Something new!

1 Apr


As a running “joke” on AMC I, AndyAce83, made exaggerated claims of my Blog 2.0´s success. To pretend that people wrote inn, gave a shait [sic] about what I wrote and that me as a writer was getting powerful. Now, as it turns out, people are actually reading my blog. I get over 50 readers a day.


Now you are probably a spoilsport and have to point out that 50 readers a day is “not all that and a hooker with an eight ball“. You know that Justen Bever and Lady Gaga gets tones more hits, readers and likes then Blog 2.0 gets. That my “great plans” for this blog didn´t actually revolutionize the blog-o-sphere as announced. And you are right. Spoilsports always are.

Blog 2.0 - Still waiting to light that fuse!

Anything on your mind? I am listening:

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