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What if the workers at Xbox One were a part of the apprentice (TV-show)?

17 Feb

I just can´t help but think how many dumb people there are at Microsoft right now. Especially in the Xbox One part of the company. They have done everything in their power to make that console as unappetizing as possible. Now I read that PS4 has beaten Xbone in most markets across the world. The reasons are many and all of them are due to Microsofts BAD business plans. I just would have loved to see a The Apprentice show with the numb nuts at Xbox One. Have Donald Trump fire one after another because of the constant stupid ideas thye put out.

Donald: “So you decided to not make Xbox One compatible with previous gen?
Apprentice#1: “Yes, we were planing on re-released xbox 360 games for xbox one for full price!
Donald: “You are fired

Donald: “So you have decided to not release Xbox One in one of the riches countries in the world? (Norway)”
Apprentice#2: “Yes, we have no idea why, but it will be on sale there 4 months after the rest of the world
Donald “You are fired!

Donald: “So instead of removing the kinect (that no one wants) from the “cheaper version” of Xbone you have decided to instead remove the disc drive? Why?
apperntice #3: “Yes, we want players to be at the mercy of Xbox Marked Place as we then can force them to buy games for up to 30$ more than in stores. We think that will bring players back to our consoll!”
Donald: “You are fired

and many more exciting reasons to fire people. You may have some of your own. Feel free to share 😉

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