My last Anti-Atheist entry for a while.

12 Sep


I have been bashing allot on atheist for their annoying smugness and besserwisser attitudes. But all that is going to end… for awhile..

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They are all about how Atheist have their faith and will not accept that it´s a religion like everyone else. Even quoting scripture “Atheist is a religion like off is a channel” or some other nonsense. I say “Atheism is a religion like black is a color.” saying that will reveal if you talk to a besserwisser, cuz they be sure to point out that Black is not a color.

And that´s the most common of know-it-all idiot. The person who can not see the world for all the definitions. “Black is not a color” WTF? Ofcourse black is a color, just look at a pallet or ask a person what color a person use to outline a picture. To the besserwisser it´s all about playing with defe… who cares… read the blog entries above if you are interested 🙂


2 Responses to “My last Anti-Atheist entry for a while.”

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