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2010 in review (so I don´t have to make a new entry)

2 Jan

I am a man of ambitions and narcissism and so I like to feel important. Sometimes I get a letter from my bank telling me in great letters how my economy is stable and how I should invest in fonds and stock. I also get letters from credit card firms, which I also find flattering (as they think there is money to be stolen). Both letters fall into the bin after skimming, but the point is…

It makes me feel important.

I also got this mail, I re-posted it as it was very flattering;-)

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Blog 2.0 - It´s nice to be important, but it´s more important to be nice. Posse!! You keep the spirit alive!

So the Mondays goes by…

5 Apr

The start of a new week and every possibility lies before thee. This week will be great! I have so many things I can do.

First I can save the rainforest by donating some money.
Then I can save a starving child by sending some money.
Then I can save a person being executed by sending a text message.
Then I can save my country by becoming more involved in politics.
Then I can become more eco-friendly by commuting, buying more organic foods and telling others the joy of commuting and buying organic foods.
Then I can listen to U2 and know that I support a good-doer.
Then I can find the perfect job that is both stimulating and that pays good.
Then I can meet my future in the form of a woman.
Then we can make children together that is both mentally and physically fit to do more good for our great world.
Then I can die knowing I have done some great contributions.
Then I can face the faith of non-existence with ease since I will be living through all the good deeds I have done.

Let’s be honest…
Monday is like every other day.
Nothing special,
nothing great.
Just like death.

So the Mondays goes by…

Blog 2.0 - Just like death.

PS: This was the last of my epic “So the [days] goes by…” blog entries. Yes, it’s been a Tour de Force. If you have missed any of the other great “ [days] that goes by“, you actually didn’t. They are still to be found on my home page:)

PPS: “Then I can face the faith of non-existence with ease since I will be living through all the good deeds I have done” could just as easily be “evil deed I have done“. Hitler lives on doesn’t he? And no one cares about gas-champers-guy #24567 even if he shoved a girl up to the ceiling in a desperate attempt to save her from the poison? The point is not what you did, the most important thing is that it had a great effect.

Let’s do some optimization!

28 Mar

I worked at a place once, then many died, but it was cost efficient. Now you have read everything you needed to know about work optimization.

If you want to know what's good for you, don't question progress. Progress is good. It's all good. You kept your job, didn't you? You still want to keep it, don't you? Then keep your mouth shut.

Still reading? I’ll make a note of that.

We live in 20XX and it is important to be with the progress. No one should ever question progress since all progress is positive. We don’t want to live in a communist country so we have to live in a capitalist one. These are the facts! We all know they’re facts, that’s why they’re facts.

This is a rich guy. Look how hansom he is. You know he has done allot of good for the world. Such innocence. Now he is sad, because taxes are too high and his employers demand to much. Time to OPTIMIZE! You see what he has to do when you behave like that. Do you think he likes firing people? It's you who should have kept your mouth shut. It's your fault! He's soo sorry, but he had to do it, don't you see? If your good, he will be good. It's just that he is so stressed out at work now. Taxes and all! Do you know how hard it is to have a billion dollars in values? It's hard. He is really good. You know that? He won't do it again. He promise. Just don't complain! Keep your fucking mouth shut.

To question capitalism is of course to be a socialist, and as we all know, it’s better to be dead than red. How ironic that soon this may be the case for most workers of the world. Being dead, I mean. (If you can’t appreciate the irony, then you should get back to work you slacker!)

It’s the rule of the world that we have to optimize work-flow every year!

To optimize means to downsize , by delayering to get the “rightsizing” that every firm needs too survive in a competitive world.

Competition is very natural and important. Everything around you are made from competition. It’s what dreams are made of. You have read Ayn Rand, right? No? Not even Machiavelli? By Ford you are naive!

If we didn’t have competition through optimization there would be lower quality in service. Just think when you call costumer support. A painful experience for most as you have to wait for a long time. This is of course because to many are working at that office. By firing the staff it will reduce cost that will give more money to spend on salaries to the more important leaders of the firm that knows how to survive in a cut throat world.

