About Internett Trolls and Goblins

29 Jan


I recently…


Quite a while ago I had some time to kill and so I posted some comments on a video site thread. It was under a stand-up show mocking people who have religious faith and I said something like “Blablabla… religion ain´t that bad.“. Anyway lot´s of atheist got provoked by my statement and started patronizing me and demanding me to defend my “highly un-logical suppressing fairytale belief“. Well, I started to defend my views and suddenly they started questioning my reasoning by throwing out ad hoc Latin phrases about logical fallacies. My argument was Ad hominem, or my argument was ad lapidem or that it had “countless logical fallacies to even bother“.


Yeah, it ain´t that fascinating with a nerd drama, but still… Here´s the point…. One of these atheist ranters called me a “troll” as in “Don´t feed this troll he is [enter logical fallacy]“. I have never been called a troll before. Yes my nose is big, I do smell like old cheese and there are a green forest growing on my back but still no one has called me a that before.

Anyway… I started to think. “Am I a troll?“.

Be careful as you troll. The jaws of rhetoric and Latin phrases are also swimming out there.

The definition of a troll is, according to Wikipedia, an “Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response“. It also seems that etymologically (see… I know some fancy words to) it comes from the fishing term “to troll“, but I think that many use it in reference to the mystical creature that lives under bridges and in caves. I like fairytale more than I like fishing, so I´ll go for the last one.

I would lie if I called this a “personal crises” as it was more a laugh-out-loud being called a “troll“. I was just having a bit of fun and killing some time. Because although I meant the first comment, all the rest I made was just ironic use of the other people´s rhetoric. I don´t know how to discuss with people with a neurotic obsession in placing every argument in some sort of logical or illogical category. I could ( and perhaps will) write many blogs about the different types of argument and the validity of claiming an argument to be logically flawed (because they may not be even if one trows out a Latin phrase) but what I wanted to focus on now was that there are two types of internet subgroups. The Troll, someone who try to provoke others into angry argumentation for their own laughs, and the Goblin (my category) of internet users who do not understand humor, irony and sarcasm and discuss angrily anyone who suggest any view that doesn´t fit their world view.

The Goblin: "How can you say that? That such an argument from fallacy. Were talking Ad hominem combined with ad ignorantiam with a twist of ad populum"

The Troll: "Abortion is murder (or not)", "Women are all whores", "God loves everyone, even smug atheists", "Republicans/Democrats are stupid"


So there you have it… Goblins are so annoying. Get a sense of humor you stupid college graduate, know it all teen and/or argumentative person who have discovered wikipedia´s rhetoric page! (“I call Ad hominem on THAT!“)

Blog 2.0 - Keeps using Argumentum ad nauseam. If I didn´t that would have been a logical fallicy. Get it? Oh, learn to take a joke!


2 Responses to “About Internett Trolls and Goblins”

  1. C.W. Roden March 2, 2015 at 1:09 am #

    Dude, I absolutely hear where you’re coming from.
    I am a Christian, and while I don’t spend every waking moment throwing my faith at people, I refuse to hide who I am online, or express my sincere beliefs on various subjects. Sometimes all I do is evoke the name of God, Jesus, or just say something about praying for someone and next thing I know (BAM!) that’s when the same sort of atheist internet fascists show up to silence or troll you.
    Now I have nothing against atheists, nor people of other faiths (sometimes atheists make being anti-religious a sort of religion in an of itself) and I don’t go out of my way to force my beliefs on others. If someone asks me about my faith, I will talk to them about it, but I won’t preach at anyone who doesn’t want to hear it. I also don’t regard simply uttering words as “pushing my faith down other’s throats” ect. Most just engage in personal attacks.
    I don’t shove my faith in anyone’s faces, and all I ask is that others don’t shove atheism in mine.

    As far as internet trolling goes, as much as I wish I can say I never did it intentionally, I admit there have been some pretty hateful people that I enjoyed throwing verbal pipebombs at….though later I usually end up feeling bad about how petty the act was. The anonymity of the internet can make even the best of us crazy.

    • AndyAce83 March 2, 2015 at 1:53 am #

      Yes, I agree. Except that although anonymity can bring out the worst in us, its also a defense against the worst in others. Since I do not know you, any bad things I may trow in your face will fall flat as you know I do not know you and whatever thing I say is just a fantasy image I have of you in my head from the few sentences you have written. I am all for anonymity on the internett.

      But yeah… lots of angry people online. Angry people on the left, angry people on the right. Angry people about games, angry people about movies. Angry people who have faith and angry people without.

      Its sad really how much anger people have. Then again… I guess its better that its out on the interweb than in real life 😉

      Have a good day.

      AndyAce83 🙂

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