Comparing Bioshock to Bioshock 2 in anticipation of Bioshock “3”

9 Feb


This could be called a continuation of my previous entry called Videogame complainers (a final solution) as it is all about negative Nancies complaining about Bioshock 2.
So it´s a sequel and naturally therefor alot more shitty!

The internet is the land of know-it-alls and a fast google on opinions about Bioshock 2 you will find clever comments like these:

no this game sucks.. I mean if you are gonna be a big daddy and you die faster than a splicer and you have fuel that does out faster than you can kill an enemy that is all bullshit… this game is ass and they worked off of the 1st WAY too much not much difference in gameplay at all and considering

It´s not the same game, that is completely different with that same feel except with a new twist that is like the first one but not like that. It´s just SHIT!"

it just came out.. and I see no one playing it and I know they own it, that is bad


It’s too bad that BioShock 2 exists to dilute the franchise.

but the comment I found that was the ultimate know-it-all was:

1.the story was closed there was no allusion to a sequel no clues, the first game was a complete package begining middle end. this game was made to make money not to expand the universe not to further the story.
2.the multiplayer is total and complete shit, glitches abound new users have no chance against higher level users the weapons are completely unbalanced and one of the keys to winning any engagement if you have any skill is to get the big daddy suit I saw one guy last a total of 3-4 minutes in this suit suffice to say he had about 30+ kills and don’t even get me on the constant freezing it still has and the dlc being on disc.
3.the gameplay is missing elements I loved in the original, hacking to be exact I loved the hacking in the original in this is uninventive and sloppy ooo push a button done.

4.STORY STORY STORY the story is crap let alone the no need for sequel nothing about lamb is compelling to me at all.

I think people are way to hard on Bioshock 2. It is a sequel, it does have some plot elements that should have been foreshadowed in the first to be plausible, but gameplay is improved and I think the bioshock multiplayer story is a brilliant prequel to the Bioshock.

"I am telling all the girls that Bioshock 2 is the best Bioshock"

So why do so many complain about Bioshock 2? I think the answer to that lies far beyond the realms of the underwater city of Rapture, but it can be found inside of us all. The truth is; those who can; do, those who can´t; teach, those who can´t teach; critique, those who can´t critique; rant. Or has the internet have thought me; Haters gonna hate.

I love Bioshock and I love Bioshock 2. I am looking forward to Bioshock 3, or BioShock Infinite as it´s called, but I am somewhat skeptical to the whole idea. I will not get into the specifics of why, as many others have written about that. But I will give it a try, and not complain about it if it´s not to my taste. If the Bioshock franchise moves into a new direction I don´t like I will just play other games, since complaining about it will not make a new game that is closer to my wants.

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