To be loved by so many makes it hard.

30 Sep

To be loved by so many makes it hard.
-Some cheesy whore master (2011)

Sofie´s choice.. I haven´t seen it but I get the reference. I now have a Sofie’s Choice. I just started a Norwegian blog that is a little bit different than AMC because it is in Norwegian. I call that young brain spawn “Tanker om Ting” and is suppose to be about things I… well I dunno. I wanted a Norwegian blog too so I don´t have to Google irregular verbs all the time. And now I feel torned [sic], like Sofie, except it isn´t about real people.

Which blog should be my main concern? This blog, with all it´s international fans who need to get the real perspective that only I can give them, or the brainwashed social-democultic culture of Norway who perhaps even more need my sober views?

I can´t choose, so both will have to live and therefore perhaps die. I don´t know if that was Sophie´s final choice, I think I may need to see that flick once. It´s with Meryl Streep, I think. She is a great actor.

Have a nice day.

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