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Let´s Play Duke Nukem Forever

2 Feb

But first… let´s talk a little bit about what a let´s play is. The short answer is: I have no idea what it is. I have done now at least a hundred videos that I call “let´s plays” and I still don´t understand what it is I am really doing.

What I am sure of is that I am creating content for youtube and that content is video recordings of gameplay of certain games while I comment on what I am doing and what ever else falls to mind.

I would be lying if I said “its been a GREAT SUCCESS“. But that is not why I am doing it either. Why am I doing it? To be creative. To create video footage of gameplay is very easy, its the editing afterwards I find most interesting and challenging.

But what is a let´s play? Its a commentary track for a game by someone who (most often) hasnt made the game. When I made the let´s play of Duke Nukem Forever, I had no knowledge of the game apart from the game itself and some wikipedia trivia. I then talk about the games issues both as a game itself and also thematically. “Bad female representation in Games”, I call it. Its very inn now to talk about it.

As most of my let´s play they go on for too long. The internett is made for people with ADD and if you bore someone it quickly becomes TL;DR or TL;DW (DW=didnt watch). But the rebel that I am I make my videos as long as I damn well feel like. Google removed the 10 min video restrictions years ago and I will not go back to that.

But I made a short version of this video as well… To see if it pleases the audience more. As of now I have no data one way or an other to make that claim. Here is the short version —>



Its more of a trailer really and a parody of the “let´s be quick about it” videos we can see on youtube. I always wanted to make a parody of the cut every sentence videos I see on youtube. They are so effing annoying. But then I have to show my butt ugly face and I do not want that.

Anyway… Here is the long version–_>


Which one did you prefer? Write it in the comment section below.

Blog 2.0 3D - I´ve been told that people need to be told to comment.

Blog 2.0 3D – I´ve been told that people need to be told to comment.

Kind of Disappointing – The Amazing Spider-Man (2012 film) review

12 Nov


As I am starting to write my The Amazing Spider-Man (2012 film) movie review I have not yet finished seeing the movie. I started to look at it yesterday, and got so tired I had to stop watching it and go to bed. I could not force myself to watch anymore of what The Amazing Spider-Man slowly turned into; A teen love story, where a shy boy gets randy after being bitten by a radioactive/genetically mutated spider.

Most of the movies from Marvel Studios in the past 6 years have been great as it slowly have turned into an epic continuity called Marvel Cinematic Universe. I thought that this movie would be a part of that continuity. AS it turns out, I was wrong. Instead we have a movie, clearly being sold to teens and teens alone, with a “parants or guardian dont get me“, “I love the pretty chick“, “my awesomeness will get revealed once I get my super powers” clichés that would only please that crowd.

Spiderman has always started out as a kid, and to be honest that was not the troubles with this movie. The problem is that everything is happening too fast (the most common teen-movie cliché) where love interest find each other from the start, their intens love comes from nowhere (although them being teens could explain this), Spider-man/Peter Parker´s constant need to tell everyone who he really is (he takes of his mask to a kid he saves, gets caught by the villain by having named the camera he used to take pictures of the villain, he tells his girlfriend he is Spiderman etc), the endless jokes of Spiderman´s amazing powers (that to me at least seem way stronger than he was in the comics) that also sort of reveals who he is to everyone around.

This is the N´th time Peter Parker takes of his mask. I wonder why? I feel tempted to say its a symptomatic unveiling in an appeal to remove anonymity from state. Just thinking out loud here.

I will now see the end of this movie, to give my final ressults.

Seriously, I do not know why he takes that mask of so much! Its like every other spiderman scene. There is NO REASON for that other than to give the Peter Parker actor more face-screen time. This was never seen in any other spiderman franchise. When the mask was off, it was taken or torn of. Not just to show the teen heartthrob´s smashing pointy hair.

The villain is a good guy turned evil, but the reasons why he turned are never clear. Then stuff just seem to happen like when the villain breaks into a building and this affects the power and lights for some reason. And to be honest; His CG isnt that good. When that is done, he sees a character but does not try to kill that one, but later he kills for no apparent reason.

There are way to many “wouldnt that be cool?” scenes and events that for one thing is not relevant to the story and secondly often isnt belivebal as it would either kill a character, reveal spiderman to the masses or just couldnt happened at all. In the films climax for instance a giant tower falls down (“wouldnt it be cool if Spiderman fell down a tall building with a tower falling after?“) where the reasons is… just because. Some ice from a cloud or something freezes something, I dunno. But its clear we are suppose to be excited about the fall afterwards.

´´Why did you have to die, when everything up until now was so easy? WHY?!´´

You know what a bad movie really is? Its not the bad ones, or the good ones (of course), its those movies you want to love or like but there are just to many small annoyances throughout. The Amazing Spider-Man is like that.The good parts, like great production value, great established univers to enter, fine actors and often good effects are ruined by flat character developments and stupid plot.

I know the comics, so I know the characters, but in this reboot I just dont get the characters. Why did Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy start caring for each other so soon? Is getting fired at a job enough to turn into a villain even if you cant control a mutation? Where are all the future characters that will play important part of Peter Parker´s life? With a good actor to play Oncle Ben (Martin Sheen*) why do I care so much less when this version´s oncle dies than the 2002 version (played by Cliff Robertson)? Why do the villain just stop being a villain after killing other characters without remorse? Do Aunt May know of Peter Parkers identity?

The questions keep piling up until the ending, that suddenly decides to be very gloomy. The ending is greatly done, but it feels sort of forced that Spiderman, that until now takes everything so lightly when he fights giant destructive creatures in public, suddenly just want to stay alone in the rain. It also feels strange that when 5/6 of the movie is about amazing powers where everything is possible, and still one character has to die because of dramatic effect towards the end. That´s annoying.

Conclusion: They say The Amazing Spider-Man is dark, but although it´s darker than the Sam Raimi´s take earlier this millenium, it still is lighthearted and at times kind of dumb. The villain is bland and its unclear wether he is angry or has a spilt personality or what the deal is with him. Pointless stuff happens at random for most of the movie and things happen way too easy and get resolved way easier. This sort of progress makes it just annoying when sad stuff happens cuz it seems so forced and unnecessary. This movie is bland and I think that is sad as much of this movie looks and sounds great. Its the plot, thus the script, that is the problem. Not the acting, effects (although the villain looks kind of dumb) or anything else.

I dont rate movies, but this movie gets an average grade with a minus cuz I love the francise and the possibilites of the Stacy/Parker storyline that was not told in the Raimi movies but if this kind of bland storytelling will be the future of this re-booth then I think I will be less than impressed by the treatment of future events.

But it is kind of funny that the director of this movie is called Webb.
*Perhaps its because we know Martin Sheen is a bad father in real life (just look at Charlie Sheen) so we cant belive he would be a good father figure to Peter Parker? I do not have the answers, just asking those questions.

Haters gonna hate. But is it too much to ask to hate the right stuff?

