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How to write an objective review (about games).

11 Nov

Sooo… Jim…quisition.

The fat, leftwing, game critique is at it again. Why do I watch his videos? Oh, yeah, cuz I like to hear others opinion to. That’s right. Oh, and also we have one thing in common. Passion for art (here; games).

Anyway he made a video where he ridiculed people who wanted a “objectivity in reviews“. His video wanted to point out how boring that kind of review would be, not acknowledging that objectivity doesn’t exclude opinion, it just demand honesty and humility to the facts.

Here the video is —->

So… I wanted to educate him on how to make an objective review.

Check your privilege.

A highly left wing phrase calledCheck your privilege” has been stated from many Social Justice Warriors, and has a clear condemning tone towards certain people. Although I sigh with contempt towards the phrase implications, there still is some truth to it. “Check your privilege” could also mean “know thy self” and that is a very important step towards objectivity. If it wasnt such a patronizing statment that says only certain groups should “check that”, no one would disagree with that.

To know oneself, where one has been, and how that has shaped oneself for good or bad most be the cornerstone before one starts to analyses anything. Know what one believes and why. To quote Wilde:

The highest as the lowest form of criticism is a mode of autobiography. Those who find ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being charming. This is a fault. […] All art is at once surface and symbol. Those who go beneath the surface do so at their peril. Those who read the symbol do so at their peril. It is the spectator, and not life, that art really mirrors.

The road to self-insight is a lifelong travel and is not always a nice one but essential to objectivity. Cuz to remove oneself from the judgement means to know what to remove. One knows oneself by reflecting by themselves and reflecting in others. To think and talk with others, preferably not just ones peers.

Soo… Who am I?

AndyAce83 is a private person who still wants to express his opinions in public. His views has gone from left to right over 5-10 years but he has always been a irreligious Christian. Knowing this about myself let’s review a game.

A Review of Bioshock Infinite.

Official_cover_art_for_Bioshock_InfiniteI loved the first game (2007). It blew my mind. I loved the second one (2010), but my mind was unblown. I waited with great anticipation for the third game and my mind was blown, but still I don’t love Bioshock Infinite (2013).

Bioshock Infinite is about a man looking for a girl called Elisabeth in the flying city of Colombia. As the story progresses he has to make allies and enemies and experience betrayal throughout time and space.

The story and the setting of Colombia touches on many themes; Both theological, political and philosophical. Among them are extreme patriotism, Marxism, racism, fundamental Christianity and the chance that our universe may be just one of an infinite amount of others (thus probably the title).

The story is both complex and laughable banal at times and although it has some weak tie ins with the other Bioshock games it feels mostly like a separate story. The graphics has changed from the previous games as it’s more bright with higher focus on violent portrayals on more human enemies. This made the game less enjoyable to me and this is what I gather from other players of the game as well. The extreme focus and details on violence may be intentional though as the story also has a anti-violence message that may work for some, but I found it a bit preachy and out of place sometimes. This anti-violence message gets stronger and stronger throughout the DLCs as well until the final chapter where you can’t even kill anyone and the gameplay goes from action shooter to more stealth based.

The complex themes touched in this game seems to be dealt with in a neutral, almost apathetic fashion where no ideology or philosophy presented are the heroes. This neutral depiction makes the game seem abit directionless at times. If you want a game with a clear message I don’t think this is the game for you.

All in all I enjoyed the game and it’s DLCs but it is my third favorite Bioshock game. The graphics and style of the game is great. The city of Colombia feels like a real city in the sky and the events and characters in the game are facinating enough to keep you playing to the end. The gameplay is more or less like the previous games with weapons and “magical powers” to mix up the battles and keep it interesting. As I’ve said before, the violence in this game can be a bit disturbing at times and this did stump some of the action enjoyment of the game.

All in all I recommend this game for people who like first person action shooters with RPG elements who don’t mind abit of food for thought as well.

Why was this review objective?

Soo… what made this review objective? First off, I was humble. I used words like “probably“, “maybe” and “I think”. This differentiate what I know for a fact (which is very little) and what I think or believe (subjectivity).

I then don’t give too much focus and analysis towards the subject matter of the game (implied meaning) just how much the subject matter enhanced or reduced the games enjoyability for me as a player. I also use other people’s opinion as a reference in my review. A luxury that arguably isn’t so easy for critics of newer games but the point is that wether or not I use others as point of reference I at least try to think what other’s who isn’t like me, think of the game.

Blog 2.0 - The point is not to be 100% objective, is to not be a smug patronizing SJW.

Blog 2.0 – The point is not to be 100% objective, is to not be a smug patronizing SJW.

AndyAce83´s Let´s Play – Episode 06: BioShock 2 Multiplayer – “I Have No Dime For You”

21 Jul

Copyright… Sometimes it seems copy-wrong. I made a video featuring Bing Crosby singing a song from about 1931 called “Brother, can you spare a dime?“. Of course some people got the rights to that song soo… That means I have none. I got this message:

Press the image to get it larger.

