The Copyright fight!

16 Jan

*Ding, Ding* ROUND 4473721917506818191! FIGHT!

Sometimes I sit in my office or my study, and sipping my brandy or tea and suddenly I get this chocking feeling. I can just sit and stare and suddenly it gets hard to swallow. I may even cold sweat. It´s like a panic attack. A panic attack combined with claustrophobia. The intense feeling that we are not free! That I can not contribute to the internet since there is a chance it may be offending or worse copyright infringement!

Can I show the logo or will the FBI come and get me now?

I have just discovered a show called RedEye that goes on Fox News. I found the show funny and more to my liking that the Daily Show.

Now, it is important to note where I come from; I am from Norway. I do not get Fox News nor do any broadcast buy the RedEye syndication. This is because Norway is a socialist country and therefor the only thing we get to hear off Fox is how they brainwash everybody with their “Right Wing Bias” (which I dare not dispute).

So how could I have heard of the right wing show in a country where the only acceptably thought is the nice fluffy ones?“, you may ask.


There was this channel on Youtube that was called RedEyeRecap. So every week when RedEye went on fox, I could watch the highlights even though it is thought crime in No*way.

On RedEyeRecap I could laugh about how stupidly naive the one-tracked liberals where instead of constantly being spit in the face from the “satire” of Jim Steward (“the greatest satirist in the world” according to the Norwegian Broadcast Cop or NoBroadCop).

But then one day… RedEyeRecap was no more. All that was left was:

YouTube account RedEyeRecap has been terminated because we received multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement from claimants including:

* Fox News Network, LLC
* Fox News Network, LLC
* Fox News Network, LLC

And then I got this chocking feeling. Youtube has done it again! Youtube has removed small copyright indiscretions. Why? Idunno. But I can speculate…

What´s funny is that although RedEyeRecap was unofficial it was still very much endorsed by the Red Eye crew (they even referenced the channel once!).

Hahahahaha. Yeah, "rebublicans are stuipd". Ain´t that the truth! Yo a su rait! "If Bill O'Reilly needs to have an enemy, I'm your enemy." HAhahahooo... Bill O´reily is evil (in secular and relative terms ofcourse;-).

I tried to complain to youtube but that´s another story. (In short: You can not contact you tube unless you have a business proposition.)

So now I fear that I may stop being politically neutral and become a lefty like the rest of Norway since all I got is Steward and other funny satire. Yeah, he is sort of funny. He does show how Fox News is always spreading their bigotry. I think I… Oh no… IT´s happening. I am finding the “fuck” punchline and smug smile of John interesting. HAhaha… He´s telling us that Bush is dumb! That´s sooo true! My God I need weed now….

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