Top 14 Clichés we hate – (Doctor Dee and Me Talk About Movies and TV part 18)

13 Aug

So this is the first episode after Top 10 Changes to Doctor Dee n Me Talk about Movies & TV. Lets see how many of the changes we broke in the very next episode.

The list:

#1: Anyone can die -trope (mostly TV and serials)
#2: Women beating men with ease (when there should be no reason as to why)
#3: Angry (and often loudmouthed) black guy.
#4: Comic relief characters
#5: Forced or tagged on romances
#6: Unresolved plots or premisses (TV)
#7: Dust villains 32:40
#8: Framestories or telling the story backwards
#9: Keeping something a secret so the villain can get the upper hand.
#10: Killing henchmen to show they mean business.
#11: Mixing up the narrative and point of view to make it unclear what is real or not.
#12: Missunderstood anti-hero (he is just damaged)
#13: Creepy girls (or children) in horrormovies
#14: Secrets being told without any real precautions.

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