Press the image to get it larger.

I disputed on fair use since I: 1) Did not use the entire song, 2) The song is old, 3) The song is a reference to the game, 4) its non commercial.

If you can watch this video then it worked. If not… Some guys just “owns the rights” to a song, written 82 years ago and song by a guy who died 36 years ago.


Now I am not a socialist so I am all for copyright! People should be able to own their own work, but there has to be reasonable limits. Using a song that is 82 years old, must be okay. Especially when it isnt being used in its entirety and the guy who sang it is long dead. The only people who make money of this is guys who buy and re-buy copyrights. In other words A$$HOLES! Copyright, yes. Copywrong, NO!

I also love the irony of the theme of the song and how some people will not “spare me a dime“.

Video Blog 2.0 - "That was fun"

Video Blog 2.0 – “Brother, can you spare a copyright?”

Comparing Bioshock to Bioshock 2 in anticipation of Bioshock “3”

9 Feb


This could be called a continuation of my previous entry called Videogame complainers (a final solution) as it is all about negative Nancies complaining about Bioshock 2.
So it´s a sequel and naturally therefor alot more shitty!

The internet is the land of know-it-alls and a fast google on opinions about Bioshock 2 you will find clever comments like these:

no this game sucks.. I mean if you are gonna be a big daddy and you die faster than a splicer and you have fuel that does out faster than you can kill an enemy that is all bullshit… this game is ass and they worked off of the 1st WAY too much not much difference in gameplay at all and considering

It´s not the same game, that is completely different with that same feel except with a new twist that is like the first one but not like that. It´s just SHIT!"

it just came out.. and I see no one playing it and I know they own it, that is bad


It’s too bad that BioShock 2 exists to dilute the franchise.

but the comment I found that was the ultimate know-it-all was:

1.the story was closed there was no allusion to a sequel no clues, the first game was a complete package begining middle end. this game was made to make money not to expand the universe not to further the story.
2.the multiplayer is total and complete shit, glitches abound new users have no chance against higher level users the weapons are completely unbalanced and one of the keys to winning any engagement if you have any skill is to get the big daddy suit I saw one guy last a total of 3-4 minutes in this suit suffice to say he had about 30+ kills and don’t even get me on the constant freezing it still has and the dlc being on disc.
3.the gameplay is missing elements I loved in the original, hacking to be exact I loved the hacking in the original in this is uninventive and sloppy ooo push a button done.

4.STORY STORY STORY the story is crap let alone the no need for sequel nothing about lamb is compelling to me at all.

I think people are way to hard on Bioshock 2. It is a sequel, it does have some plot elements that should have been foreshadowed in the first to be plausible, but gameplay is improved and I think the bioshock multiplayer story is a brilliant prequel to the Bioshock.

"I am telling all the girls that Bioshock 2 is the best Bioshock"

So why do so many complain about Bioshock 2? I think the answer to that lies far beyond the realms of the underwater city of Rapture, but it can be found inside of us all. The truth is; those who can; do, those who can´t; teach, those who can´t teach; critique, those who can´t critique; rant. Or has the internet have thought me; Haters gonna hate.

I love Bioshock and I love Bioshock 2. I am looking forward to Bioshock 3, or BioShock Infinite as it´s called, but I am somewhat skeptical to the whole idea. I will not get into the specifics of why, as many others have written about that. But I will give it a try, and not complain about it if it´s not to my taste. If the Bioshock franchise moves into a new direction I don´t like I will just play other games, since complaining about it will not make a new game that is closer to my wants.

Blog 2.0 - Adopt or Harvest?

What sort of games do I like? (Mr. Negativ goes Posetiv)

18 Nov

Dear Internet,
I have written some blog entries about the problems in video games that really annoys me. How I hate games that are about button hitting, and games where the solutions seem very narrow and/or strange. New examples could be the needs for keys in shoot´em ups. Why can´t I just blast a hole in the wall? But in this entry I would like to be postive for a change and write about some games I like and why. These games have the AndyAce83 approval. An approval of quality.

The AndyAce83 approval. An approval of quality!

Resident Evil 0-3
I like adventure games, especially when the games have an interesting story. But my favorite genre is the action-adventure sub-genera Survival Horror. The cream of the crop is the four main story installments of the original Resident Evil franchise. When I was young I remember people talking about the original Resident Evil game for PS. How they got frightened when the dogs jumped in the window. Later when I played the Resident Evil remake for Game Cube, I could not agree more. The first RE game, and the following 2,3 and 0 have a great story (although very vague) that creates a great ambiance and game feel. If you like killing zombies, but want less killing more surviving, the first RE games are my clear recommendation. Other games like Dead Rising, Left for Dead and Dead Space have made the game more about killing than surviving. It´s about the quantity of gore. In the RE games it´s about saving your bullets and using your wits.

