some blog entries about the problems in video games that really annoys me. How I hate games that are about button hitting, and games where the solutions seem very narrow and/or strange. New examples could be the needs for keys in shoot´em ups. Why can´t I just blast a hole in the wall? But in this entry I would like to be postive for a change and write about some games I like and why. These games have the AndyAce83 approval. An approval of quality.

The AndyAce83 approval. An approval of quality!

Resident Evil 0-3
I like adventure games, especially when the games have an interesting story. But my favorite genre is the action-adventure sub-genera Survival Horror. The cream of the crop is the four main story installments of the original Resident Evil franchise. When I was young I remember people talking about the original Resident Evil game for PS. How they got frightened when the dogs jumped in the window. Later when I played the Resident Evil remake for Game Cube, I could not agree more. The first RE game, and the following 2,3 and 0 have a great story (although very vague) that creates a great ambiance and game feel. If you like killing zombies, but want less killing more surviving, the first RE games are my clear recommendation. Other games like Dead Rising, Left for Dead and Dead Space have made the game more about killing than surviving. It´s about the quantity of gore. In the RE games it´s about saving your bullets and using your wits.

Wesker, what´s he up to? Oh, he´d planning a quick fix world domination plot in about ten years.

Resident Evil 4
RE4 was the last game of the Resident Evil series I enjoyed wholeheartedly. I have played RE5 to, but the story felt forcefully ended and the plot seemed absurd. The cool background villain of Wesker´s final plot was revealed only to have it about some James Bond like world domination. In RE4 there is a reboot in game play, setting and plot but not so much as it seems unrelated to the previous games. RE4, if not counting RE5´s stupid explanations, would create a exiting and strange expansion to the Resident evil world. It´s more about killing “zombies” in this game than the previous titles, but it still has a lot of the RE feel.

Monkey Island 1-3
A monkey for a wrench? A MONKEY FOR A WRENCH!!!!” . Yes, the solutions to many of the puzzles in the Monkey Island games are idiotic. Idiotic funny that is. I like the first three games of Monkey Island, where my favorite is the third one. I know there are alot of Monkey Island fans out there who think that only the two first one is really good, but I enjoyed the new animation and feel of the last one as well. And the Money Island theme in the third one is my favorite interpretation of the music.

I am the best Daddy. The little siste told me so.

Bioshock 1 &2
Andrew Ryan=Ayn Rand. Get it? I seldom brag about being clever, as that is an annoying trait, but when I realized (on my own) that Rapture worked as a statement of the pure objectivism of the real philosopher Ayn Rand I really felt clever. The game is not just clever in it´s plot theme, but they really made an entire believable world in this game that I love. When I returned to Rapture in the sequel the world was just as exciting to me. Yes, “been there, done that” etc. but the second game had enough new material and theme to make it just as exciting as the first.

Speaking of feeling clever, sometimes games give me that feel. I bought the game Killer7 because of the Capcom logo on the cover. I have always have faith in Capcom. The people who made Street Fighter, Resident Evil and Mega Man (also Devil may Cry and Dead Rising. but I don´t care for them) where therefor a sign of quality. I was not disappointed. The game play was not all that, but placed together with an artsy story, style and plot it came together to create a feel that blew my mind. BUT the really, really real reason why I enjoy this game was a little subtle reference throughout the game. The constantly referred to my favorite band THE SMITHS. It took me a while before I noticed it. But then I thought… “What the hell?” and then “HELL YEAH!” followed by goosebumps. I like it when people share my convictions. If you want to give me an easy thrill, give me a reference to the Smiths. I am a sucker that way;)

´´JUMP! JUMP DAMN YOU!´´ A Mario Mario picture I made inspired by the original game graphic, not the manga like new editions;)

Super Mario Bros 1-3
If I want a game of button hitting, I often go old school. The three first games of Super Mario Bros are great. They really are.

Mega Man
If I want more button hitting I go for the little robot in blue. The music alone makes these games great, but add crazy scientist and cute graphic then you got the masterpiece that is Mega Man. I do not enjoy the Mega Man X series though!

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