How does this help the consumer?“, you may ask. Nothing!

Are you still confused? You haven’t been to Yale, have you? Ok, let me make it simple.

Optimizing every part of a firm will lead to cost reduction, and cost reduction leads to lower prices. This will not effect the prices of your product or service, but it will perhaps take a longer time before we have to do a price increase. And that’s good isn’t it? And how can we outsource people, that is to rent qualified personnel for short periods without having to pay unnecessary benefits, if we have to many owning a safe job?

Money, money, money. MONEY!

Now a evil bastard cynic (which I am not) could of course just call this optimizing an euphemism for more work for less people on a higher time strain. The stupid commie may even claim that this could be dangerous even fatal in some areas, but we shouldn’t listen to people like that. They aren’t with it, like us. They don’t understand that these are modern times.

To many people means to much chatter, and to much chatter could lead to dangerous amount of laughter or worse that the employers like their jobs. That’s one of the many great benefits of hiring work abroad. The cynic may again claim that this is another form of slavery. That by hiring people with low to no qualification from another country is in some way “amoral”. But it is just to keep the chatter at work at a minimum. You can’t talk to a person who doesn’t understand your language.

The naive idealist may even claim that optimization may lead to work overflow and make the assumption that this could lead to horrible and lethal consequence. We all know that work related accidents comes from too many at a work area, not too few. If a guy get’s hit by a train, it is not because the driver was tired from work pressure and time constraints, it because the guy shouldn’t have been standing in front, or back of the train.

If a patient dies in a hospital from i.e malnutrition, is it because there weren’t enough nurses and doctors there? Yet again, NO, it because there are to many nurses and doctors there and they are all on Facebook, twitter or reading blogs instead of doing their jobs.

Low moral at work is not the employers responsibility. He gives the worker money doesn’t he? And money is all that matters, right? Only an idiot would believe that work could be anything other than work, and only a bigger fool could believe that a better work environment (i.e safer jobs, paid coffee brakes and praise) would raise moral and increase work-flow and productivity.

But the most important part of optimization is to hire youth. Youth is our future and they work for less. Experience is overrated, and the faster a person can be qualified for dangerous jobs the better. We need to reduce the time it takes for person to be ready for work. Cut some corners, and fast! In yesteryear the norm was to make sure that the person was ready to do the work he was about to do. That is nonsense. If the person is alive, then he is ready.

So in conclusion I will say this: Work is work as A is A. Safety is for losers and losers can not lead a company. To say that optimization is an euphemism for dangerous decreases in safety to save a buck is wrong. And to claim that low moral is because the employer doesn’t see the worker but only numbers is to argue on semantics.

Labour is of no importance it's all in stock.


21 Mar

Candy is great. It taste so sweet. I like to eat candy when I watch movies and listen to music.

Candy has a lot of calories. That is not good.

Andy’s Mercury Comments and Blog 2.0 gives two thumbs up for candy.

Nothing new…

9 Mar

Greetings Internet.
nothing new to tell. No new meaning, feeling or perception today. I’ve learned something. I found out the definition of profound on the wiktionary, but that’s pretty much it.

Oh, I read some newspapers. That killed an hour or so.

Well, I hope your day have been more meaningful:)

If not, no worry. When your bored, life will seem longer.

Have a great day either way,

Blog 2.0

Blog 2.0! It makes the day go.

PS: Ain’t my blog the greatest? It’s like a slice of life with a mix of existentialism and a twist of hate. It has a certain hint of surprise (you never know what you are going to get) and it’s soft to the feel with a shiny coating of [something or other.]

PPS: Many of my faithful readers have written to me and asked why I have stopped having a subtitle that refers to a songs lyric. Often they have requested it back with the promise of death if not applied. Sorry, I got tiered of forcing it, and will try to find other ways of using song lyrics in my blog. I just used those lyrics to tell you how I’m feeling. Gotta make you understand. Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down. Never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry. Never gonna say goodbye. Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.