Wesker, what´s he up to? Oh, he´d planning a quick fix world domination plot in about ten years.

Resident Evil 4
RE4 was the last game of the Resident Evil series I enjoyed wholeheartedly. I have played RE5 to, but the story felt forcefully ended and the plot seemed absurd. The cool background villain of Wesker´s final plot was revealed only to have it about some James Bond like world domination. In RE4 there is a reboot in game play, setting and plot but not so much as it seems unrelated to the previous games. RE4, if not counting RE5´s stupid explanations, would create a exiting and strange expansion to the Resident evil world. It´s more about killing “zombies” in this game than the previous titles, but it still has a lot of the RE feel.

Monkey Island 1-3
A monkey for a wrench? A MONKEY FOR A WRENCH!!!!” . Yes, the solutions to many of the puzzles in the Monkey Island games are idiotic. Idiotic funny that is. I like the first three games of Monkey Island, where my favorite is the third one. I know there are alot of Monkey Island fans out there who think that only the two first one is really good, but I enjoyed the new animation and feel of the last one as well. And the Money Island theme in the third one is my favorite interpretation of the music.

I am the best Daddy. The little siste told me so.

Bioshock 1 &2
Andrew Ryan=Ayn Rand. Get it? I seldom brag about being clever, as that is an annoying trait, but when I realized (on my own) that Rapture worked as a statement of the pure objectivism of the real philosopher Ayn Rand I really felt clever. The game is not just clever in it´s plot theme, but they really made an entire believable world in this game that I love. When I returned to Rapture in the sequel the world was just as exciting to me. Yes, “been there, done that” etc. but the second game had enough new material and theme to make it just as exciting as the first.

Speaking of feeling clever, sometimes games give me that feel. I bought the game Killer7 because of the Capcom logo on the cover. I have always have faith in Capcom. The people who made Street Fighter, Resident Evil and Mega Man (also Devil may Cry and Dead Rising. but I don´t care for them) where therefor a sign of quality. I was not disappointed. The game play was not all that, but placed together with an artsy story, style and plot it came together to create a feel that blew my mind. BUT the really, really real reason why I enjoy this game was a little subtle reference throughout the game. The constantly referred to my favorite band THE SMITHS. It took me a while before I noticed it. But then I thought… “What the hell?” and then “HELL YEAH!” followed by goosebumps. I like it when people share my convictions. If you want to give me an easy thrill, give me a reference to the Smiths. I am a sucker that way;)

´´JUMP! JUMP DAMN YOU!´´ A Mario Mario picture I made inspired by the original game graphic, not the manga like new editions;)

Super Mario Bros 1-3
If I want a game of button hitting, I often go old school. The three first games of Super Mario Bros are great. They really are.

Mega Man
If I want more button hitting I go for the little robot in blue. The music alone makes these games great, but add crazy scientist and cute graphic then you got the masterpiece that is Mega Man. I do not enjoy the Mega Man X series though!

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Two stories about life and logic.

5 Nov

(I dedicate this entry to Penn Jillette. You´re bullshit;)

Sit down, have a cop of coffee and I shall tell you two tales about life and logic.

I once played chess. I didn´t know the strategies, just how to move the pieces. I still don´t know any strategies. Anyway, I was playing chess and the guy I was playing with had just taken my queen (or some other great piece on my board) and it was looking like I was going to fail. So I said “Well I guess I have to do something unexpecting“, and just moved the knight somewhere.
It became quiet, followed by a sudden laugh. “You just check mated me“, my uponant said. “Of course“, I said, trying hard to hide my surprise. Only giving a signal to my friend that I really didn´t know what the hell I was doing.

Beginner’s luck? Of course. Here´s another example.

I was in the army, learning how to kill people. I can now execute charlies with a cheese and a piece of chalk (what is called the Chock-and-cheese manover). There I met a guy who introduced me to Ayn Rand and objectivism (played bioshock? Basically like that. Except the plasmids, Big Daddies and underwater cities). I believe he was an atheist (as most objectivist are) and he had a profound belief in logic, math and that A=A at any time. Searching around the web (this was before Google became the only way to browse the web) he had found the Monty Hall problem and wanted to show me it. In an online “game” there were three doors, and he asked me to choose one of the doors.
Okay” I said, “The one in the middle“.
He clicked the door and another one opened.
Now choose a new door“, he said.
Okay, I take the middle one again“, I said.
No, don´t do that“, he said and then explained the Monty Hall problem; That mathematically blablabla (read the *bliip*ing wiki article).
Okay“, I said”, I pick the middle one again“.
“What?”, the objectivist said. “You can´t do… eh…fine” and then he pressed the middle door and there was the pot of gold.
I won.
But that was not….” he said,
and I said
Yeah, I hope you learned your lesson

Blog 2.0 - Hopes you´ve learned your lesson.