Mother Teresa… Evil?

14 Aug

Not really a blog entry, more of a series of question.

I have a freethinking friend of mine who of course needs to deride any glory, selfless act done by Christians as they of course are evil power hungry people wanting to hurt other people by quoting scripture. Anyway, one little bit of knowledge that fitted his world view was that Mother Teresa was a horrible wicked person.

I said “no, you are wrong” but had nothing to say back and to be honest I am getting tired of having to do research for any cockamamie argument any bitter godless person cooks up with, but Mother Teresa came up again and so I went to wikipedia to find out who said she was like that.

It seems it was Hitchen (a drunken angry atheist that at least has a sense of humor) and Penn and Teller was my only sources for this and Penn & Teller…


The point is… Is there any real, non bias sources to this?

There may be a later blog entry about this.

Not Blog 2.0 - More a bunch of question late at night

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