Goin down hill to South Park

19 Oct

“Gah! South Park SUCKS NOW! I’m watching Family Guy instead!”

                  -Retarded teen with no sense of anything.


    Lot’s of know-it-all teens and besserwissers of all ages have made the following conclusion: South Park is not as good as it was. Is that true? Has the quality of South Park declined? I think people who say that has a bad memory. South Park has always sucked! That was the point!

    Aesthetic of crap

    Matt Stone and Trey Parker has worked together along time. Before making the show South Park they made Cannibal the Musical and Orgazmo, and later the made South Park; Bigger, Longer, Uncut and Team America. All of those movies has one thing (well, many things) in common; an aesthetic of crap.

    Cannibal the musical has realistic head shots but when it comes to beard make-up there must have been some budget issues.

    Cannibal the Musical was a low-budget, independent student-film so the crappyness of that movie was natural but also intended. Orgazmo (also an independent film) had a bigger budget (I guess, I haven’t done any research on this) but still kept a crappy aesthetic this time imitating porn movie style both in scenes, sound, actor quality and filming. Team America is a high-budget picture with marionettes as characters with clear strings attached to the dolls and action sequences that would ruin the joke if described. And South Park is an animated series that is basically suppose to look like cut-out paper even when done in sophisticated computers.

    (the point comes below the video)

    The point is: the creators of South Park has always had an iconographic use of low-budget, bad effect and style so to criticize them for “being bad” is like criticizing polar bears for being white (and that’s racism!)

    But I am missing the point, aren’t I?

    Because it isn’t quality the style of the show that people say has declined (unlike the Simpsons which also has gotten poorer animation) but the content. The jokes are not as funny any more, is it? They are getting old!

    Well I don’t agree. South Park was never a laugh a minute kind of show (unlike Family Guy that was always has been a fart a minute) but has been a show about wholeness. We laughed more about the idea that Kenny dies in every show more than how he died in every show. It was the “where are they going with this” that kept us smiling, knowing that South Park always has a point. Except when Towlie or Terrence and Phillip is involved of course, because then the only point is to piss us off.

    And we have to remember that the very first show of South Park was about a boy who had a huge satellite-dish in his ass because of aliens. So on the surface South Park never started out that brilliant either.

    “But it has become way to political!”

    So maybe you miss the good old days when Kenny was killed by a bull or by lighting his farts on fire or run over by cows or trains? Perhaps you miss the times when Mr. Hankey gave the children poo-hugs with run off? It may bug you that the rate of incest jokes has declined on South Park when Family Guy proportionally is increasing them? And when every other animated show on tv has imitated Family Guy’s joke-cut-joke-cut-joke pace why can’t South Park also desensitise us with cultural references? Because South Park has never been a nihilistic nonsensical show about SHIT.

    (more to cum after Orgazmo trailer)

    You see, you could learn something today.

    Family Guy sucks! And other than that South Park does not. It still got a pair! When that fucking cowardly creator of Family Guy pees in his pants by Muslims South Park gives Muslims a respectful FUCK YOU. While Seth McOward (Yeah, you read me! It’s sic, bitch!) is satisfied with making fun of humble Christians, South Park says “We make fun of everybody!”. While Family Guy tries to be provocative for cheep laughs, South Park really is provocative, stimulating and funny.

    (this entry continuous after the embarrassing cringing of Seth McFarliane (or whatever, fuck you!) )

    To be honest with you to even compare Family Guy (an insult to the mind only) with South Park is an embarrassment and I am sorry. South Park is in another league and even if it was true that it’s quality has declined is would never (please God!) stoop to those low-brow levels.

    South Park was and is brilliant because it combines a crappy aesthetic with a sharp satirical wit and that makes is dangerously funny where other shows are just dangerously retarded (do’h!). Where other shows are just for numbing laughs, South Park wants to stimulate you as well as entertain you. It want’s you to learn something. It wants you to understand that there is no such thing as Ass Burgers. It would be cruel to name a social development decease that! It wants to make fun of everything and by doing that also shows everything a certain respect. While everything else is rated Arrg for pirate! FUCK YOU!

    South Park may be mentioned:)

    I made this when Kenny still died (man, I am old!)

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