About feminism…

4 Mar

The Castration of Urectum: fresco by Vasari & Cristofano Gherardi

Dear Internet,

so, as many of my faithful readers already know, I’m from Norway and Norway, apart from Sweden (the hell hole of the north) is the country that is most infected with the ideology of feminism. Now every person with half a brain knows that feminism is based on lies and try to keep this movement in check with prayer, crucifixes and holy water. Unfortunately God has left our country to be allied with the Americans during the Gulf war and every other war there after, so our prayers are not heard and feminism keeps raping every institution in our country with disastrous effects.

Now I have to be honest with you, as I’m writing this I am afraid. I am committing thought-crime and I fear for my life. The feminist movement could be knocking on my door at any minute, taking my testicles and leaving me to bleed to death. So I have to be quick! Sweden have always been, to me, the worst case scenario for anything liberal, cultural relativistic and just plain decadent.

By studying Sweden we see the long term effects of feminism, and to anyone with values and standards, it is not a pretty sight. THERE IS NOT ONE MAN LEFT IN SWEDEN. Everyone has become whiny jealous pussies. If you meet a Swedish “man”, his manners, behaviours and interests will show clear signs that he no longer has any balls. The characteristics of what we usually would describe a male homosexual fits perfectly with any of these. Their handshake is weak, their hands often bent like a wounded deer and their bodies tall, slender and effeminate. There’s no hope for Sweden, they are lost but it can be used as a warning to the rest of the world.

An average Swede or a Norwegian gay? Hard to say. Perhaps just a mac user.

What was that? I thought I heard something. A smell of musk, flow and death is in the room and the light seems dim. I think the feminist have gotten the sense of me. The time is of the essence… I have to get to the point quick…


Once upon a time woman where second class citizens. They where forced to be at home, many probably beaten etc. etc. Now, if anything bad befalls women (because they are women) it is the exceptions not the rule and they are seen as equal (but probably different) too men.

The problem is that feminism will not die. What original was a reasonable demand for equality and respect has now become a struggle for defining power of right and wrong of what gender is and should mean creating cultural unbalance and identity crises for a generation.

Feminism is no longer a movement for woman, but a movement for feminism. It’s got a mind of it’s own, and no one seems to be able to control it as it’s running amok in our schools, laws and daily speak (newspeak).

There’s that sound again. Sounds like the extreme loud version of dry crotch being scratched. And the smell of old flow is getting nauseating. I can’t see straight any more. I have dry heaves. One last point and then I have to flee.

You can do what? Castrate males? Of course you can. For the woman I love I would gladly give my manhood, but do you want to take it?

There are many kinds of feminists, not all bad. The really dangerous one is the Scandinavian type, started in Sweden and then slowly grabbing hold of Norway, castrating first the men in power, and moving downwards to schools and private homes. Their agenda is as simple as it is horrible, not to make equality but to create similarity. They want woman to become men, while making men women. This creating a disturbance in the cultural-natural balance.

The effects can be seen in Sweden, but also in Norway. Not only do we behave differently with weak passive males and other culturally disturbing images, but there is also another more scary change. A physical one. You see, nature and culture is not as separate as we want it to be. Yes, nature comes first, but nature can also adapt to culture if certain habits are prolonged for a long period. Examples of this could be: overzealous cleanliness (cultural) leads to asthma (biological), bad eating habits (cultural) leads to diabetes and so fort and so on.

Feminism was once about equality (around the 18th century), but is now about similarity with effect that woman are competing and even combating men in every field. They are also winning, which is great for feminism, but not so great for nature. Historically woman was passive (nurturing) and men was active (hunting) until a steady balance came about that gave food aplenty, households to most and time for thought.

