Two kinds of trouble.

29 Apr

Recently I have made the following discovery; There are two kinds of trouble in life. The real troubles and the human made.

Real trouble are floods, epidemics, broken legs, and death. They happen out of chance and have to be fixed as they come. Troubles like these are random destruction and can usually not be helped.

The other trouble is the human created problems. They are troubles that is caused to humans by other humans. These kinds of problems are war, rape, miscarriage of justice, bigotry etc. What is so *bleeping* annoying about these kinds of problems is that they could always be avoided if people were able to be reasonable, forgiving and at least not trying to be hurtful and evil. Attitudes like “can´t be helped” and “Well, it´s the law” does not help either. So many of lifes problems could be fixed if people just stopped tying to make other peoples lives so miserable.

What´s scary is that people seem to believe that human created problems are a part of nature. That when stock marked crashes and millions loses their jobs, incomes and homes that this is somehow unchangeable. Famine by the death of crops are unchangeable. That´s real. If people starve because of a percentage decrease on a paper swapping marked that is a completely different thing. IT´S NOT REAL. Laws, politics, government are abstracts. It only exist if the majority believes in them. Systems that have been created by people can be changed by people, and disregard of laws for the greater good is not ANARCHY!

But this is dangerous thinking, and you didn´t hear it from me.

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