1 Oct

So I am soon 30 going on 50 years old as I am writing this entry so the subject matter is perhaps a abit out of my demographic. I´ve just watched an episode of a youtube program called “Kids react to…“. Its a simpel show about watching children react to different kinds of trends etc. Not my kind of show, but I saw it non the less. The episode in question is this ->

Kids React To Rebecca Black – My Moment

Its a fascinating video to watch as children show their less innocent side. In fact we get to see them really hating the girl Rebecca Black to the producers off-cam laughs. I wonder… Where does the hate come from? My Moment is not a bad song. Although Friday arguably is a bad song (I find it catchy and funny in a naiv sort of way. A childish song.), but still the hate that it has gotten is beyond rational and reminds me why I am a misanthrope.

I am sorry but yet again I have to bash the “freethinker” movement cuz this hate is clearly secular but still very human. And the hate is real to. What is written online is not “ironic” hate. Its pure hate. Comments under the friday video follows “Oh wait is this even called a song? I feel like vomiting when listen to this. Fucking shit quality”, “Rebecca Black: why haven’t terrorists killed her? Because they need her alive to terrorize America with her ear-bleeding voice XD“, “Bitch Yur Luckyy I Dont Know Yu Ill Fucking Numb Yur Ass And Fucking Torture Yur Ass (: P.S. No One Cares If Its Friday ,Instead Of Singing About It Fucking Kill Yur Self On Friday Then Yu Will Make Everybodys Friday Better 🙂“, “rebecca, kill yourself, plz, no one likes your music you suck” etc. etc. etc. This is not normal… let me rephrase this. This should not be seen as normal!

I know the internett is a harsch place wherehaters gonna hate“, “trolls are gonna troll” and voices of reason should be drowned by “fuck you”-s. But I still should be allowed to say that I hate those who hate just because its fashionable. I am not against hate. Its natural feeling like any other. People should be allowed to hate Christians, Muslims, Black people, White people, women, men, Rebecca Black, Justin Bieber, Bill Maher, Socialist, right wingers, people who swear to much, the haters, the players, the game, atheists etc. Everyone should be allowed to be hated, but… Fashionable hate or “group hate” is just so effing stupid and sickening. Often in this “group hate” people try to overgo each other in being the most vile in the description of the person, group the cum [sic] together to hate.

My Moment is a nice song. It is not the nicest song ever written. Perhaps you think its “too commercial” compared to your avant garde music taste, be that SlipKnot, Madrugada, Morrissey, Bob Dylan, ELO, Björk, AC/DC, Ulver, Panthera or John Lennon, but the song is a decent song. And even if you hated the song Friday for being a badly song, badly written and generally stupid song, you can not say that My Moment is bad for its type of music. People who say this is blinded by hate, just like people get blinded by love.

Its like a ying/yang thing.

Did that make sense to you?

Oh, and in 2012 Rebecca Black is 15 (FIFTHTEEN) years old. Meaning, she is a CHILD. Being treated this cruelly by others should be seen as BULLYING by PC people and they should react to this like any other bullying. With contempt!

Blog 2.0 – Haters gonna hate, and love is all you need, and if you take a chance with me I will watch you burn.

Time flies.

22 Jul



Blog 2.0 – *Sigh*

When the suspension of disbelief becomes disbelief in the suspense. Part 1

8 Apr

There is this magical moment in cinema where a fantastical plot flops because the extreme becomes a steam of you-know-what. You watch a spy investigate an incredible “larger than life” threat and then suddenly jump tall buildings in a single bounce. It´s that moment when the stalker-murderer of a slasher-flick can be in two places at once after being stabbed four times, shot, electrocuted, blown-up, voodoo cursed, drowned in holy-water and put a blaze with napalm. That special event when everybody around you sighs and the guy talking in the cellphone behind you in the theater isn´t bothering anymore because you know they are going to find each other in the end anyway. Today I want to point out some great moments in film when they “jumped the shark” or “nuked the fridge” or “surfed the giant villains wave”. Call it what you want, but it´s that moment in films when the plot got so effing stupid you become angry. “Why”, you ask? Why go back there? To learn the boundaries of the fantastic! To learn the rules of “This far, but no further

Indiana Jones 4 – And the scull of implausibility.

Most intelligent movie goers know that sequels will not be as good as the original, and they are fine with that to. What sequel watchers want, is more of the same, in a slightly different way that is not a mockery of the first movie or the viewers intellect. How hard can that be?

Very hard, it turned out, as most sequels are annoyingly bad. Especially if the sequel was made in CG-times while the original was made before. There are movie directors, producers and other Hollywood hacks who believe that “Just because we can, we should“. If large buildings can explode, it should. If large creatures can walk out the abyss it must, and if there is any doubt show the implausible some more. Since computer graphics can make any character a superhero. then of course every character should. Even those characters that in former movies where established as regular mortals like you and me.

So it is with most George Lucas movies. Somehow George Lucas thought that adding some computer critters in all of his old movies would be great and so all of the “new” Star Wars originals are a pain to watch when all kinds of distracting things are moving around in the back.

It was fourth title in the Indiana Jones franchise, and expectations should have been low, but when people watch a movie they still try to get involved. Especially if they are a fan of the former established characters. Indiana Jones 4 had all of the wrong elements put into one movie. Not only was the plot horrendous and odd, it had so many implausible events and stupid plot-points I do not know why I watched the whole thing. This movie sucked and Indiana Jones sucked in so many ways we could believe it was a North-Korean prostitute. But the moment in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull where George Lucas completely lost me was the infamous “Nuking of the fridge“.

Before that scene I thought “not as good as the other onces, but I guess I can stand it“. I accepted animals behaving like humans, and that Nazis became communists and that there seemed to be aliens not religious artifacts he was chasing. But at that magical event, I lost all interest in what happened. I don´t even remember what happened after that, except some images.

Die another day – Surfing the villains wave.

Die Another Day? You better die another day after watching this filth or l
your life would end on a low note.

The laws of physics is sometimes bent in action movies. To my understanding you can´t stop a bullet with you teeth, jump from one moving car to another or survive great falls by holding on to something at the last minute. We accept that. But sometimes the laws of physics are raped in the ass in movies and that is a bit harder to swallow.

I have been a fan of James Bond since I was a kid. I have seen every movie, from Dr. No (1962) all the way through Die Another Day (2002). But when I saw Die Another Day, I could not stand another one. I have always thought I would see Casino Royale (2006) as it´s a new Bond, and it´s based on Ian Flemming´s (the original James Bond auteur) book by the same name; but somehow, I just can´t. Die Another Day was the movie where James Bond died.

Since the original EON movies Dr. No, James Bond has been an above average lucky man with way too fast cars, advance spy gear and too beautiful women to be real. We all knew that James Bond was a playboy fantasy about men being allowed to be men. It was a dream world where we accepted a lot of exaggeration and implausibilities because James Bond is James Bond. He can do anything. Speak any language, use any gadgets, hard trained to sustain great pains and attacks. He was great with a gun, great with the wine. In short James Bond was great. But he was never super. He may have bent the laws of physics, but he never broke them. There was always a deal that James Bond could die if shot and there was limits to what he could achieve.

In the Roger Moore Bond movie Live and Let Die (1973) there is a couple of silly scenes that´s far fetched. In once scene James Bond uses angry alligators as logs to run on. That is definitely a “jump the alligator” kind of moment, but still it´s also tounge-in-cheek. There is also the movie Moonraker (1979) where James Bond goes to space that also has a couple of stupid scenes. But one could forgive that because it was implausible, but not impossible. It was stupid, but not brain-dead.

