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Errant Signal – Pompous, Patronizing & PC

21 Oct

I keep coming back to this channel on youtube. I don´t subscribe to it, but every so often I have to go back to it to see what has been uploaded. The channel is called Errant Signal and I am attracted to it for its pompousness, its thick layers of smugness, and its highly leftwing ideologies used as tools for analyzing games.

Its a study in academic narcissism. You can write down all kinds of patronising nuggets from every video he makes. I just need my fix sometimes. It bugles my mind. Its like a riddle. Why does he make it? Why do people watch? Its like with Anita Sarkeesian. The question becomes: Why do people dedicate their lives to something they hate?

And he does hate games. He would probably say; “I don´t hate games. I just want to be critical and analytical about it”. And I get that. Being critical and analytical and trying to understand art in all its forms is important to understand humanity and who we are. But being critical is not the same as being negative. You can address issues, themes and ideas without saying its bad.

Take this last one I saw of him titled Errant Signal – SimCity 2013 Part 2


It´s just a perfect example of his attitude and views. In this video he talks about the game Sim City 2013. A game I have never played. Reasons being that I never felt the need. I loved playing SimCity 2000, and I bought SimCity 3000, but found that game to be to plastic-y and strange for my taste and so I never wanted to play any newer ones. Its also a EA game and EA games feels cold and “by the numbers” at times. I can´t remember playing any games by that company that I have loved.

But what does Errant Signal say about SimCity 2013? Let´s look for some nuggets of pure elitism he wants to share. He says “Last time we talked; we sort of broke down how SimCity maaaaaaybe doesnt work from a game system perspective”. “Broke down”? “Game system perspective”?. That is the first line of the video. It really sets us in the mood for what is in store.

Now if you excuse me for being abit narcissistic myself; I am smart. I know, its sickening to read, but there is a point here. I am smart, and one of the privliges of knowing this is that you are not afraid of being seen as stupid.

I can say “I dont understand this” and if people smirk and laugh at me for saying that I will ignore them. I do not need to be seen as smart, cuz I know I am. I will therefor take on the douche cap ones again and say: What the hell are you talking about Errant Signal? You broke down the game? You found flaws in the game system?

What he of course means is that he looked at the different sides of the game and found things he viewed as flaws. But he takes on those nice words to seem smart.

Having a good vocabulary is… well… good. Or great. Or nice. Or superb. Or favourable. There is nothing wrong with knowing big words, but when used excessively (eh? Eh?) it just seems vain and stupid. At least to me.

But let´s press trough this digression and see what he really says about SimCity 2013 beyond his vocabulary mastrobation.

Errant Signal says that the gametries to do a lot of things, but non of it very successfully or with a sense of focus.” That is his complaint. I do not know the validly of this claim. If you have played the game, please share your opinion below.

Errant Signal then says: “This time we are gonna talk about how SimCity 2013 approaches its subject. What does Sim City think of cities? What does it do with this BIG [!] simulation its build?”

He then goes on about a game called Skyline and how that game, to him, is so much better cuz it focuses on “the process of growth is based on physical space and legislative action[…] [Skyline] has build up its own little niche in the city building simulator pantheon” aka governmental control, where as older SimCity games focuses on “the demand of jobs, labour and goods drive growth” aka. Capitalism. The latter is of course bad data for Errant Signal.

But there are more gems to be taken out of this video. Like this little piece of revealing idiocy: “Both games problematically fetishise growth.” What can I say? Its mind boggling. Especially since SimCity is called SimCITY. CITY! Meaning “a large and permanent human settlement.” (wikipedia). Large! The Sim franchise even has a spin-off called “SimTown” for people like him and if that isnt small enough for his small mind (sorry, but that guy makes me sick) he could play SimTower and if that didnt have the right political message he could play SimEarth for the right eco-friendly narrative. But no. Every game has to be correct or it is faulty. Bad data.

Errant Signal hates games (and probably art in general too).

Let me show you, trough this video, why I say he hates games. As that is what I mainly claim he does ,as so many other critiques on the interweb. Let me show you by excerpt of the distain he has for the concept and ideas about games being fun, entertaining without clear political messages that he likes.

As he is halfway trough ditching SimCity 2013 about how bad it is when it comes to showing how the state can interfere in social and cultural areas that is so important to him (I am sure he wish that SimCity 2013 should have “Allow gay marriage” option and if one chooses not to, then entire city burns to the grown. That has the right message, doesnt it ErrantSignal?) and how he don´t want a game that has a goal of “big city” but something other, unspecified goal.

After this he asks the question:Why was SimCity 2013 made?”. An interesting question. I sometimes wonder the same thing about lots of things. One could even ask the question about Errans Signal´s video project itself. Reasons for doing and creating is always a subject I like to think about. Let´s see how Errant Signal dissect, deconstruct or “ brakes down” this subject.

