Anita Sarkeesian – Is making me misogynistic… more so.

29 Jan

FemFreq01Anita Sarkeesian is a bitch! There, I´ve said it. Did it make me feel better? No, not really. But she is a bitch. Not only a bitch, but a real c*nt too. I am sorry, but the worst descriptive words you can find on women would probably fit her perfectly. Perhaps with the exception of degrading words describing women of promiscuous nature. Anita Sarkeesian seems to be such a cold fish that I doubt that she enjoys any physical relation what so ever. Least of all with a man.

But lets take a break [“brake” changed to “break” on 29 of july 2013] from my hatred of this woman and let me instead say WHY I have such dark feelings towards her. There are three main reasons my I feel nauseated every time I see and hear her: 1) Her personality, 2) Her BS-PC feminist analysis of everything that perverts and distorts great works of art/ entertainment and 3) her fake victimhood.

But first let me answer the most important question…

Who is Anita Sarkeesian?

If you take any still picture from any Feminist Frequency video you would get an accurate representation of her opinion; Something taken out of context.

If you take any still picture from any Feminist Frequency video you would get an accurate representation of her opinion; Something taken out of context.

If you are not a gamer, or someone interested in the war between the sexes, you may not have heard of Anita Sarkeesian. In short: She is a feminist who believes she is entitled to force her perspective on any artform and demand it to become more gynocentric, pro-female and anti-male.

This is of course not stated explicitly, but implied in her constant bashing of different kind of popular texts (i.e music, books film, TV or games) in entertainment. For a while she was just another unsatisfied women who thought she was smart since she was opinionated. She made lots and lots of “feminist deconstruction” of popular entertainment on her videoblog feminist frequency on youtube, but no one cared until she announced she wanted to deconstruct video-games to.

Ugh, I dont know why I get so disgusted with her every time she uses the word deconstruct. I would guess it is because it sounds so pretentious. Like that word has some ``holy´´ meaning other than its true meaning which is to analyze something in a way it was not meant to.

Why this was the last straw, I dont know, but her whining suddenly was met with hostility. This probably surprised her as she so clearly though she as a woman was entitled to bitch to anyone about her problems with the world.

I would suspect that the reason is that the gaming community is filled with passionate people who burn for their hobby and they didnt want this noob woman coming in from the left and change everything cuz “she felt like it“.

So she was met with opposition and hostility. Some people came with intellectual counter arguments. Others, like me, gave more ironic and sarcastic comments on her annoying personality and attitude of entitlement. Sadly some also gave hateful and over the top comments about rape and other insane extremes. Let´s see what she has to say about this:

Do I feel sad for her? Hell no. I hate feminism with every inch of my body and this woman is the very personification of everything I hate about that -ism. If she didn’t like the heat she should´ve stayed away from the kitchen, and she being a feminist I would suspect she didn’t want to be in the kitchen in the first place.

But enough silly puns… The point is; I dont like sailor language and I dont like people demeaning people to the extreme, but I, being provocative myself, can say that you do get hateful comments but that is what to expect. That is what one should expect if one is being or trying to be provocative. If I went into a feminist rave and said “Go make me a sandwich you fat ugly skanks” I would not be surprised by retaliation any less than being bit by putting my hand down a snakehol. And besides, she has the personality that could aggravate a weed-plant.

1) Her personality

If I for some reason where invited to a hipster New York party with liberal know-it-alls and met Anita Sarkeesian I think I would have left within the hour. That woman shows every sign in her videos of a person I would not go well together with. She is opinionated in the way where its clear she has read a lot of books, and made a lot of notes, but not really understood it.

She probably know a lot of words, terms and phrases and know of great and not so great thinkers of the academia but have no meta-cognition and deeper understanding of anything. Watching her movies she makes a lot of gestures, making smug and smirky facial expression. She is the kind of intellectual that is paradoxically NOT intellectual, just a scholar. She has a lot of jigsaws pieces in her head, nuggets of facts and studies, but no ability to see the picture. This becomes clear when she starts to analyses the “tropes” as she calls it.

