Let´s Play Alone In The Dark (Games AndyAce83 Hate #3)

7 Oct

I really should make more of these. I want to make one of Silent Hill 2, Dead Island and others. It’s just… when do you have the time? I also want to make a remake of Condemned as I made it before I got a good recording tool. We’ll see.

In short my complaint is that its too many good ideas thrown in without good execution and the story becomes an annoyance after a while. It just becomes a chore to play.

As with most of the games I hate its because I see the possibilities in the game but the annoyances get in the way of me playing them. I don’t think I will ever finish Condemned and this game. And very few games I have bought have I not finished.

Blog 2.0 -  BOOOOOOORING!!!!

Blog 2.0 – BOOOOOOORING!!!!


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