Why I analyzed the Mist

2 Sep

I have stated earlier that my favorite hobby is debating atheist (or «besserwissers» as I like to call them) online. Often it goes like this:

1) I find a youtube video where some atheist propaganda is preached and stated some statements defending spirituality or just plain attacking the rotten «ideals» that are atheism.
2) Some atheist becomes angry by this and wants to take me to school (a common besserwisser trait) and start telling me of the lies, hate, hypocrisy that have kept humans down for millennial and summing up that I am an idiot (another besserwisser trait)
3) I say something from my philosophy
4) They don´t answer back, or they attack me on person (often talking about me from a stereotype), claim my arguments are false because of a logical fallacy often in Latin phrases or they give me arguments from the book of Dawkin, Hitchen or other.

If they give Argumentum ad nauseam from the book of Dawkins etc. the discussion is on and that´s when it get´s fascinating since the tone of the discussion will often slowly change. We start off as angry towards each other (or me being sarcastic/passionate and they being angry) but a movement begins from anger towards…


I dunno. At least their is allot less swearing and personal attacks.

Anyway, one time, resonantly I got into a debate / discussion with an atheist about the Jesus myth and the Zeitgeist movie. How Jesus is a mythical character and how the 9/11 conspiracies are true (a fascinating opinion constellation in itself). At the end of one of the atheist longer musing the atheist mentions The Mist (2007) as an example of how Christian fundamentalist work.

And I got exited.

I love The Mist, it is such a great movie. So after this long introduction I would like to give a analysis of what I would call the best monster movie from this far in the 21th century. Is the Mist a warning of Christian fundamentalism?

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