April 4th

4 Apr

To the future or to the past. Wherever thought is free. Today Norway decided that safety was more important than freedom and we now live with constant surveillance.

Whats fascinating is that the date where DLD(Datalagringsdirektivet) becomes legal is the same date that the book 1984 starts. Poetic and scary at the same time.

So lets read the diary entry of April 4th in 1984 to see what´s in store;-)

“Last night at the flicks. All war films. One very good one of a ship full of refugees being bombed somewhere in the Mediterranean. Audience much amused by shots of a great huge fat man trying to swim away with a helicopter after him. First you saw him wallowing along in the water like a porpoise, then you saw him through the helicopters gunsights, then he was full of holes and the sea round him turned pink and he sank as suddenly as though the holes had let in the water. Audience shouting with laughter when he sank, then you saw a lifeboat full of children with a helicopter hovering over it. There was a middle-aged woman might have been a jewess sitting up in the bow with a little boy about three years old in her arms. Little boy screaming with fright and hiding his head between her breasts as if he was trying to burrow right into her and the woman putting her arms around him and comforting him although she was blue with fright herself. All the time covering him up as much as possible as if she thought her arms could keep the bullets off him. The the helicopter planted 20 kilo bomb in among them. terrific flash and the boat went all to matchwood. Then there was a wonderful shot of a child’s arm going up up up right up into the air a helicopter with a camera in its nose must have followed it up and there was a lot of applause from the party seats but a woman down in the prole part of the house suddenly started kicking up a fuss and shouting that they didn’t oughter of showed it not in front of the kids they didn’t it ain’t right not in front of kids it ain’t until the police turned her turned her out i don’t suppose anything happened to her nobody cares what the proles say typical prole reaction they never…”

Blog 2.0 - Freedom lost... But it´s abstract freedom so who cares.


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