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Lets Play Umbrella Corps – Is it as bad as they say?

26 Jul

So I am playing Umbrella Corps… Is it as bad as they say?

Here is episode 1:

Here is episode 2:


Here is episode 3:



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Why I hate PC gaming Part 4: Why Console and Capcom is tha bezt!

27 Jan

In part 4 I play console and brag it up into the clouds.





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Lets Play Resident Evil REmake part 9, 10 & 11.

12 Oct


Made a looong let´s play of Resident Evil Remake. This is part 9 through 11. Its great.

Part 9.

Part 10.

Part 11.

Blog 2.0 -  So great it has to go unnoticed.

Blog 2.0 – So great it has to go unnoticed.

Why I hate PC gaming part 3 – Steam Edition

17 Jul


Steam. I have an account. I bought Dead Rising off the Record. Guess what? It didnt work. I made a youtube rant about it. Big deal. Wanna fight about it?


I also made a third part where I play the same game on console. You can watch it on youtube… or wait until I repost it here on my blogg.

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Lets Play Resident Evil REmake part 05 – 08

13 Jun


This is part 05 through 08.

In part 5 we open more doors

In part 6 we do a fashion show and we make it really gay. Also if you are really observant I make fun of people who hate Resident evil 6.

In part 7 we make fun of people who talk about trigger warnings. Also I rape joke that I can not remember what was about. And we study Jill as a graphical model. Not really.


In part 8 we sell out by giving advertisement for products. Although we do not make any money out of it, it stills feel like selling out.


Blog 2.0 - All things keep getting better.

Blog 2.0 – All things keep getting better.

Let´s Play Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles part 02: “Sarkeesian would be soo proud”

13 Apr


Time to fill up my blog again with another youtube video I made many moons ago. This time its Let´s Play Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles part 02: “Sarkeesian would be soo proud”.

Now the reasons for the title are two. One, its a reference to something I say in the video when I am being faux PC about some feminist stuff, and two, refer to a woman many people are interested in (pait clicking).

I am not. Not really. I don´t hate her (although I did say I did in Anita Sarkeesian – Is making me misogynistic… more so, but mostly for comedic purposes) but I do see her as a danger for freedom of expression. But although she is more powerful (or atleast her -ism is) than people say she is I am now only observing her. Praying she will go away soon. Outlook not so good.

Anyway, the video is me and Doctor Dee who play Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles and talk about stuff.

So yeah… Here is the video —>

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Blog 2.0 – Because, ehm…

Let´s Play Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles– Part 1; “QTE and Me”

4 Mar

Sooo about a year ago I posted this video on my youtube channel —->


It was the first video (I think) where I used my new “branding logo” Ace Video. According to some people branding is important. I just did it cuz I love bad VHS graphics. It gives me nostalgia. Also I think it shows the level of quality in my videos.

In this video I said I was going to make many many more Resident Evil let´s plays. The reason, not stated in the video, is that I am the biggest Resident Evil fan that does not cos-play or make hentai pictures. That being said I do have some Resident Evil related t-shirts. I sometimes feel like a cos-player when I walk around with those.

Anyway… I kept my promise. As of now I made an entire let´s play of Resident Evil Remake for Game Cube and some Umbrella Chronicles videos. God, I love Resident Evil. Its the best game franchise ever. I love them all.

Here is my first video, Let´s Play Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles— Part 1; “QTE and Me”, that I made after I posted the video above. I have with me Doctor Dee. A guy as crazy as me. Just in a different way.

We talk about Quick Time Events. I don´t understand why people hate that so much. If not over used and preferably not have instakill value its just a test of reaction and also makes cutscenes more interesting.


I am writing this blog entry to kill some time while waiting for episode 2 of Resident Evil Revelation 2 to download. Whooo… Barry is back!!!

I´ve seen some people post let´s plays of that game (Resident Evil Revelation 2) already on youtube. That is not how I roll. I try to be behind the cure. Make let´s plays of old games. Not to ride the wave of hype. It feels parasitical at times. Its so obvious that they post them cuz they want hits since the game is new.

I guess that is one of the many, many, many reasons why my channel is not as big as some other guys.

Don´t quit your day job, Andy!“.

I won´t.

Blog 2.0 -  Change weapon time.

Blog 2.0 – Change weapon time.

Let´s Play Resident Evil Revelation – Let´s try to kill the T-Abyss Tyrant

7 Jun

Shot trough the heart!

Will I win over the T-Abyss Tyrant or will I fail for the 6th, 7th, 10th time (I cant remember)?


Did u nø that I am the biggest Resident Evil fan who do not cos-play or make hentai picz? True that! Although resantly I may have experimentet a littble bit int he cos-play area. Dont tell dad!

Blog 2.0 -Did u nø?

Blog 2.0 -Did u nø?

Let´s Play Resident Evil 5 Versus (with raging)

7 Feb


I made a video series I call “Let´s play games AndyAce83 hates” where I play games that pisses me off and so I hate. Resident Evil 5 Versus is a game that pisses me off a lot, but still I don´t hate it. Why is that?

