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A very special Christmas rant; Part 2 – Johnny gets caught stealing his present for mom.

15 Dec

A very special Christmas rant -10, I haven´t aged a bit!

Soo… It´s Christmas soon again and what is there not to complain about?

Here is the top 10 things to ruin a perfect hollyday in case you lack the imagination to find something to complain about yourselfs.

1) Some relative is coming to visit that I do not care for one bit.
2) Christmas should be called X-mas since Jesus was not born in December (if he even was born)
3) It should not be called Hollyday, but pagenday, in respect to atheist who also buy presents to each other.
4) Christ(x)mas have become way to commercial. Where is the family? Where is the love?
5) I haven´t got the time to buy presents to everyone. I have just to many friends to consider. And is it just me or is Christmas coming earlier each year?
6) I wish we all could skip Christmas this year since I lost someone dear to me.
7) To many are conformist and traditions are for idiots. I celebrate X-mas in my own special way, because I am original.
8 ) People become crazy before this hollyday.
9) Let´s not give each other presents this year. Instead I will buy a goat in your name to a country I can´t pronounce. People are so selfish!
10) To many are complaining about Christmas!

Merry Christmas, X-mas, or winter solstice. Celebrate it anyway you will, but odds are there will be complaints.

Blog 2.0 - Celebrates Christmas by firing up the electric oven. I will not freeze to death during Christmas.

And now a carol that everyone can enjoy!