Trance-dance-techno-whatever (part 0.6)

25 Oct

So many have written to me, or asked as I walk down the street “You tell us alot about the Trance-dance-techno-whatever genre in general, but what is your favorite pumping beats?” and sometimes that is flattering to get noticed, but when it´s old drug addicts with broken skin I tend to rush past in a hurry. But that is another matter.

So here, for your enjoyment; MY TOPP FOUR FAV. Trance-dance-techno-whatever songs.
(Note: All the songs mentioned before are also some of my favorites, and the songs I mention now is not ranked, but just placed in an order)

#1) Alice DJ (DeeJay) – The Lonely One

I´ve never seen this video until now. But the song is found on her album “Who needs guitars anyway?” with other classic dance tracks as Better Off Alone, Back In My life, Will I Ever. But this song was perfection:)

#2 Ayla – Liebe (Trance Mix)

This is perhaps a tune for the patient type as it takes it´s time building up. I always enjoyed songs that you sort of have to listen to for a gradual intensity or main theme/song (i.e Dire Straits – Money For Nothing and Eagles – Hotel California)

#3) Veracocha – Carte Blanche

It kicks ass. And it always given me association to a great Mega Man theme song (probably intro song or a boss with electric powers).

#4) Cyber Human – The Scene
Not available on youtube. You should try finding it for yourself for a change! Keyword: DJ Jurgen.

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Blog Update: 9´o march, twenty 11

As luck would have it… here it is. Cyber Human – The Scene


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