To think and talk in Blacks and Whites

16 Oct

So did anybody see the game last night? That was a great game. They really brought that trophy home. I really loved how it was a thriller until the end. That the winning point was… Who cares. Let´s think about thinking instead.

``Oh, that´s original (!)´´

I love to discuss thing with people and when you do something many times and have a consciousness you can sometimes discover a pattern. What I have seen as a regular event in many discussion is that I am being told; “You see things in blacks and whites“. Which probably means something like I overgeneralize, simplify and use broad brushes to describe my world view and opinion.

Then I started to think “Doesn´t everybody?

Here is my perhaps overgenrealizing, simplified and black-white argument:

Every time we say something as a matter of fact… Every time we give expression to a strong opinion be that well reflected and well weighed or otherwise it´s still a statement of blacks and whites. At once someone draws a line in the sand between their “right” view and others it has become an argument of contrast and possible conflict.

Nah, that ain´t true“, you may say and at once proving my point. “Black and white” is a argument of contrast and when you state you don´t agree with my opinion you are individualizing and claiming my view faulty therefore you are contrasting. There will be no conflict with an indifferent person. Ambivalence does no harm, but do no good either (gray, get it?). So when you have an opinion about something that diverse from other people in your group you have created a conflict that is polarization. A statement that splits between you and others.

But let´s complicate a bit… Why is it that a well thought of opinion with every sides views and situation is taken into account is just as black and white as a statement of pure bigotry and ignorance? Because you take for granted that the other persons sides views are based upon pure bigotry and ignorance. We all do. We all expect people who believe otherwise to be at fault because of some reason or other and seldom do we make the argument that is because they “know to much” or because they are “to good“.


What is my point? Not to make any argument pro or con anything? No, but please never say that my opinion is more black and white than yours, because it really isn´t…

I think.

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