In Die Another Day, James Bond got caught in a concentration camp and tortured while the Madonna theme plays. Fine. Very Flemming-ish to be honest. Dark and serious. Gives the promise of a thriller Bond movie more than a action Bond movie. Then Die Another Day had a cameo by Madonna as a fencing instructor (or something). That´s fine. We could pretend it´s not Madonna playing Madonna doing a Madonna thing. We could accepted that James Bond has moved into the post-modern “find the cultural reference“-winks.

Then I forget alot of the plot. I seriously can´t remember much after that, and I will not see that movie again. I remember something about Halle Berry being there and she being unlucky or something. Some feminist movie critic said that “the Halle Berry character was the first Bond girl that could give JB a run for the money” or something nut-cracking like that. There was even rumors of her getting a spin-off series.

Then they went to the antarctic or some other ice place and that´s where Bond died to me. In one scene, a great tidal wave flows towards Bond as he falls down a ledge or something and then he takes a wing from a plane and surf the wave. “Thank you. Good bye”, I thought but saw the movie to the end. When the credits fell, it was the end of my interest for Bond to. Not in the old ones of course, but I never saw a new Bond movie afterwards.

But it had a great Bond song. That´s one of the few things that kept up. The soundtrack is never stale.

(The Sigmund Freud part is kind of stupid though.)

This was part one: In part two I will look at some more of these unbelievable plot points and also force a conclusion at the end, to give us all an illusion of closure.

Blog 2.0 – 2.0 be continued

Something new!

1 Apr


As a running “joke” on AMC I, AndyAce83, made exaggerated claims of my Blog 2.0´s success. To pretend that people wrote inn, gave a shait [sic] about what I wrote and that me as a writer was getting powerful. Now, as it turns out, people are actually reading my blog. I get over 50 readers a day.


Now you are probably a spoilsport and have to point out that 50 readers a day is “not all that and a hooker with an eight ball“. You know that Justen Bever and Lady Gaga gets tones more hits, readers and likes then Blog 2.0 gets. That my “great plans” for this blog didn´t actually revolutionize the blog-o-sphere as announced. And you are right. Spoilsports always are.

Blog 2.0 - Still waiting to light that fuse!

Some jokes about Religions.

28 Feb

*knock, knock*
Who´s there?
Some atheist who wants to share the love of our self with you.
Go away you damn dirty apes!

Two atheist crosses the road, and one of them got hit by a car with a BIG BANG. When the police came the other atheist then said: “Well, it just happened“.

How many atheist does it take to screw in a light bulb?

-None. They make the Christian do it and claim they could have done just as well, even though no God forced them to do it.

How many Christians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
-One. But he ONLY does it to get to heaven (that evil CHRISTIAN!!!)

How many angry Muslims does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
-I dare not answer that.

How many angry Muslims does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
-None, they make the Kafir do it as they are buissy doing this:

Blog 2.0 - Have you heard the one about the atheist who defined himself as nonexistent?

PS: I made all of those jokes myself. Pretty good ah? I should be a comedian, if it wasn’t´for the fact I have too few cultural references in my joke. It isn´t funny unless it references some cool sci-fi movie like star wars or star trek.

AndyAce83 – Atheist Slayer! or; “the song of Dilt4; the nerd who believed he could!

21 Feb

After another glorious victory online I call myself theAtheistSlayer now. “Fighting patronizing smugness wherever it is found“. But you can still call me AndyAce83 if you like.

I now give you the epic struggle that made AndyAce83 into the atheist slayer of the know-it-alls. It went as follows.

Chapter one: The Battle Cry of the Blasphemer of Hitchens

TheAtheistSlayer went online to fight the cult of Hitchens and went straight to youtube where rumor had it that the some of the biggest smartypants lair was to be found. He found a big nest under the video Christopher Hitchens on the Tea Party and started the exorcism of the legion by exclaiming:

Fun Fact: Christopher Hitchens is a socialist who believes 1984 is about religion. Also he is dead. So I don´t think his opinion matters in any way you look at it.“.

The blood was in the water and the trap was sett. He quietly awaited the demons of new atheism. Tension was in the air. Then one, then two, then four atheist flew to their keyboards. Someone had stirred with their superiority. The battle became a fact as there was atheist everywhere. SCREAMING IN FURY! Who dares belittle the prophet of Hitchens? The sight was unbelievably ugly like a feces fight between monkies.

A demon who called himself punkuddha was the first to attack while theAtheistSlayer was unprepared. The Slayer lost initiative and with venom the daemon said

not fun and not a fact“.

A clever phrasing of denial that had a slogan like feel that with a swift strike demanded evidence. But the atheistslayer could not find a video of proof where Hitchens had said that 1984 was more about religion and so he got struck. It would seem that AndyAce83 had lost even before the battle had started.

But then a mighty Atheist entered the field. He was called JasonCIAHudson and he knew of the dark art of Marxism. With a poisons tongue he exclaimed “Here’s a fun quote from him: “I am no longer a socialist, but I still am a Marxist.” By your logic we shouldn’t listen to the opinions of Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington…because they’re dead. I don’t believe he said 1984 is specifically about religion but about totalitarianism in general.

The battle was on as AndyAce83 had gotten a new chance.

You really want to discuss this?“, said AndyAce83 as he raised himself up, “I was just making fun of a horrible atheist. And being a Marxist is basically the same as a socialist. Marxist is just what they called it before it became Socialism, Bolshevism, Leninism, Stalinist and Communism. They all want to replace God with State and to replace the individual with the hive. Just because he want to call himself something else does not make it different.“.

A cunning argument from AndyAce83, who knew from experience that atheist had won many a debate by using the spell of changing definitions (3th level freethinker). A spell that novice theist often had fell for. A spell so powerful that any attack on the atheist would fall flat because the “freethinker” clocked himself with a new shape.

The atheist could say
we are not like that, we are like this” and claim “ignorance” on the opponent. Very much like the vampire can assume gaseous form and suck their victims energy from behind. This is one of the atheists most common attacks. But as theAtheistSlayer closed the gate too the plane of free definition one of the atheist minions struck at AndyAce83´s legg while he muffled “Lol. Wow, are you ever stupid. Either you’re totally misinformed, or just an idiot.” The minion, called MrAlsfan5, laughed frantically as Andy stood stunned.

Chapter 2: At the Gates of Free Definition

How could this be?“, the slayer thought. He had closed the gate to the portal of free definition but this little cackling “freethinking” still had the nerve to chant the wicked song of “You are so stupid, and we are not“. The evil song written by the harpies of Patronage to aid the legion of “freethinkers” across the globe.

I can not win this“, AndyAce thought, “They are too many and too filled with themselves. I can not show their errors, cuz no matter how many gates and portals to the plane of free definitions I close the hoard of the viscous ones will open three more. And they are everywhere. Respawing like the hydra but with a more dangerous fire-breath than the many headed dragon of Babylon. WHAT HAVE I DONE?