2) Her BS-PC feminist analysis of everything that perverts and distorts great works of art/ entertainment

Tropes” is a text-analytical term that could be easily replaced with terms like “stereotype”, “clisje”, or “common narrative tools”. Basically, tropes is every pattern you can find in symptomatic (see: Film Art for more) interpretation/ analysis of a text. Meaning: Finding the broad meaning of what every love song has in comment over what this or that one love song means. You with? Or, as Anita Sarkeesian does, to claim to find bigotry, hate, rape and phallus symbols in everything.

I have seen a lot of Anita Sarkeesian videos on youtube as I have this perverse need to study things I do not like. To try to understand it. I find myself drawn to things that repulses me. Watching her videos, I also started to see “tropes” with her videos. There definitely are small patterns in her “analysis” of pop-culture that could be nice to “deconstruct”.

With few exceptions she shows no real pleasure in the arts but see only faults. In 2009, she started her show “Tropes vs women” with 6 videos where she rants about why Dollhouse is being produced for another season but The Sarah Connor Chronicles does not (which obviously is another example of the WAR AGAINST WOMEN), how Dollhouse (2009) is a metaphor for rape (or something like that), that there is a RIGHT way (her way) and a WRONG why “Guys Should Hate Twilight“, and that gays should be introduced in a show “just in passing“.

In every video she speaks with a strange authorial attitude that says art and entertainment should be just like she wants it, and that there is a right and a wrong way to make art and to watch art. When she analyses different texts she always forces her convictions on it, even when its clear that her -isms where not meant for it. The results are sour comments on the art that at best is bitching and at it´s worst is complete misinterpretations of the text that at time can be perverse.

The best example I have heard of her forcing feminist insanity and perverting something nice with her -isms is when she “analyses” the “Top 5 Creepy and/or Sexist Christmas Songs“. In that video she kills any christmas cheer and replaced it with tales of suppression, dependence and rape. Her #1 choice for sexist christmas songs are the song “Baby, its cold outside” where she thinks the song is about coercing and rape, not a man trying to court a woman who is “playing hard to get” which is the normal way to listen to the song.

But of course one can not argue with her, cuz she has closed of all comments and one is not allowed to rate her either. This because she has fallen victim to the evil “trolls” of the Internet, or more truthfully, she doesn’t want to hear anyone but herself and her likeminded.

3) Her fake victimhood

Anita Sarkeesian is a true victim, but not for she wants you to believe, but she is the slave of the mind shrinking collective thinking of progressivism. Progressivism is an umbrella-term for many other -isms like feminism and other leftwing ideologies and world views.

Progressivism wants change (Yes, WE can!) and that change is based on an understanding of the world that there are victims and perpetrators. These perpetrators are not what healthy people view as perpetrators (like criminals) but instead a broad group of people. This broad group can be called “rich white heterosexual christian males (that smokes)“. These are the enemies that needs to be “deconstructed”.

There are many progressive “thinkers” and they work from different angels trying to destroy the evils of the world. Some progressives focus on the rich [1], others on the white [2], [3], some one Christians [4] and some one the males [5].

Their understanding is thatrich white heterosexual christian males (that smokes)” are evil and causes the world to crumble with their powers of “hate” a.k.a greed, racism, homophobia religious intolerance or misogyny. Everyone who is not a “rich white heterosexual christian males (that smokes)” is the victim of the “rich white heterosexual christian males´s (that smokes)” hate and Anita Sarkeesian is one of these victims.

A victim who is also getting rich on her claims of oppression. Being politically correct is big business, but to state that Anita Sarkeesian is getting rich on her whining is of course misogynistic and hateful. If I may draw some numbers out of my ass I would stipulate she has gotten a grand a slur from each “troll” all up into the interweb who has made her into the “victim“ she is.

Well, I think I am done stating my opinion on this woman. I also gave you a deconstructional view on her, to give you my opinions on her opinions and the tropes she represents. TAKE THAT Sarkeesian! I used your own dark powers against you.

Blog 2.0 - Masculin frequency

Blog 2.0 – Masculin frequency

25 Responses to “Anita Sarkeesian – Is making me misogynistic… more so.”

  1. J. Allen at 4:30 pm #

    “But lets take a brake…”

    And that’s when i stopped reading. I might have agreed with some of what you said, but you spelled “break” wrong and ruined it.

    • AndyAce83 at 5:58 pm #

      Hehe. Brake and break is not found through spell check so thats how it will be. I write, do spellcheck, then post, then re-read perhaps once. If I find something then I may correct it.

