25 Feb

There has been a debate in Norway about how focus on internet keeps certain groups of people out of the loop. That constant referral to web pages for registration, updates or help can outcast certain people. The group who made the claim where senior citizens. Here’s my opinion…

Everybody gets problems with this on-line focus from everything. I use the internet all the time, but when it comes to help pages, on-line registrations and constant emphasis on new internet based shopping, voting and debates makes me annoyed.

No! ANGRY!!!!

We save money! I get that. We can have one person on the help phone saying “please look at our web page for more information” to every frustrated person calling in. That saves them alot of money. But I want alternatives! I want firms who are not “with it” that I can use. If I want to talk to a living person giving me information I should be able.



And that is the other problem… the distance between me as a consumer/user and the people (if any) behind the web-page or product. I once didn’t have internet, and called around for internet prices… The people answering my call said that I needed to get on-line to get on-line. If I wanted their services I had to register on their homepage. Ridiculous.

I want the option of giving my appliance in writing… by HAND!

The day the computers fail we are all dead… because we do not exist if we don’t have a social network profile and a blog.

Who cares right?

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