Thinking is bad, I know because I have done it. And when people have it to well they stagnate and start to think about stuff they normally wouldn’t and shouldn’t think about (i.e is there really a God?, Why am I constantly bored? Is nature controlling us, or are we controlling nature?). The thought that came to woman when food was aplenty and households was to most was “why am I bored at home when my husband is at the office?”. Notice how this “problem” was a upper middle class to high society problem. Whores sucking strangers in an ally didn’t worry about equality. They needed to take dick for food, because hunger was their main problem.

''Does Lady Gaga have a penis?'', you may ask.

And so the battle of the sexes started. First about equality (the right to work, the right to once own body and the right to not to get hit, raped etc.) and then later about similarity (women in the garage, women leaders, women athletes, equal pay for equal work and then equal pay for equally worthy work).

Here is the point: Nature is slowly “loosing” to culture and I claim we can see it in the following areas: 1) Growing number of androgynous people, 2) Growing number of homosexuals (including lesbians), 3) Growing feelings of isolation, identity crisis and suicides. I base this claim on the following 1) observation around me and 2) scientific rumours that competitive behaviour releases the male hormone testosterone.

What was that? Oh, my God! They found me! Help! Call amnesty… I being taken to the ministry o

Blog update:

You did not read this blog entry, nor will you refer to it in anyway or we will use this on you!

Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon? (“Well I Wonder”)

25 Feb

To whomever it may concern,

today I talked to a friend about synchronicity and later found it related to what my cousin refers to as Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon. So I searched for the phrase and all I found out was that it was related to synchronicity.

“Baader-Meinhof” but without the “phenomenon” means “The Red Army Faction (German: Rote Armee Fraktion), shortened to RAF and in its early stages commonly known as Baader-Meinhof Group.”

But why is it called “Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon” and not “same song on the radio that you talked to your friend about just before – Phenomenon” (not as catchy I know) or “buzzword phenomenon” or “synchronizing phenomenon”?

So today, too, I experienced something I hope to understand in a few days.

Blog 2.0

Blog 2.0

(Soundtrack to my blog entry)

Mulla Krekar has been shot at. Now what? (“I believe in homicide”)

25 Jan

Dear Internet,

the infamous mulla Krekar was shot at by unknown assailants around 2.00 am. It was a “failure” and only his son in law was hurt according to all the Norwegian newspapers. Now I don’t want to make blogs about currant affairs as it feels more like gossiping than reflection, but here are some thoughts that sprang to my mind as I heard it.

1) “There’s no justice like vigilante justice“.
I have had dreams about doing the same things myself. I have no knowledge about who or why Mr. Krekar was shot at, but if he got shot at by Norwegian civilians than that is another example of how Norway, because of globalization, has become more aggressive and violent. There’s a growing anger in Norwegian society that has no constructive outlet. There’s a “see no evil, hear no evil and laugh about others who claim to see evil” mentality in government and media that slowly builds up a pressure that could be the reason for such an attack. The Krekar problem, that is “knowing a terrible person will not be brought to justice because of idealistic reasons“, have become really inflamed.

As most Norwegians (I guess) I am against the death penalty. I am against it in every instant (be that a child-killer or war criminal) but I do believe in consequences for wrong doings. I just don’t think killing another person will bring balance or justify evil. But with the problem of Krekar our Norwegian ideals has been brought to the surreal. One person should not bring as much trouble as this Krekar has done. Let’s just ship him to the country who wants him and rather send angry letters when he is dead. It is my opinion that sometimes we have to think realistic (“is”) rather than ideally (“should”).

2) Is Norway under siege by Americans?

If so STAY OUT! If there has been American soldiers carrying out a mission on Norwegian soil then you are in big trouble! We will complain and whine you to death. Perhaps you will even get an annoyed official letter from our Prime-minister. TAKE THAT!