      But thanks for pointing it out. I will correct it.

      Oh and keep on reading… There are lots more spelling errors, grammar errors and bad english to be found.

      With love from,
      AndyAce83 🙂

  2. Jan at 4:56 am #

    “Working from different angels…” Do you mean angles? Or is it a pun? Haha…

    I watched the Tropes vs. women video series, and I really liked your extensive research on Anita Sarkeesian. You made it look like a professional “rant” rather than a troll on CNN’s comment section. Broadened my horizon. I disagree on parts like the part about her personality, but this doesn’t mean should I be somehow offended about your opinion. Still, your ambition to “reboot the mind” has come clear in your text, obviously you’ve been doing this for years, respect!


    • Jan at 5:00 am #

      Forresten, er Norsk! Skriver sikkert like dårlig. 🙂

    • AndyAce83 at 9:24 am #

      Let´s pretend I used “angel” deliberately 😉

      But anyway thanks for liking the post. Its good to know not every entry I make is so crazy its unreadable.

      (Jeg antok at du var skandinavisk. Ikke så mange Jan utenfor der 😉 )

  3. CC at 2:49 am #

    Your male tears drip drip drip…while Anita Sarkeesian experiences more and more success, where will you go? Will you continue to exist through your hurtful advances against 1/2 of the human race? If you do, I respect your choice. Just try not to spread your selfish negativity everywhere.

    • AndyAce83 at 4:47 pm #

      Whatever! I do what I want! You sexist misandrist! Hehe. I am just joking of course. I dont think you are a misandrist just because you hate men. Its probably cuz you are to ugly to get laid 😉 Or perhaps you are just having your period?

      • Justin W. at 12:00 am #

        You’re bad at this.

        • AndyAce83 at 1:51 pm #

          I think I hit all the points. 1) Labeling the person a hater 2) claiming the person is ugly and thats why he/she hates, 3) and as a women bonus I added “you must have your period” for extra sting.

    • charlie wilkinson at 2:40 pm #

      Hi CC i just want to make sure you realise that not every woman alive is a left wing feminist, which means that Andy is only making “hurtful advances” to a minority of the world. (this minority would include people who support Anita Sarkeesian) Also his “hurtful advances” are simply well constructed arguments, you are only offended because they are true and they don’t agree with your opinions.
      Another thing I would like you to please take notice of is that a large number of woman are perfectly happy with the way they lead there lives for example my mother is a teacher who is inline to become a well payed headmaster of a school. (she will be payed no less than any other headmaster) and this is despite the sexist world around her.
      My girlfriend is also incredibly intelligent and speaks multiple languages but her dream is to become an educated mother so she can care fir her kids because it is what she finds joy in, she doesn’t want feminists pushing her to enter the workplace, She knows that she could do gif she wanted too.

      • AndyAce83 at 5:02 pm #

        Yes, I know. Infact I am not a misogynist. I love women. I love them high. I open doors for ladies (especially old ones), I am polite and sometimes even stop debating an issue and let them win as to not start an argument.

        I do not treat them like they are made of glass though and I do not kiss their ass. I am a man, they are women. We have equal worth, but we are not the same, but much is the same never the less.

        I am not a feminist, I am not a white knight, but I get along with women very well just the same. I do not really hate them, but bitchy angry feminist (female or male) will quickly fall on my shitlist. I guess you just did 😉

  4. chippleton at 2:34 pm #

    What the fuck is a “clisje”? Where you trying to say cliché? You are not clever enough for this.

    • chippleton at 2:35 pm #

      Oh piss, I wrote “where” instead of “were”. That’s somewhat undermined me. You’re still a terrible writer.

      • AndyAce83 at 3:44 pm #

        What´s funny is that I wouldnt have noticed and I wouldnt have cared 😉

        I am not a spelling Nazi. I think spelling is important in official documents and printed writings (books, newspapers etc). In blogs and the interweb its all about spreading ideas and not grammar and syntax. One reason is that the internet is international and english is the most common international languages. That means many people will try to communicate in a languages that is not their own (i.e me).

        But you go on declaring people with spelling errors as bad writers. You will only punish yourself by being as narrow-minded as Sarkeisian.

