Let´s Play Free-2-Play Games: Part 1: “Not everything that is free is charity”

21 Jul

In this Let´s play AndyAce83 plays free-to-play games on Windows 8 while thinking of what the similarities between those games. These games are Uno and Friends, Wordament, Monsters love Candy and The Gunstringer.

If you are wondering: “Hey, Andy when are you going to write anymore anti-atheist, homophopic, islamaphobic, christian-conservative rants again instead of these videos from youtube?” I’ll write some of those when I feel like it. To be honest I feel I have am done with it… for now.

But there may be some art-rants soon though, I dont know.

Not Blog 2.0

Not Blog 2.0

Anything on your mind? I am listening:

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