The reason why SimCity 2013 was made is *drum wirral* “To do stuff”.

Its a content delivery system”, he says. “A game as content-delivery system”, he continues. He then mentions Guitar Hero, Rock Band and Assassins Creed as games that makes you do stuff. Mind blowing, huh? A game that gives you tasks? How about that?

Let me just quote him on this:Games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero popularised the idea that games were made primarily to sell [Andy´s Edit: Yes, no games before that was made to sell] or experience specific content [Andy´s Edit: WHAT? Games have specific content? HOW DARE THEY!].”

Do you see why I find his videos so interesting? Its like he is some kind of extraterrestrial, experiencing games for the first time, trying to make sense of something and failing miserable. It´s like he doesnt get games, but he know he hates them.

I bet that if he analysed a screensaver of the colour changing fog type, he would love that as a game. “It doesnt force me to do anything, the goal is vague, and it was free as it came with the computer and the colours mixing is a great metaphors for diversity. And no DLC´s!”

I am just so fascinated by people like Errant Signal, Anita Sarkeesian and the like cuz they do not understand anything, but they sure like to talk. The only way they know how to appreciate art is to hate it. To tell us how its bad and faulty. They seem to have this ideal in their head, but seldom to never really mentions any games (or music or books) even close to this ideal of theirs.

His complete lack of understanding and appreciation of art is so ridiculous and extreme at times it becomes art itself. To put it in a clisje: He just doesnt see the forrest for all the wood. He is the kind of guy who would read Brave New World and say “Finally someone writes a book about a beautiful utopia” cuz he lacks the meta-cognition (I know big words as well) to see himself in his relation to the art. He is “objective”, he thinks, but what he really is, is cold, distant, even hateful and completely oblivious to what art is.

A game that has “all this STUFF it wants you to experience” and “gamefize” is what a game is! Its like complaining that music has rhythm or movies have moving pictures. It is what it is. If you do not like it, you just have to stop participating in it. Again, he seems to want screensaver games. Simplistic, non-interactive and lecturing us on important Social Justice issues.

I first discovered ErrantSignal in what I would call his defining youtube video. It´s called “Errant Signal – “Keep Your Politics Out of my Video Games” ”I´ll post it here—>


In it he says, like Sarkeesian, and like most nutjobs (sorry, but I have to say it), that politics in not just a perspective one can have on art, but the most important one.

I think we can analyse art for political views, but weigh its worth on how close to representing a political ideology it is unjust. When we talk about movies, games or books with “bad female representation”, or “bad gay characters” or whatever, instead of saying “this movie/game/book is bad” ask the questions: How does it make you feel and why? That is the interesting aspect of art. The feelings and questions it may wake in us.

That is why I love ErrantSignal. Cuz he evokes feelings of irritation and perplections in me and makes me ask the questions: Why does someone who do not like art, or understand art, say so much about art and why do I keep watching his videos when all I feel is annoyed?

I love video games, I love movies, music, books. I do not dedicate my life to tell people how much I hate bad music, movies and books. In fact I applaud bad text cuz it tells me I can do better (although… that is often a lie ;-).

Blog 2.0 -  Often a lie!

Blog 2.0 – Often a lie!

Let´s Play Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles part 02: “Sarkeesian would be soo proud”

13 Apr


Time to fill up my blog again with another youtube video I made many moons ago. This time its Let´s Play Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles part 02: “Sarkeesian would be soo proud”.

Now the reasons for the title are two. One, its a reference to something I say in the video when I am being faux PC about some feminist stuff, and two, refer to a woman many people are interested in (pait clicking).

I am not. Not really. I don´t hate her (although I did say I did in Anita Sarkeesian – Is making me misogynistic… more so, but mostly for comedic purposes) but I do see her as a danger for freedom of expression. But although she is more powerful (or atleast her -ism is) than people say she is I am now only observing her. Praying she will go away soon. Outlook not so good.

Anyway, the video is me and Doctor Dee who play Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles and talk about stuff.

So yeah… Here is the video —>

Blog 2.0

Blog 2.0 – Because, ehm…

Let´s Play Duke Nukem Forever

2 Feb

But first… let´s talk a little bit about what a let´s play is. The short answer is: I have no idea what it is. I have done now at least a hundred videos that I call “let´s plays” and I still don´t understand what it is I am really doing.

What I am sure of is that I am creating content for youtube and that content is video recordings of gameplay of certain games while I comment on what I am doing and what ever else falls to mind.

I would be lying if I said “its been a GREAT SUCCESS“. But that is not why I am doing it either. Why am I doing it? To be creative. To create video footage of gameplay is very easy, its the editing afterwards I find most interesting and challenging.