        I will keep on writing clisje like I prefer. That will keep me from becoming one 😉

  5. Femanon at 11:44 pm #

    Someone that finally recognises her blatant body language! It’s wonderful to see someone else noticed these things, I couldn’t agree more. She’s exactly the type of person that I usually I go out of my way to avoid, mostly also because of the blatant narcissism and superior attitude she seems to display in every single video she has out there. She really just strikes me as a liar, wouldn’t be surprised if this whole thing was just a big con on her part with how she’s ignoring any actual issues female gamers go through.

  6. Tep at 12:11 pm #

    Yeah pretty much what she is. All bark no bite shaming ritual that if told they needed to give up what makes them comfortable to have more power for their sex the would balk at the sacrifices needed in the REAL change.

    Women deserve equal pay, freedom FROM ACTUAL RAPE, and to not be harassed by testosterone fueled idiots all the time like pick up artists. Apart from that they deserve nothing until they can change capitalism and give up on any and all archetypal superficial and character requirements for them to be aroused and interested in dating them.

    They’ve all chosen bad partners due to psychological pitfalls and insecurity they will deny and then my end up worse off in the end for the relationship. AS humans we all do this, but to ascribe that only men make up the pejorative side of the equation is both naive, biased and arguing from pure hatred and emotion without a lick of objectivity and feasible suggestion to change anything that will actually physically benefit women.

    The real feminists are fighting for wage equality and safe streets, not worry about what industries that will pander to the dollar are doing with art. If you are fighting for the latter you are playing protester feminist barbie and like attention. Nothing more. You will contribute to exactly ZERO important change, you may get some weak cuckolded men to take up your cause and shame his own gender for you, but those people cease to matter when they agree to shame their own sex for the choices of industry, industries that I might add have been critiqued one on extreme side of looking at it with no room for discussion.

    These women want some Socialist Amazonian Gynocracy where every moment of every day is devoted to making everything as sanitized and PC as possible AKA the worst way of life to ever exist.

    • AndyAce83 at 12:57 pm #

      You say
      “Women deserve equal pay, freedom FROM ACTUAL RAPE, and to not be harassed by testosterone fueled idiots all the time like pick up artists.”

      I agree. Some people have real problems. Sarkeesian rarely talk about that. She just doesnt like entertainment and art that isnt molded for her totalitarian view.

      Most people, especially young people, living in 2014 see women as equal to men. Some may say they are different from a biological stand but that does not make them less valuable. In fact many even think women are better than men because of the things that make them different.

      I think women deserve equal pay for doing the same type of work. They should ofcourse not be raped and should not fear being raped either and not be treated like *bleep* by *bleeps*.

      You say
      “These women want some Socialist Amazonian Gynocracy where every moment of every day is devoted to making everything as sanitized and PC as possible AKA the worst way of life to ever exist.”

      Yes. I agree again. I do not want to live in a grey world where no one can say anything unless its been weighed by a PC scale for thoughtcrime.

  7. RejZoR at 6:59 pm #

    “Conversation with pop culture”. How is it conversation if only she is doing the talking (comemnts disabled)? She is clearly bitchsplaining to me…

    • AndyAce83 at 7:35 pm #

      Hehe. Yes, there is no conversation, but a monologue or a sermon without any humility. She “knows” that most art is “evil” towards women. I´ve not heard here talking with passion about anything she likes.

      In short, I do not think she likes art (be that music, games or movies), she just like feminism and wants it pressed into every every nook and cranny.

  8. In another era she would be a punishing nun denouncing the transgressions against the Church, and profiting form it. She is a sociopath, and not a very intelligent one, but she was smart enough to attack virgin territory for feminists, video games. Sociopaths don’t create anything and lack a real sense of humor, they just destroy and consume, and are control freaks, attention whores that play very well the social game, specially when it involves deception an manipulation. They are also good at extracting resources from others without providing anything of value in return or having any other useful skills that could help others, as Anita also does. She is the personification of the Dunner Kruger effect.

    • AndyAce83 at 7:02 pm #

      Yeah, you´re right. She is a puritan by any other name.

  9. I really hate her fake eyebrows, lol

    • AndyAce83 at 7:04 pm #

      She is easy to dislike on so many levels 😉

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