3) Drive-bys belong in Compton and is not Norwegian.
Now we all hate Krekar, as we all hate people who kills other people and gets away with it. But is there any real difference between what mr Krekar did at what the assailants did (except, you know, in scope)? If we take the moral argument that “to kill the terrorist and mass-murder Krekar is good” as “he deserves it”, then shouldn’t the persons who did it come forward to receive praise and/or consequence for what they did? If a person believes they are in right to do what they did then they should come forward and take responsibility and if they don’t believe they were in right then they shouldn’t do it (I too can speak ideally (should)).

(I love Radio Broker in GTA IV. It really have my sound and attitude. “It isn’t much of a cultural revolution any more, is it?” No, it isn’t Juliette Lewis. No, it isn’t. But why do all the cool spaced-out kids (you and Beck) belong to that sect… oh, sorry “alternative to psychiatry”?)

Perhaps I should keep it short? (Short Blogs For Short People)

29 Sep

Yeah, I’ll keep it short.

The Craft of Loooove!

The Craft of Loooove!

«Anti-Jewism» (Kings without their crowns)

28 Sep

I like telling stories from my past, they makes me feel experienced. So let me tell you about some of my teenage friends. You see, I had some friends when I was younger, that I rarely talk to now. They were alright friends and we had many interesting conversations and many other things in common. We liked much of the same music, the same movies, and the same youth culture. They started drinking before I did, and every Monday at school, almost like a ritual, stories where shared over the table of what had happened that weekend. The stories where always the same and they contained one or more of the following elements;

  1. they had been drinking,

  2. They had been going to town, and

  3. they had gotten laid and/or been
    in a fight and/or been arrested.

Yes, it was a dull teenage life. The fascinating part of these stories where not that they where in a fight, or that they got laid, or even been arrested. Anyone can do that, but that it was never their fault! Thinking back on those stories, there where never a time where they said that the fight were avoidable, or that it was somehow their fault that something bad happened. The stories where constructed as if they were the unfortunate hero, standing in a bar, minding their own business when
suddenly misfortune struck.

I don’t see myself as a sceptical person, and so I accepted their stories as the truth. To comment on the regularities of their fighting would have been to start a conflict, and nothing good would come out of that. But one day, perhaps the forth time they shared another fighting «Viking» story, or perhaps many years later it dawned on me, how odd it really was that someone could be hated as much as they, without having done anything wrong. I myself, have been out on the town many a time, and can never say I have been in any real fight. There has been some rough housing, some threats and some events involving me being kicked out of a bar or a disco. But I have never been hit, or hurt by anyone, and I have never had to resort to violence either.

This bring me to the problem of anti-Semitism. When we study the history of anti-Semitism, it would seem that the Jews has had the same misfortune as my teenage friends. They have always been hated, they have always ended up with problems, and it has never been their fault. The first historical event that I know of was written in the bible. (Richard Dawking would probably say that it didn’t happen, but I will use it anyway). It is written in Book of Exodus that the Jews had become slaves for a pharaoh in Egypt. Being a slave, to my understanding, is not good. Moses allied himself with God to free the slaves and so the Jews were freed. Then they got into a fight with God. In Book of Numbers «The people murmur against God and are punished by fire» (wikipedia.org) and then there was this long walk in the desert. Also a hard time for the Jews.

And so the story goes on. Jumping forwards to the time of the New Testament, the Jews were oppressed by the Romans. They needed someone like Moses to kick some Roman ass, but they got a hippie instead that preached about tolerance, love and not complaining. This made them angry, and the rest is history.

But it gets worse for the Jews, because although they were oppressed and hated for being Gods people until now, when the Christians got into power they also got killed a lot. When the Jews where living under the Roman Empire they were, until the rebellion in Judea in AD 66, generally protected. But Claudius expelled the Jews "Because the Jews at Rome caused continuous disturbances at the instigation of Chrestus he [Claudius] expelled them from the city" (more wiki knowledge). «During the Middle Ages in Europe there was persecution against Jews in many places, with blood libels, expulsions, forced conversions and massacres» (even more wiki knowledge).