But what is a let´s play? Its a commentary track for a game by someone who (most often) hasnt made the game. When I made the let´s play of Duke Nukem Forever, I had no knowledge of the game apart from the game itself and some wikipedia trivia. I then talk about the games issues both as a game itself and also thematically. “Bad female representation in Games”, I call it. Its very inn now to talk about it.

As most of my let´s play they go on for too long. The internett is made for people with ADD and if you bore someone it quickly becomes TL;DR or TL;DW (DW=didnt watch). But the rebel that I am I make my videos as long as I damn well feel like. Google removed the 10 min video restrictions years ago and I will not go back to that.

But I made a short version of this video as well… To see if it pleases the audience more. As of now I have no data one way or an other to make that claim. Here is the short version —>



Its more of a trailer really and a parody of the “let´s be quick about it” videos we can see on youtube. I always wanted to make a parody of the cut every sentence videos I see on youtube. They are so effing annoying. But then I have to show my butt ugly face and I do not want that.

Anyway… Here is the long version–_>


Which one did you prefer? Write it in the comment section below.

Blog 2.0 3D - I´ve been told that people need to be told to comment.

Blog 2.0 3D – I´ve been told that people need to be told to comment.

Anita Sarkeesian – Is making me misogynistic… more so.

29 Jan

FemFreq01Anita Sarkeesian is a bitch! There, I´ve said it. Did it make me feel better? No, not really. But she is a bitch. Not only a bitch, but a real c*nt too. I am sorry, but the worst descriptive words you can find on women would probably fit her perfectly. Perhaps with the exception of degrading words describing women of promiscuous nature. Anita Sarkeesian seems to be such a cold fish that I doubt that she enjoys any physical relation what so ever. Least of all with a man.

But lets take a break [“brake” changed to “break” on 29 of july 2013] from my hatred of this woman and let me instead say WHY I have such dark feelings towards her. There are three main reasons my I feel nauseated every time I see and hear her: 1) Her personality, 2) Her BS-PC feminist analysis of everything that perverts and distorts great works of art/ entertainment and 3) her fake victimhood.

But first let me answer the most important question…

Who is Anita Sarkeesian?

If you take any still picture from any Feminist Frequency video you would get an accurate representation of her opinion; Something taken out of context.

If you take any still picture from any Feminist Frequency video you would get an accurate representation of her opinion; Something taken out of context.

If you are not a gamer, or someone interested in the war between the sexes, you may not have heard of Anita Sarkeesian. In short: She is a feminist who believes she is entitled to force her perspective on any artform and demand it to become more gynocentric, pro-female and anti-male.

This is of course not stated explicitly, but implied in her constant bashing of different kind of popular texts (i.e music, books film, TV or games) in entertainment. For a while she was just another unsatisfied women who thought she was smart since she was opinionated. She made lots and lots of “feminist deconstruction” of popular entertainment on her videoblog feminist frequency on youtube, but no one cared until she announced she wanted to deconstruct video-games to.

Ugh, I dont know why I get so disgusted with her every time she uses the word deconstruct. I would guess it is because it sounds so pretentious. Like that word has some ``holy´´ meaning other than its true meaning which is to analyze something in a way it was not meant to.

Why this was the last straw, I dont know, but her whining suddenly was met with hostility. This probably surprised her as she so clearly though she as a woman was entitled to bitch to anyone about her problems with the world.

I would suspect that the reason is that the gaming community is filled with passionate people who burn for their hobby and they didnt want this noob woman coming in from the left and change everything cuz “she felt like it“.

So she was met with opposition and hostility. Some people came with intellectual counter arguments. Others, like me, gave more ironic and sarcastic comments on her annoying personality and attitude of entitlement. Sadly some also gave hateful and over the top comments about rape and other insane extremes. Let´s see what she has to say about this:

Do I feel sad for her? Hell no. I hate feminism with every inch of my body and this woman is the very personification of everything I hate about that -ism. If she didn’t like the heat she should´ve stayed away from the kitchen, and she being a feminist I would suspect she didn’t want to be in the kitchen in the first place.

But enough silly puns… The point is; I dont like sailor language and I dont like people demeaning people to the extreme, but I, being provocative myself, can say that you do get hateful comments but that is what to expect. That is what one should expect if one is being or trying to be provocative. If I went into a feminist rave and said “Go make me a sandwich you fat ugly skanks” I would not be surprised by retaliation any less than being bit by putting my hand down a snakehol. And besides, she has the personality that could aggravate a weed-plant.

