Top 10 favorite movies…

27 Aug

… in no particular order. I will also try to find a scene that makes this movie stand out, although this was not the only reason why that movie entered my list.

#10 Requiem for a Dream:
“What´s the big deal about the red dress?”

This scene really show great acting and also perhaps says more about life than most movies does in their entire screen time.

#9 The Exorcist:
“What An Excellent Day For An Exorcism”

I think this scene really is great. The foreshadowing of the ending, the supernatural event that the doubter needed another take on and how the demon plays with the priest while the priest believes he is playing with Regan. Great scene.

#8 Dr. Strangelove – Or how I…
“You´re gonna have to answer to the coca-cola company”

The world is going to hell, but it still is important to follow procedures every step of the way.

#7) American Beauty

This scene reminds me off the real troubles in society.

#6) Alien
“You admire it.”
“I admire it´s purity. A survivor. Unclouded by conscience, remorse or delusions of morality.”

The views of the logical robot.

#5) Chinatown
“No. Why does it bother you to talk about it?”
“It botheres everybody that works there.”
“Chinatown. Everybody. To me, it was just bad luck.”
“You can´t always tell what´s going on.”

It´s Chinatown!

#4) Clockwork Orange

#3) The Shining

“Come play with us Danny”

Twins are scary, and even more scary when they are ghosts.

Fun Fact update 12th September: They aren´t twins. They are suppose to be 8 and 10.

#2) 2001 – A space odyssey
“I´m afraid.”

The monotones of it all, that´s what´s great.

#1) Who´s afraid of Virgina Woolf?

“I wouldn´t be surprised if you did take over the history department one day.”

SUBTEXT! SUBTEXT! SUB *Bleeping* TEXT! In this scene some keywords could be: innuendo, bulimia, love/hate, age, failure, passive aggression and alcoholism.

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