Trance-dance-techno-whatever (part 0.9)

11 Feb


What ever happened to that? And what is rave anyway? Idunno. But I guess this song is rave, it has a lot of references to it. I give you Dune – I Can´t stop raving. Whoohoo!!!

Come on take a trip [you know the kind. It´s not on a charted plan.] with me to a land where love is free“… That land gots to be RAVELAND!

And what happened to that Marusha girl? I am pretty sure she knew what rave was. She been to the Raveland! I think it´s a place Over the Rainbow! Whoohoo!!!


And then it´s Future Breeze. I believe that´s rave. At least they Smile alot. That´s rave! And ecstasy of course. Whoohoo!!!


Yes, Rave.

The trance-dance-techno-whatever genre that is just GREAT! Whoohoo!!!

But don´t rave to far and long; or you will be million miles away from home. And then it becomes HARDCORE!!!

Fun Fact: lot´s of people who took a trip to loveland of Rave lost million miles away from home and now only smiles at a psych-ward or couldn´t stop raving about ants under their skin. Kids, rave responsibly.

Blog 2.0 -SMILE!


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