1) Her personality

If I for some reason where invited to a hipster New York party with liberal know-it-alls and met Anita Sarkeesian I think I would have left within the hour. That woman shows every sign in her videos of a person I would not go well together with. She is opinionated in the way where its clear she has read a lot of books, and made a lot of notes, but not really understood it.

She probably know a lot of words, terms and phrases and know of great and not so great thinkers of the academia but have no meta-cognition and deeper understanding of anything. Watching her movies she makes a lot of gestures, making smug and smirky facial expression. She is the kind of intellectual that is paradoxically NOT intellectual, just a scholar. She has a lot of jigsaws pieces in her head, nuggets of facts and studies, but no ability to see the picture. This becomes clear when she starts to analyses the “tropes” as she calls it.

2) Her BS-PC feminist analysis of everything that perverts and distorts great works of art/ entertainment

Tropes” is a text-analytical term that could be easily replaced with terms like “stereotype”, “clisje”, or “common narrative tools”. Basically, tropes is every pattern you can find in symptomatic (see: Film Art for more) interpretation/ analysis of a text. Meaning: Finding the broad meaning of what every love song has in comment over what this or that one love song means. You with? Or, as Anita Sarkeesian does, to claim to find bigotry, hate, rape and phallus symbols in everything.

I have seen a lot of Anita Sarkeesian videos on youtube as I have this perverse need to study things I do not like. To try to understand it. I find myself drawn to things that repulses me. Watching her videos, I also started to see “tropes” with her videos. There definitely are small patterns in her “analysis” of pop-culture that could be nice to “deconstruct”.

With few exceptions she shows no real pleasure in the arts but see only faults. In 2009, she started her show “Tropes vs women” with 6 videos where she rants about why Dollhouse is being produced for another season but The Sarah Connor Chronicles does not (which obviously is another example of the WAR AGAINST WOMEN), how Dollhouse (2009) is a metaphor for rape (or something like that), that there is a RIGHT way (her way) and a WRONG why “Guys Should Hate Twilight“, and that gays should be introduced in a show “just in passing“.

In every video she speaks with a strange authorial attitude that says art and entertainment should be just like she wants it, and that there is a right and a wrong way to make art and to watch art. When she analyses different texts she always forces her convictions on it, even when its clear that her -isms where not meant for it. The results are sour comments on the art that at best is bitching and at it´s worst is complete misinterpretations of the text that at time can be perverse.

The best example I have heard of her forcing feminist insanity and perverting something nice with her -isms is when she “analyses” the “Top 5 Creepy and/or Sexist Christmas Songs“. In that video she kills any christmas cheer and replaced it with tales of suppression, dependence and rape. Her #1 choice for sexist christmas songs are the song “Baby, its cold outside” where she thinks the song is about coercing and rape, not a man trying to court a woman who is “playing hard to get” which is the normal way to listen to the song.

But of course one can not argue with her, cuz she has closed of all comments and one is not allowed to rate her either. This because she has fallen victim to the evil “trolls” of the Internet, or more truthfully, she doesn’t want to hear anyone but herself and her likeminded.

3) Her fake victimhood

Anita Sarkeesian is a true victim, but not for she wants you to believe, but she is the slave of the mind shrinking collective thinking of progressivism. Progressivism is an umbrella-term for many other -isms like feminism and other leftwing ideologies and world views.

Progressivism wants change (Yes, WE can!) and that change is based on an understanding of the world that there are victims and perpetrators. These perpetrators are not what healthy people view as perpetrators (like criminals) but instead a broad group of people. This broad group can be called “rich white heterosexual christian males (that smokes)“. These are the enemies that needs to be “deconstructed”.

There are many progressive “thinkers” and they work from different angels trying to destroy the evils of the world. Some progressives focus on the rich [1], others on the white [2], [3], some one Christians [4] and some one the males [5].

Their understanding is thatrich white heterosexual christian males (that smokes)” are evil and causes the world to crumble with their powers of “hate” a.k.a greed, racism, homophobia religious intolerance or misogyny. Everyone who is not a “rich white heterosexual christian males (that smokes)” is the victim of the “rich white heterosexual christian males´s (that smokes)” hate and Anita Sarkeesian is one of these victims.

A victim who is also getting rich on her claims of oppression. Being politically correct is big business, but to state that Anita Sarkeesian is getting rich on her whining is of course misogynistic and hateful. If I may draw some numbers out of my ass I would stipulate she has gotten a grand a slur from each “troll” all up into the interweb who has made her into the “victim“ she is.

Well, I think I am done stating my opinion on this woman. I also gave you a deconstructional view on her, to give you my opinions on her opinions and the tropes she represents. TAKE THAT Sarkeesian! I used your own dark powers against you.

Blog 2.0 - Masculin frequency

Blog 2.0 – Masculin frequency