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Ubi-suck! Censoring South Park Stick of Truth in Europe

7 Mar

I fucking hate Ubisoft! I am sorry that I swore but I do. For a long time I just disdained them. All their games were boring and I was glad I didn’t buy any of them. With the exception of FarCry 3 most games with the Ubisoft icon was boring and brain dead. Assassins Creed was one example, FarCry 1 was another, Tom Clancy games are always stupefying, Rayman I have never played and never will. Point being, if I can avoid that logo, I will, but now I couldn’t as they have grabbed their clutches on Obsediant´s game South Park Stick of Truth and I love South Park.

So what can we expect from this horrible game company that is probably worse than EA in most regards? Well, they decided to censure South Park Stick of Truth in Europe. What the… sorry I have to swear again… FUCK?!?!

Some idiot wrote the following on Ubisofts facebook page:

“Hey Ubisoft –

Why did you censor Stick of Truth in Europe but not in the US? It’s the US that’s a fundamentalist pit, not Europe!”

Apart from his ignorance when it comes to American freedom of expression he does have a point. That Europe is suppose to be just as open minded (not that we are).

Although I was surprise to see that not more people was angry at Ubisoft´s overstep the angry comments on their facebook page usually spawned the following reply

the PC version of the game is available without cuts, the console version has been altered slightly. Be aware however that it is just a few scenes on the console version that are shown as images and text instead of animation – it wont hinder your experience.

So many more questions stir at such a comment. Why is the PC version uncut? Why do Ubisoft need to point out that the PC version is uncut? Why is the console version censured? What is the difference between a PC platform and a console platform when it comes to content?

As I have understood it, cutting the European Xbox/PS3 version of Stick of Truth was entirely a Ubisoft initiative. There were no European demand for cutting the games content. Germany have banned the game in its entity, but not because of what was cut. And PEGI (Pan-European Game Information) has rated the game 18, but after that issued no complaints about the game. The game is still rated 18, but many mini-games in the game has been removed. And yes, Ubisoft! It does hinder the experience. Most (dare I say ALL?) censure does!

I have now played about halfway trough the game Stick of Truth. And I have experienced the ban and its horrible. I would be dramatical if I said it ruined the game and it wouldn’t be true. The censured parts ruin the game like a scratch in a cd ruins a song. You can hear the song, and enjoy it, but every time it skips it takes you out of it. The same goes for Stick of Truth. All of the parts intact are GREAT! I love it. But when I arrive at the cut parts I am instantly dragged out of my enjoyment and get a feeling of void.

I feel a void cuz for an instant I feel like I am 10 years old again, in school, being punished for trying to live my life the way I want it. When a child grows up it has to learn to adapt to people in their environment and for good and bad teachers forces that upon you in school. But as a child you dream of becoming an adult so you can do what you want. You can watch the movies you want to watch, listen to the music you want, drink and eat what you want. In short: To be free. Every time I see those cuts in the game I am reminded how little freedom I really have. I have ranted to Ubisoft on Twitter, on Facebook and now on my blog and they refuse to apply to my demand: To give europeans full access to the games content trough DLC. I know that, but I think its important to at least try to get that awful company to remove that horrible, fully voluntary censorship.

So the question I usually get when I am on my little crusades for freedom is: Why is this a big deal? Why does it matter? Why do you care? Which proves that there are stupid questions in the world. But here I will answer it anyway.

It doesn’t matter! No single act of censorship, book burning or even mass-murder matter in the greater scheme of things. You could just plug out of this world entirely if you like and just flow on the stale sea of apathy.

I care cuz of two things: 1) I love South Park and 2) I hate censorship. If this was a family Guy game I probably wouldn’t care. Let the fans of that franchise handle that battle (although I doubt the would).

I have been looking forward for this game since the day it was announced and been waiting over a year I think. Then suddenly Ubisoft gets a vision or whatever was the reason that they should remove content… Just because?

Fuck Ubisuck!

Blog 2.0 -Fuck Ubisuck! And fuck censorship!!

Blog 2.0 – Fuck Ubisuck! And fuck censorship!

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