And as he stood there in frustration three comments was posted for every comment he made. The battle was huge as TheWanderingPrimate and dilt4 also had felt the blow on the Cult of Hitchen and had run to aid of their fellow hatchlings. Not only that, but forces where unleashed on another thread called “Are religious Americans really this stupid?” where he had to fight even more from the demon guild of “free-thought”. The gates was fully opened as minions, socialist, nihilist and all kinds of atheist scum and villainy tried to stab at our hero, and the comments flew in everywhere. There was Latin phrases of logic spewed from all over the place. A demon called “Ad hominem” when the Slayer tried to make the argument that atheist had either christian or ugly values. “Proof, Proof, Proof” the demons demanded. And AndyAce summoned Dendrophilian. A demon from the plane of Nihil.

But the spell of the no true Scotsman exclaimed that Dendrophilian was not a true atheist or at least did not represent atheist moral. So AndyAce83 summoned the beast of RAPE.


But not even the Beast of Rape made the atheist acknowledge they had no true moral. Then Andy summoned two more beast, one more ugly than the next. There where atheist who made arguments for both cannibalism and killing infants.

Using four random videos does not negate factual, scientific research.“, the demon JasonCIAHudson said. “For one thing Richard Dawkins discussion of cannibalism was more of posing a question to his interviewer, not an endorsement.

And so the battle raged on. Nothing would stick cuz the radiating power from the plane of free definition made them all impossible to strike. Our hero had to defend pedophilia in the churches and crusades and all kinds of wars, but when he used the argument of communism they would open the gate of free definition and say that “NO! Communism was not atheist even if they didn´t want religion in thei state cus atheist are just the disbelief that there is a god.

It would almost seem as the legion had won because of their powers of meme and accesess to the gate of free definition. AndyAce83 seemed doomed as the atheist laughed right into his very soul.

Chapter 3: The shutting of the gate of free definition and also the “freethinkers” big mouths

I have to close the gate of free definition. I have to call it OUT!“, AndyAce83 thought and so he prepared a epic spell of a life time. He called it and he called it out loud. To the demon dilt4 he shouted:
rhetorical nonsense to make a very real cultural movement untouchable. How can go against something that changes shape and definitions like a borg-shield. I have no trouble with people “who just don´t believe in a god” (what you define as atheist, but there are VERY FEW off) I am talking and always have about the religious-cultural atheist. The one who listens to the prophets of Dawkins and Hitchens. Who want to redefine atheism however they feel like.

A blast of pure electricity flew out and struck the beasts with a thunderous roar. The Slayer continued.

i.e atheism follows your definition; “don’t believe in a god.” when there is critical arguments to be had (like communism killed more than any theist religion or atheist are more pron to suicide or atheist are untrustworthy people who either has adapted christian ethics or are without one). But when their is praise to be had: i.e atheist are smarter, atheist nations are less violent then ATHEISM IS A CLEAR COLLECTIVE GROUP. There is more to atheist than not believing in a god.

The legion fell to the ground in fear and ecstasy. But the demon are not slayed that easy as the power of smug and bad self-insight gives them almost immortal stamina. A demon called for retreat as he said

Since you fail to the role that church and state play than I take it you agree and see how idiotic your views are. Please don’t respond unless you have new evidence.

Oh, no. They are running away! The demons want to flee. NO! The battle must end. This was the battle to the death.

AndyAce83 said:

I don´t get this last what. Since you fail to the role of wha..? Are you talking about secularism or what? Bah, what do I care. I took you to school… Showed you how perverted a well reflected atheist can be. At least we Christians try to be good. We don´t applaud pedofile even when it happens in our midst. We do not accept rape. We are the true idealist. Atheist is… Something ugly in disguise (can´t show it yet. To weak). When you rule, humanity dies!

The demon coughed out something about “Hitler was a christian”. It was a swing and a miss. With a dobble attack he added:

His study also showed that in the US, in states with the highest percentages of atheists, the murder rate is lower than average. In the most religious US states, the murder rate is higher than average. Now of course I can tell from your other responses you do not believe in facts and logic so let’s just disregard this”

But now as the plane of free definition was closed AndyAce83 had the upper hand. They could no longer melt everything solid into air. So Andy in a calm voice said:

Fun Fact: atheist commit suicide at a faster rate than any theist. I think it has to do with the level of reflection vs hardship. Most people who suffer are religious (being in jail, poor etc) those who are rich and well educated moves away from those “fairytale” cuz they be better than that. Then suffering struck. Nothing to live 4. Goodbye.


I also can’t understand how atheism would lead to more suicides. In my case and in many others I know atheism has caused me to have a greater value for life than I had when I was a Christian. If someone kills themself knowing that they have one chance at things they were probably prone to suicide in the first place. It’s ridiculous to claim that we require Christian ethics to know that we should not kill. If that was the case we would be all dead by now.

Would this battle never end? Would these creatures most foul never quit? Is there no spell of argument that could make them SHUT THE FUCK UP? “Go for the balls“, the slayer thought, “That is where their heart is.” And so he whipped out the tome of The American Journal of Psychiatry and the mighty study of Religious Affiliation and Suicide Attempt that states “Religiously unaffiliated subjects had significantly more lifetime suicide attempts and more first-degree relatives who committed suicide than subjects who endorsed a religious affiliation.“.

Well it doesn´t matter that u “understand” its still statistical “fact“.” and then AndyAce83 delivered the striking evidence from the tomb that would end the fight once and for all as he continued, “I can´t understand what the difficulty in understanding that meaning 2 an atheist is pleasure & when pleasure disappears (i.e terminal diseases, loss of someone they F´d alot, financial loss that will lead to not affording iPhone 4S) then life is something to waste. Not everybody fines the beauty in looking up at the stars & thinking “I am a part of that void. I am stardust“”.

The atheist roared and hizzed and tried to sting the theist with his mighty demon tail and used the spell of fog talk to try to duck the argument. “It’s not a bloody fact and for your information I find so much more beauty in the universe than I do in some sadistic dictator god. It was my science books and my mind that kept me going while I was beat every day and night by my religious family as a child. By your logic if the only reason for living is God why do you do anything but devote your life to the church? Isn’t that all as meaningless? Is the fact that your bible says that you can’t kill yourself the only reason you live?

But the demon was mortally wonded and no amount of fog could cover that up and only the mercy full final blow of the atheistslayer ended the sadness that was a smug patronizing nerd.

No, it´s not a fact, just as evolution is not a fact. But it is good science.

Thank you for playing atheist. You lost. They don´t call me the atheist slayer for nothing. (“They don´t call you the atheist slayer”. OH, SHUT UP!) Them “freethinkers” tremble when I enter a thread. You see I have a secret weapon that few other theist have. I get down and dirty just as the atheist do. Stories will be told of my heroism; like “the song of Dilt4; the nerd who believed he could!“”

A final sigh ofI still know better than you“, could be heard but no one cared. The demons was dead, though their animated bodies jerked. AndyAce83 went away victorious from the battlefield. He went east to the land of wordpress and so his story was written down by the scribes there and the word went around the interweb of how a strong and fearless man and entered the land of the know-it-all and survived their bitter attacks. He was named the atheist slayer, because slaying of atheist he did. While other theist practiced “turn the other cheek” and was raped because of it, the atheist slayer turned another kind of cheek and then he farted in the “freethinkers” face.

