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“Hi, jab, jab jab… hijab is great for integration.”

10 Nov


If the western world aren´t suppressing women, gays, other alternative lifestyles, jews, the weak, the strong, the singles, the sexually active, the asexual, blacks, other variations on color, different non western cultures, religion, atheism we are suppressing the integration processes by not allowing certain clothing over others. In Norway, and probably other countries of Europe the discussion is going about how much playing room are we going to give the “non-western traditions” of Hijab, Burqa and Niqāb, As a white Norwegian suppressor (aka man) I should just keep my mouth shut.

Here is my opinion…

It´s not as much suppressive as it´s *bleeping* ugly! I mean look at her. She´s like 20? She looks like an old hag.

The main argument for the non-western fashion statement is that woman chooses to wear these clothing aaaalll by them self from the age of 6 and up. If that is so… fine… no worries. The trouble with the female curtain (aka. hijab) is when it isn´t voluntarily worn and when the walking curtains (not racist, just translational;The Arabic word literally means curtain or cover) demand that European tradition adapt and allow their clothing as part of their uniform (i.e police, judicial robe etc). Sorry friends of Islam… No dice!

If one loves some culture over an other than they should visit, perhaps even move there (hint, hint, hint). This is what I call the alternative to the alternative. By keeping choices clear (i.e “in Norway we don´t disguise our self when we go about”, “in France we talk alot of nonsense and eat baguettes” or “in Iran women don´t look straight at their men“) people are free to choose what they want in their surroundings and few unnecessary conflicts arises.

So feel free to wear hijab in the Iranian or Iraqi police, but in the west that is not apart of the uniform, and hopeful never will… because it´s *bleeping* ugly!

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