And so the story goes on and on and on and on and on and on. They were hated in the Seventeenth century, the Eighteenth century, the Nineteenth century and of course the Twentieth century were the holocaust was the most famous event. But I could also mention how Martin Luther (the guy who established the Christian protestant church) wrote an entire book on how bad the Jews were in which he called «On the Jews and Their Lies» and then there were the Spanish inquisition who probably didn’t like them either (but I don’t know, I am really getting tired of this history lesson).

In sum, one might say that the Jewish history is a history of persecution, life-threatening events, lies and blood. But what I don’t understand, and the reason for writing this blog entry is to ask the question; WHY? Why is it that these people have been hated so much, and WHY has it been claimed that a new wave of anti-Semitism is growing. Would it be too provocative to not just accept these facts, and be appalled? I am not appalled. In fact I have this growing feeling that tells me I myself are starting to dislike the Jewish people. I am sorry, I know it’s wrong, but sometimes I get so tired of them.

Here are the reasons why I am starting to dislike the Jews.

1)I don’t know any Jews.

All I know of them are rumours and media portrayals. The only relevant image I get of them are through the Israeli conflicts.

2)The word «anti-Semitism».

It might be ironic, but I get a growing anti-Semitic feeling because of the word «anti-Semitic». Why does the jews have their own word for racism? It provokes me, when Jews claim they are experiencing a growing anti-Semitism in the western world. It’s like I get this impression that the Jews are so «special» that when they are hated, they are not just hated because of their race but because of something else. Something unspecified that sets racism towards them apart from anti-islam, or anti-negro or anti-latino or anti-gringo or anti-whatever.

As I said earlier I don’t know any Jews, but when I see them in the media they are either grieving about
the holocaust, demanding rights because of the holocaust or complaining about growing anti-Semitism in the western world. And if anyone, says anything other than positive words toward their action, it is not because they are doing something that might need to be discussed, but because of intolerance and anti-Semitism. It feels like they have a God given right to do anything they want.

An example of this was a little diplomatic occurrence between Norway and Israel. Norway, a
relativly peace loving country, was to take control over «Task Force Holocaust», but according to Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld of Israel, Norway was «a barbaric and unintelligent people», and went further by saying, «Norway has been in front against Israel and show clear signs of Anti-Semitism». Yes, I can feel the love grow, and also we have that annoying word again!

4) The Gaza incident .

Oh, no you don't!

Oh, no you don't!

Although it’s probably a complicated conflict, the Jews did not come out of that well. Especially in Norway, where the media was very clear whose side they were on. It wasn’t anti-Semitic, but it was anti-Israeli.
Although that distinction have become blurred. This dislike towards the Jews that I am experiencing is NOT a violent hatred. I don’t want to harm them, or spit on them or do anything wrong towards them. I just want to plead to the Jewish community to stop being bitchy, to not be so closed to others, and not be such a cliché.

We live in a Politically Correct society (I know that too is also a cliché, but it doesn’t make it a lie) where the victims should never be questioned. If a child is hit by a drunk driver the person who did it should be blamed. There is no question about that. But if the child was walking along in the dark at 23, wearing nothing but black and no reflector, shouldn’t also the parents be to blame? There might be, one may say, a reason for some happening to take place. That the victim could have done something in another way, and not gotten into that particular fight, rape, war, death, accident. But seeing the history of the jews, and how long they have been hated, perhaps they should take a look within them self, and wonder; «Could it be something we have done? Could it be something we have said?». Whatever conclusion they may come up with, it would be a healthy journey for everyone. For as long as they wonder they won’t plunder the Palestines.

In conclusion, I would like to say that if the Jews want me to be on their side, I won’t demand much. All I would see and hear is a culture that thrives and prosper without walking over other peoples right to thrive and prosper. To not complain about something that they perhaps could do something about them selfs and not be such a fucking cliché!


This is a "Don't be a cliché" entry. About individuals in a group working hard to confirm our prejudice.