Epilogue: The battle was won, but not the war

The culture war was won… for now, but there will always be “freethinkers” that needs to be taken to school. There will always be gates of free definition that needs to be shut. The era of postmodernism is not over yet and there will be many years to come with atheist who believe they are free to criticize religion while their faith in whatever they feel like should for all eternity be sacred. That all arguments should come from their definitions and evidence should always be weighed by them. But a battle was won, and we learned alot. They may shapeshift and use venom to attack anyone who isn´t godless and there may be a long time before the sacredness of being is truly established, but if we try to be hopeful perhaps it soon will.

Blog 2.0 -Just gave you an epic tale of nett debate. Use the knowledge wisely, for the rhetoric of the worthless, with their relative selfish ethic always merges and there will always be people tempted at being smug because you do not think like they do.

Fox News vs MSNBC (Fair and balanced or Fear and Biased?)

27 Jan


I live in Norway, have identified myself as a political neutral man (what people call “independent“) and have therefor been fascinated by the Americans who claim that Fox News is biased. Knowing little about the US politics and less about American news cast and their ideologies I got this growing curiosity about this “evil channel of biggots“. They call the channel Faux News (or worse) and claim that the channel is making hate speech and basically is the KKK in news form.

When people talk like that, I at once think “brainwashed“, but still if the haters of Faux News is brainwashed they are at least growing in number (whatever that means (legion!)). It seems it´s been concluded that Fox News, whiteout hope or redemption, is the news channels who lie the most about evil stuff.

More Demo-crazy! (Fun Fact: In Norway the right and left parties argue over who is the MOST socialist*.)

Now, I would be lying if the only place I got my impression of Fox News was trough the internet. Living in Norway, I of course got to see alot of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (it´s proclaimed Doubleplusgood by our state leader; the all-loving Stoltenberg the second, and his party Norsoc. ALL HAIL NORSOC!) as it is aired many times a day on our state owned channel called (NRK or translated to English; NORSOCK BROADCASTING CORPORATION). Why Jon Steward is such a great comedic genius in Norway is because he quacks like a duck in the right (therefor left) way.

Moving on—>

NRK = NORSOCK BROADCASTING CORPORATION = NBC. You see the PATTERN?!?!? Hysj, you din´t hear it from me! Moms the word!!!

As the argumentative person I am, I began watching Fox News, but living in Norway with American “region blocking” and the Norwegian Social-democratic fog there would be problems. I started to watch Red Eye w/Greg Gutfeld< (after I heard, then read the book “the bible of unspeakable truths” ) by watching clips on youtube and then subscribing to the podcast. To be honest, Red Eye was not as funny as the Daily Show, but the smugness was reduced to a minimum.

But the point is, with the little impression I got from Fox News, I though “This ain´t that bad? What is the problem with this channel?” (which of course is thought-crime in Norway). I also started to watch clips of The O’Reilly Factor on youtube, often with the tittle “O´Reilly is SCARED/OWNED/Taken Down by [the people with the right bellyfeel].“. Sorry to say, I never saw that O’Reilly was taken down, but just met with counter-arguments (the basic building-blocks of a debate) that may or may not have been better.

But O’Reilly is of course an unperson so we should not speak of him. Or at least only in a mocking way. He commits thought-crime everyday, questioning government and what not. When the revolution comes, he will be the first against the wall, after of course the revolution leaders.

I had to look a little bit longer for this mock logo.

Anyway, I got this growing sensation that I was becoming more and more sure that Fox News was not “biased” no matter how many liberal viewers told me FAUX NEWS WAS and “debunked” them. Perhaps I was too becoming BRAINWASHED by the MAN!!!! To ask a philosophical question; can one know when one is being brainwashed?

Due to the stress of my thought-crimes I repented and went to MSNBC.com to confess my wicked thoughts of independence, freedom and liberty without quotations. The first article I found on their page was “Atheist teen forces school to remove prayer from wall after 49 years

Need I say more?

You know that this 16 year old atheist knows what´s best for the community. She loves Harry Potter, facebook, is a self-proclaimed nerd and she looks really serious into the camera with her arms closed. Did I mention she loved Harry Potter? She is just like us. Only smarter and godless!

The MSNBC article had the following unbiased observation of a child’s rage against society. The child was “the daughter of a firefighter and a nurse“. The daughter of a FIREFIGHTER and a NURSE! She “has received online threats and the police have escorted her at school“, so she most be a true hero. The child said “It seemed like it was saying, every time I saw it, ‘You don’t belong here,’ ” she said the other night during an interview at a Starbucks here” so you know she is fighting for the right to be different by removing another seventh-graders prayer. You see, by removing the past, like this wonderful child does, we can change the future. We all learned that from the wonderful instructional manual 1984 by George Orwell. George Orwell was a socialist himself you know, so you know that 1984 was not a critique of state, communism and lefties collective thinking, but of course of RELIGION!!! It´s a guide for people who love HARRY POTTER to remove RELIGION!!! God, I hate effing teens! Think they know everything!

Never say MSNBC is biased.

So of course MSNBC, NRK etc. are the right channels. They are good against the social-democracy that loves us all. I love MSNBC and I love Stoltenberg the first, second, the future third! I love socialism, and I unlove everything that speaks untruth like FUCKING FAUX NEWS!!!!

Blog 2.0 - - Commits thought-crime everyday. But my state will absolve me! The state will save me!

[*]: Conservative Party gives claims to the Norwegian Model of the Welfare state (Norwegian entry): http://www.hoyre.no/www/norge_2030/barekraft/den_norske_modellen/

That´s a keeper.

20 Jan


I spend alot of time arguing with the dangerous people known as atheist, “freethinkers” and lefties (aka. “liberals”, aka. commie bastards). To be honest there are no hard line between them. We could just call them all “brainwashed liars” and be done with it. But, as all in that group would say, of course then we wouldn´t take the individual into consideration and be biased etc. etc.

Anyway, these people are filled with hate and nonsense and, as the next video will show, they can even believe a child has the answer to great troubles in identity, gender and culture. Let´s have a look —>


So the debate (on the youtube video discussion) got heated, and looong. Time I could spend ranting on my own blog instead. I felt sad that this debate should disappear into the great flow and drown in the internet´s vortex of opinion.

Soooo, I thoughtThat´s a keeper“.

So for all of yours pleasure I give you the transcript of the discussion between me (political neutral (not neutered)) and some PC-THUGS. Enjoy.


That’s nice healthy indoctoriation right there.A future sexually confused teen and alienated adult. Nice going Dad (!).
AndyAce83 3 days ago

@AndyAce83 Lol ok. ‘Being encouraged to question culture’ is ‘indoctrination’? Oxymoron, much?

Jacksthemouse 3 days ago

@Jacksthemouse It’s not questioning. Questioning is “Dad can’t I play with action figures?” and dad says “Sure. Why not.” This long tirade is called deconstructing and the child is a tool for an upprining that will not turn out good.

AndyAce83 3 days ago

@AndyAce83 …Um. You do realise there was a lot of ‘Why can’t we’ in what she was saying? I’m PREEEETTY sure that qualifies as questioning.

Jacksthemouse 2 days ago

@Jacksthemouse Well let me ask you this… cuz I’m PREEEETTY sure you will agree with me on that. Would it be an example of indoctrination if the child of a white supremacist asked “That why is there so many nig… in this mall?” or the inquisitive nature of the kid? The point is; we do not call it propaganda if it’s for Obama, we call it raising a child if it’s left wing, and we call it educating not brainwashing if it’s PC.

