Internet bullying (words hurt)

18 Jan

This is Voe. She really is... but with a W. Get it? Great pun. Great pun. No wonder my blogs a hit.

So I have wondered if I should end my blog since I have read other bloggers doing the same. Some famous young Norwegian bimbos and other sluts have been internet bullied with angry comments. The angry comments have been degrading and sometimes been even death threats.

Comment´s like “I hope you die“, “Retarded gnome, shut your mouth” were written. Often with spelling and/or grammar mistakes. So they ended their important career of commenting on fashion and health with only emptiness that follows.

It must hurt having to hear over and over again how sad a person you are. And they really are sad to. Pretty, of course, most bimbos are. But shallow creatures with few interests other than themselves and make-up to hide their soullessness.

So I thought about doing the same… Ending my blog. Not because of all the bad comments, but because I get none.



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