Well, I can not hate a game that I keep on playing, don´t you agree? And that is the main difference between Versus mode in RE5 and the games in that other series of mine. Where as Condemned, L4D2 and future shows in the series is games that I rarely play and have no interest in trying anymore RE5 and Versus mode is something I return to ever so often.

There are two kinds of game raging. Game raging because you suck at a game or get “pawned” a lot and games you rage on cuz the game sucks. Some of the games that I hate don´t even make me angry when playing, they just make me drowsy, sleepy and perhaps even slightly depressed as I feel like I am wasting my life on them.

I suck at RE5 Versus, but also the gameplay kind of sucks at times, but in the end I do like it as the I know that the reason I fail so much is mainly cuz I suck at it, not because the game itself sucks.

So here is my Let´s Play Resident Evil 5 Versus (with raging) . Enjoy.

Blog 2.0 3D - Happy New Year!

Blog 2.0 3D – COWBELLS and flash grenades

What sort of games do I like? (Mr. Negativ goes Posetiv)

18 Nov

Dear Internet,
I have written some blog entries about the problems in video games that really annoys me. How I hate games that are about button hitting, and games where the solutions seem very narrow and/or strange. New examples could be the needs for keys in shoot´em ups. Why can´t I just blast a hole in the wall? But in this entry I would like to be postive for a change and write about some games I like and why. These games have the AndyAce83 approval. An approval of quality.

The AndyAce83 approval. An approval of quality!

Resident Evil 0-3
I like adventure games, especially when the games have an interesting story. But my favorite genre is the action-adventure sub-genera Survival Horror. The cream of the crop is the four main story installments of the original Resident Evil franchise. When I was young I remember people talking about the original Resident Evil game for PS. How they got frightened when the dogs jumped in the window. Later when I played the Resident Evil remake for Game Cube, I could not agree more. The first RE game, and the following 2,3 and 0 have a great story (although very vague) that creates a great ambiance and game feel. If you like killing zombies, but want less killing more surviving, the first RE games are my clear recommendation. Other games like Dead Rising, Left for Dead and Dead Space have made the game more about killing than surviving. It´s about the quantity of gore. In the RE games it´s about saving your bullets and using your wits.

Wesker, what´s he up to? Oh, he´d planning a quick fix world domination plot in about ten years.

Resident Evil 4
RE4 was the last game of the Resident Evil series I enjoyed wholeheartedly. I have played RE5 to, but the story felt forcefully ended and the plot seemed absurd. The cool background villain of Wesker´s final plot was revealed only to have it about some James Bond like world domination. In RE4 there is a reboot in game play, setting and plot but not so much as it seems unrelated to the previous games. RE4, if not counting RE5´s stupid explanations, would create a exiting and strange expansion to the Resident evil world. It´s more about killing “zombies” in this game than the previous titles, but it still has a lot of the RE feel.

Monkey Island 1-3
A monkey for a wrench? A MONKEY FOR A WRENCH!!!!” . Yes, the solutions to many of the puzzles in the Monkey Island games are idiotic. Idiotic funny that is. I like the first three games of Monkey Island, where my favorite is the third one. I know there are alot of Monkey Island fans out there who think that only the two first one is really good, but I enjoyed the new animation and feel of the last one as well. And the Money Island theme in the third one is my favorite interpretation of the music.

I am the best Daddy. The little siste told me so.

Bioshock 1 &2
Andrew Ryan=Ayn Rand. Get it? I seldom brag about being clever, as that is an annoying trait, but when I realized (on my own) that Rapture worked as a statement of the pure objectivism of the real philosopher Ayn Rand I really felt clever. The game is not just clever in it´s plot theme, but they really made an entire believable world in this game that I love. When I returned to Rapture in the sequel the world was just as exciting to me. Yes, “been there, done that” etc. but the second game had enough new material and theme to make it just as exciting as the first.

Speaking of feeling clever, sometimes games give me that feel. I bought the game Killer7 because of the Capcom logo on the cover. I have always have faith in Capcom. The people who made Street Fighter, Resident Evil and Mega Man (also Devil may Cry and Dead Rising. but I don´t care for them) where therefor a sign of quality. I was not disappointed. The game play was not all that, but placed together with an artsy story, style and plot it came together to create a feel that blew my mind. BUT the really, really real reason why I enjoy this game was a little subtle reference throughout the game. The constantly referred to my favorite band THE SMITHS. It took me a while before I noticed it. But then I thought… “What the hell?” and then “HELL YEAH!” followed by goosebumps. I like it when people share my convictions. If you want to give me an easy thrill, give me a reference to the Smiths. I am a sucker that way;)

´´JUMP! JUMP DAMN YOU!´´ A Mario Mario picture I made inspired by the original game graphic, not the manga like new editions;)

Super Mario Bros 1-3
If I want a game of button hitting, I often go old school. The three first games of Super Mario Bros are great. They really are.

Mega Man
If I want more button hitting I go for the little robot in blue. The music alone makes these games great, but add crazy scientist and cute graphic then you got the masterpiece that is Mega Man. I do not enjoy the Mega Man X series though!

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