AndyAce83 2 days ago

@Andy Ace83  WHAT??????????????

katpratt83 2 days ago

@katpratt83 Hehe.

AndyAce83 2 days ago

@AndyAce83 The kid’s asking a question, not making a statement. So no. If the parent tried to challenge their reasoning and he/she came back with more reasoning, that is NOT the child being led on or indoctrinated. Because they’re not ‘responding’ to it.

I think you’re reading way too much into this. Step back for heavens’ sake.

Jacksthemouse 1 day ago

@Jacksthemouse I think close study will reveal that she is being corrected for crime-thought. The dialogue I am thinking of goes as follows; Girl: “[The Girls want to play with both] and the boys don’t want pink stuff. Yeah!”, “Well, boys want both. Why do you think that?”, “Because… Because… Because… they try to trick the girls…” She looks scared and wanting to please her father. This is indoctrination. I don’t think I read more into it than most. I just read other things

AndyAce83 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 Either that or she’s stammering. You can’t assume you know everything about a situation from one video, asshat :/

Jacksthemouse 18 hours ago

@Jacksthemouse I guess we see what we want to see and hear what we want to hear. The questions are; is one born a liberal or mass suggested into one? And is there a cure?

AndyAce83 15 hours ago

@AndyAce83 You certainly do. Reading into something and insinuating ‘lol this is indoctrination because she looks scared’. So because you read into it… it means that studies would follow your suit? You flatter yourself. You’re clearly, HEAVILY biased against liberals/left wing folk for one thing, and seeing what YOU want to see makes your opinion more ‘valid’, apparently.

Jacksthemouse 13 hours ago

@Jacksthemouse biased is such a harsh word. Let’s call it “experienced”. I am “HEAVILY [experienced] against liberals/left wing folk”. And I think my interpretation holds water or you wouldn’t bitch about it like I hit you in the groin. The father corrected her thought-crime, and she duck-spoke back on track. Doubleplusgood 🙂

AndyAce83 12 hours ago

@AndyAce83 then why arent boys allowed to play with pink stuff

youratwitface 3 days ago

@youratwitface Same reason only in reverse and outcome will be a effemninte virgin who will live with his mom.

AndyAce83 3 days ago

@AndyAce83 your a loser. kids should be able to be themselves and parents should let them be themselves………

youratwitface 3 days ago

@youratwitface I just think it is a bad choice to raise your child to be an argumentative and deconstructive PC girl as that can make her a very unstable rootless adult. But sure “be themselves” is good.

AndyAce83 2 days ago

@AndyAce83 Ask yourself if you think anyone who has changed history would agree with you about that.

RussFx 2 days ago

@RussFx The point was that the child is not “herself” but is indoctrinated. You can’t change the world if you talk the talk of the ignorant collective. She does. If a person believes in darwinism then biology is king. A girl wants to play with girlish things, and boys with boy things. Why? Because culture is just a reaction formation of our animal need. I am not a darwinist btw, but I know most liberals are 😉

AndyAce83 2 days ago

@AndyAce83 No, it’s a formation of what the forces driving culture WANT us to need. You see, we’re stuck with culture one way or another. It doesn’t mean we all have to like it, and many of us don’t. Some girls don’t want to play with girlish things, because it’s not how their ‘animal need’ works. Every animal is different, genius.

Jacksthemouse 2 days ago

@Jacksthemouse As I have said in earlier post; this is a fake and constructed problem. If you think there is something wrong with a culture, fad or tradition then you are free to have sex with someone, create a child and do not buy this and that toy for them while we other people who see no trouble with a girl playing with a baby doll and boys with GI Joes can do that. That is freedom not creating a fuzz about pink coloured bicycles.

AndyAce83 2 days ago

@AndyAce83 ..You’re really naiive if you think that you are ‘free’ to do anything without pressure to do otherwise. Culture lays down these unwritten rules which many swear by- namely, that girls wear pink and boys wear blue. It’s forced down everyone’s throats, from baby clothes to children’s toys. THAT is all this girl is saying. That’s the problem, and it’s getting a bit much at this point.

Jacksthemouse 2 days ago

@Jacksthemouse Call me what you want; I am saying it’s nothing wrong with raising a girl to be a girl, making her wear a dress to school and teaching her about make-up at 14(?). There is a correlation between identity, tradition and culture that is psychologically important to create a healthy person. To know who they are. If we remove some of the rules (that can be broken) a sense of well-being disappears. Norms are not bad and mostly “not forced”. We can, if we want, change them

AndyAce83 2 days ago

@AndyAce83 Not forced? Excuse me? When you’re a child living under the influence of an overbearing parent, the rules ARE forced. Open your eyes. This child is no such kid, her parent certainly isn’t forcing her to do anything or be anything she doesn’t want to be.

Jacksthemouse 1 day ago

@Jacksthemouse Well if you want to rebel you call attention. The more you force the more it will stretch, then it may brake. You know the law. If it’s important to you, then make an uprising. But as everything in life it will cost ya. If it’s not important then stay in line.

Man, it’s like I have to raise you. This is elementary knowledge of the world. Pick your battles. You don’t have to fight against everything. Genderolls are an important part in building safe relations.

AndyAce83 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 You should also realize that almost anything can be called “indoctrination”. We’re all brain washed. Sure we don’t like to admit it we like to point to points of view we don’t agree with and go see that! those people are brain washed. So he’s “indoctrinating” her to believe that it’s ok for boys to play with girl things and girls to play with boy things if they want. Call child protective services! Seems like an unfit parent to me… -_-

politico92 1 day ago

@politico92 Yes, in many way I agree with you. But you forget the trouble with cultural-Marxism and PC-terror. Gender study, deconstruction etc belongs to the left wing and they have gotten the power of defining right and wrong. I do not agree with their views as I am not a socialist.That is why I find it scary to see a child being indoctrinated at such a young age. If she was at college at least she had a more developed brain that perhaps could see the logical flaws of their lies:-)

AndyAce83 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 The fact that you can relate this video so socialism and marxism shows that all you’re trying to do is confirm you’re own beliefs. Don’t act like some fox news sheep person who uses words they don’t understand. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you do know what it means which has nothing to do with breaking down gender stereotypes and roles. The only result of such a movement is kids breaking out of the norm, I suppose that’s scary to you, oh well.

politico92 1 day ago

@politico92 Now, let’s stop lying to ourselves, uh? You see many of the same things as I, but would perhaps called it “empowering” or “feminism”. I say this because if you didn’t then we wouldn’t have discussed this for THREE DAYS!!!

I am from Norway. I do not get Fox News. Bigotry, much? In fact, we have no right wing newspapers/channels in my country. Only a webpages called the “dark side” of the internet by our Prime minister.

AndyAce83 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 Do you spend as much time worrying about all the parents who have beat there boys for being too girly? Cause I’d say that’s brainwashing and to a much more dangerous level. You clearly don’t understand the trend people are trying to end or you just like that trend to begin with. Which would be interesting since you claim to of played with girl toys as a child.

politico92 1 day ago

@politico92 Yes, I do. I also think of how many people ought not to have children because they do not care for them at all. They may give them food, shelter and provide the basics of need but not give the children the love they need. Children has become something to fit the carpet in many homes. Sad to see. I also think about the high suicide rates of teens., the term anomie and how they correlate. And I worry about how many people get forced out in the cold for not “thinking right”.

