Let´s Play Duke Nukem Forever

2 Feb

But first… let´s talk a little bit about what a let´s play is. The short answer is: I have no idea what it is. I have done now at least a hundred videos that I call “let´s plays” and I still don´t understand what it is I am really doing.

What I am sure of is that I am creating content for youtube and that content is video recordings of gameplay of certain games while I comment on what I am doing and what ever else falls to mind.

I would be lying if I said “its been a GREAT SUCCESS“. But that is not why I am doing it either. Why am I doing it? To be creative. To create video footage of gameplay is very easy, its the editing afterwards I find most interesting and challenging.

But what is a let´s play? Its a commentary track for a game by someone who (most often) hasnt made the game. When I made the let´s play of Duke Nukem Forever, I had no knowledge of the game apart from the game itself and some wikipedia trivia. I then talk about the games issues both as a game itself and also thematically. “Bad female representation in Games”, I call it. Its very inn now to talk about it.

As most of my let´s play they go on for too long. The internett is made for people with ADD and if you bore someone it quickly becomes TL;DR or TL;DW (DW=didnt watch). But the rebel that I am I make my videos as long as I damn well feel like. Google removed the 10 min video restrictions years ago and I will not go back to that.

But I made a short version of this video as well… To see if it pleases the audience more. As of now I have no data one way or an other to make that claim. Here is the short version —>



Its more of a trailer really and a parody of the “let´s be quick about it” videos we can see on youtube. I always wanted to make a parody of the cut every sentence videos I see on youtube. They are so effing annoying. But then I have to show my butt ugly face and I do not want that.

Anyway… Here is the long version–_>


Which one did you prefer? Write it in the comment section below.

Blog 2.0 3D - I´ve been told that people need to be told to comment.

Blog 2.0 3D – I´ve been told that people need to be told to comment.

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