AndyAce83 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 YOU’RE CONTRADICTING YOURSELF NOW! God you’re annoying. I get it your a liberal hater and most of the people who like this video lean to the liberal side. (how many conservatives do you know who support a boy playing with a barbie if he so chooses) but this whole “political point” is nonsense, he recorded a video of his daughter and all she’s saying is that companies market certain things for girls and certain things for boys and that’s all completely true.

politico92 1 day ago

@politico92 Hehe…. Hoooo… It’s so entertaining to see how liberals react to people who think differently and especially when they believe they are defending the right to be different. And no, I am not a “liberal hater” that is not allowed in my country now do to some resent events.

This video would have been innocent, indeed, if it wasnt’t t that innocent videos don’t get heated discussions below. You are definitely defending this videos “innocent” and cheering it on.

AndyAce83 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 You’re being a “liberal hater” or not has nothing to do with what is allowed in your country. You do recognize you’re being hypocritical right? I can find comments all over the page about you telling everyone they’re all liberal and indoctrinated and wrong. I personally don’t care what you believe because you don’t even live in the US and the people in the US who agree with you aren’t the type to take advice from ANY other country. You can’t judge a video based on comments.

politico92 1 day ago

@politico92 “I personally don’t care what you believe because you don’t even live in the US ” - You are the essence of tolerance 🙂

AndyAce83 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 I’m just being honest. I have to deal with stupid Americans all the time and have to actually care because we all live in the same country and progress can be impeded by such people. With you I don’t care because you aren’t going to affect my life. Don’t try and spin that as some ignorant American quote. I’m just happy the Americans who I do have to deal with that would agree with you wouldn’t listen to a word you said anyways because you’re not American.

politico92 1 day ago

@politico92 Row, row, row your boat…

AndyAce83 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 I also live overseas before you just try and continue pretending like that quote (leaving out the second part that explains what I meant) means anything.

politico92 1 day ago

@politico92 Oh, you live overseas? Yes, that makes your ignorance and lack of interest in other cultures and countries opinions and experiences all okay. And so very unlike most Americans(!).

AndyAce83 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 How predictable, doing exactly as I said you would. Explain what I’ve said that is ignorant or lacks interests in other cultures? I simply pointed out that back in the US the people on “your side” of this issue would never listen to a word you say, so I don’t have to worry about your ideas affecting my life. I hope you truly are not “anti liberal” and aren’t just laying low because you don’t want to be associated with domestic terrorists.

politico92 1 day ago

@politico92 You said that since I lived in another country than my opinion didn’t matter to you. U also gave clear signs that you did not care that in my country it was not allowed to criticise your politics. I don’t know how much more explicit “I don’t care how it is in your country and I don’t care about your opinion.” you want it. I think it’s time to give it a rest Politico92. Time to look a little in the mirror and reflect. Perhaps u are not as tolerant as you thought you were?

AndyAce83 1 day ago

Comment removed

politico92 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 I would expect a moron like you to accuse me of having “no interesting in other cultures” despite the fact that I’m living in Europe. Yes, I just moved here so I could walk around talking about how great the US is all the time, that’s the ticket. I also like to make american propaganda movies for annoying Norwegians.

politico92 1 day ago

@politico92 “I would expect a moron like you”. Oh, so we are at the Ad hominem stage now? “How predictable”. Yes, you have the right imperial attitude. And now you even bother walking outside of your borders to tell us how annoying we are? Very “white man’s burden” like 🙂 Yes, I see a bright future in you, as you speak tolerance like most liberals do. After your globe-trotting you should move to Hollywood and tells us all about it. Buy yourself a mirror and have a look!

AndyAce83 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 Actually I’ve liked almost everyone I’ve met since I’ve been in Europe. I’m far from one of those “USA is the best!” Americans and don’t care if you believe it or not. I love Europeans and the different points of view. I guess that’s why I was intrigued so hear one sounding so much like the fox news zombies of my country. Oh well I guess from a country where a right winger kills children to prove his political points that I shouldn’t be too surprised.

politico92 1 day ago

@politico92 Everything you said was dobbleplusgood 🙂

AndyAce83 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 I’m really bored with you though. You’re logic seems almost non existent. You say a video would have been innocent except for a bunch of liberals are liking it and getting into arguments with people like yourself hence this video was some planned malicious propaganda video about forcing more boys to act like girls. That’s the jump you take with it simply because you don’t agree with the words a little girl is saying.

politico92 1 day ago

@politico92 I think you got me logic, so it couldn’t have been non existent. “You say a video would have been innocent except for a bunch of liberals are liking it and getting into arguments with people like yourself hence this video was some planned malicious propaganda video about forcing more boys to act like girls” – sums it up pretty well my young padawan.

AndyAce83 1 day ago

This has been flagged as spam hide •

@politico92 I explained that first part 3 times now. As for the second I said that just because hating liberals isn’t legal doesn’t mean you don’t. You’re explanation of not being a liberal hater was what was pathetic. But sure go ahead and pretend like I was hating on your culture so you can feel like I am the intolerant one. I shouldn’t of expected you to twist pick apart and rearrange my words any less than you would to a little girl on youtube. oh well, fuck off Norgie! =)

politico92 1 day ago

@politico92 … 

AndyAce83 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 “You don’t have to fight against everything.”. Uh huh. And YOU don’t have to fight against what THIS video is saying. You’re fighting a battle against A FOUR YEAR OLD who is speaking her mind!

All the girl is saying is that there is just too much ‘pink’ and ‘princesses’ practically shoved on to girls, and is questioning why. Leave her to her battles. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS VIDEO. Quit the nitpicking because it’s seriously getting you nowhere.

Jacksthemouse 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 While gender roles may be important in some way, there is no point in forcing a gender role in terms of INTERESTS. Things like health and personal hygiene.. it’s necessary to learn what’s attributed to us. But there is no need for ‘gender interests’ to be forced onto us, and there never was.

Jacksthemouse 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 Face it. It IS all a ploy. If it wasn’t, the girls’ section of toys would not be as saturated with sickly pink as it is. It would be a mix of all kinds of colours to go with any frills.

Take a note of the really young kids’ toys, garbed with many different colours. Why, then, does the ‘gender role’ of childhood divert to being mostly ‘pink’ or ‘blue’? Because the companies WANT it to be that way. Because going by the norm makes more money. It’s nothing to do with ‘setting standards’.

Jacksthemouse 1 day ago

@Jacksthemouse Why do people wear black in a funeral? Isn´t that racist? Why is red the color of PASSION when it obviously is the color of fire? I don´t feel blue when I am sad, I feel dark so we better remove that connotation to.

Seriously… There are no words. Talk about making mountains out of piles of shi… anyway.. I guess we got to agree to disagree.

AndyAce83 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 …I’m not talking about removing all connotations to different colours, ignoramus. I’m talking about NOT attributing a COLOUR to a whole SEX. Because there’s clearly more to a sex than a few sickly, fluffy, saturated colours, and the toy companies are stupid for not acknowledging that fact for girls’ toys as a whole.

I haven’t got any words left for you either. And you brought the hostility on yourself when you decided to parade your pedantic arse on this harmless video.

Jacksthemouse 1 day ago

@Jacksthemouse Oh, sorry then. You and your equals should ofcourse be the ones who decides what colour should represent what, and what deserves a color and what should not. Thank you for clearing that up. Ofcourse the left should decide everything and me and my equal should keep our mouth shut;-)

I say what I think, and fight everyday for people to be allowed to be honest. Ofcourse hostility will occure. This is not a harmless video. Look at the view counts, cretin!

AndyAce83 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 So… it’s not harmless… because it has a high view count?

I’m not saying I should dictate MY ideals on ‘what colour makes a representation’. I NEVER once said that. I’m saying- dressing a whole ‘girls aisle’ with pink is just not on. And for reasons I’ve stated quite enough now.

As far as the colour black for funerals is concerned, it has nothing to do with this issue, because it’s about tradition and respect, not interests and commercialism.

Jacksthemouse 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 So the fact you’re going WELL out of your way to find a problem with the way she’s being raised is beyond unreasonable. Grow up.

Jacksthemouse 1 day ago

@Jacksthemouse I don’t. I am only criticizing this video it’s contents. I do not claim she is being abused or anything. I am just saying what my original post said. And this videos success shows that many people support this political trend based on lies and deconstruction. In Europe we are waking up from this gender-study nightmarish experiment and looking to US and their studies. As we do US seem to be turning to “that’s not interesting” lies of genderstudies.

AndyAce83 1 day ago

@AndyAce83 The little girl is saying she doesn’t understand why all the girls stuff has to be pink because maybe she doesn’t always want pink. Way to find a problem with that. The parents seem to be doing a more than adequate job.

politico92 2 days ago

@politico92 Do you see a problem with what I am saying? Why? If you see no problem or (political) reason for this video then why do you care what I see as “wrong” in this video? Because you know very well why this video was posted and it goes far beyond a little girls tantrum over wanting a Barbie in a blue dress 😉

AndyAce83 2 days ago

@AndyAce83 I can see you think you’re logic is flawless. The guy posted a video of his daughter, if you look at his other videos he has plenty more of her. Then you call her “indoctrinated” and I would hardly call this video a tantrum. I can tell from your messages though that you’re clearly against the idea of boys and girls breaking from gender stereotypes and that’s why your acting like this video has some ulterior motive. Get a life.

politico92 2 days ago 2

@politico92 You bother to “argument” against me and then tell me to “get a life”. Who needs to “get a life” here? Then again anyone who finds gender bending to be interesting really should get a hobby.

And to answer me “breaking from gender stereotypes” is funny when Monty Python does it and obviously is salable when Gaga does it. But for the man on the street it´s just disturbing. Anyone who have seen a drunken middleaged crossdresser knows that. His lip-stick all smudged.


AndyAce83 2 days ago

@AndyAce83 Welcome to the 21st Century. People are learning to let their kids be who they are and like what they like without worrying to much over every stupid thing. Forcing a child to play with one toy over another because you feel that “gender bending” is a problem is stupid. There’s nothing “gender bending” about a girl playing with a action figure at all. The fact that you bring up crossdressers just shows your ignorance on the issue. You were better suited to live in the 50’s.

politico92 2 days ago

@politico92 And that’s where you are wrong. This is NOT an issue of kids playing with what they want. Cuz I am pretty sure that this Dad will give that kid her action figure. The fact is, this video forces a debate that is fake. It gives the impression that girls are forced to play with Barbies, but it’s more about taking away their dollies and make them play with GI Joes. It’s about giving internalisation more power than it really has.”Come on Girls PLAY WITH THOSE FUCKING GI JOES!”

AndyAce83 2 days ago

@AndyAce83 It’s a video of a father recording something cute his daughter is saying that sounds funny coming out of a small childs mouth. You’re the one who is going all conspiracy theorist about a homevideo. He also has a picture of her dressed like a fairy singing, what’s the secret message there? No debate is being forced. You should chill out and spend more time worrying about actual propaganda if you feel the need to make a big deal out of something.

politico92 2 days ago 2

@politico92 Whoah, having problems understanding AndyAce83…Kids this age do Not need prompting to express what they Feel!! I have a 22 yr. old Stepson, & a 17 year old daughter…. When they were small, Amber Loved playing Action figures, Transformers, & Any kind of Battle game or sword fight with her brother Trev!!! About as much as he loved playing Barbies & Dress-up with her!! It’s all good!!

katpratt83 2 days ago

@katpratt83 I don’t get it, or you don’t get it? The trouble is not that people play with unisex toys, or toys made for the “other” gender. The trouble is that it is made a big deal of, because of leftwing political motivations. It’s called deconstruction, making the differences between man and woman unimportant, and the similarities all that counts. This video and it’s success is symptomatic for that political thought. It’s anomic in its “everything solids melts into air”.

AndyAce83 2 days ago

@politico92 Dare I ask what “actual propaganda” is? Does it has something to do with the MAN and big business?

AndyAce83 2 days ago

@AndyAce83 There’s propaganda from all sorts of sources. It’s entertaining that you scoff at the idea of propaganda coming from “the MAN” and big business as if that never happens while your blowing a home movie out of proportion.

politico92 2 days ago

@politico92 Oh, I don’t. I know very well that the MAN and “big business” makes propaganda. When BB does it it’s called advertisement and commercial when the MAN does it it’s called “Hollywood talks about election to us the ignorant masses”, “vote Obama”, “yes we can”. “CHANGE!”. And I may on other videos point out the propaganda of those kinds of videos… But on this video I will point out that a child is getting indoctrinated. You can even hear the father correcting/leading her.

AndyAce83 2 days ago

@AndyAce83 I find it entertaining and worrisome that you think it’s so wrong for parents to encourage their kids to play with whatever they want. You try and take it to some sinister level like liberals are trying to make every little boy play with barbies now or something. They’re not, they’re just trying to stop the practice of making every little kid that strays away from “gender appropriate” toys feel like there is something wrong with them and they need to change.

politico92 1 day ago

@politico92 I am just stating the obvious and pointing out that the video is politically charged and that those who love this video believe in the deconstruction nonsense of gender study and left-wing “science”. I am further saying that raising a child like that is experimenting with someone’s psyche and worse an entire culture. I don’t share your view on the sanctions on not playing with “gender appropriate” toys. But I live somewhere else so what do I know?

1 day ago

@politico92 I agree!

katpratt83 2 days ago

@AndyAce83 You Don’t Get it….

katpratt83 2 days ago

@AndyAce83 This was NOT a Tantrum,,,, Apparently you are not a parent!! (Or else you have extremely well behaved children0!!!

katpratt83 2 days ago

@politico92 YES!!!

katpratt83 2 days ago

@AndyAce83 Bwhahahahaha! Why do you care? Are you afraid of girls who think outside pink? You strike me as someone who clings to masculinity with all your might.

Widgetski 2 days ago

@Widgetski And why do you care? I played with boy toys, girl toys with boys and girls when I was a kid. But it wasn’t my parents who directed me. It wasn’t some sort of “freethinking” political ideal that was forced on my child-hood. I played with what the hell I wanted, no questions asked (expect in my kindergarden we were not allowed to play with “violent toys” which I rebelled against!). The trouble nowadays is not that girls are forced to be girls but boys are forced to be girls.

AndyAce83 2 days ago

*end script*

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