Trance-dance-techno-whatever (part 0.7)

12 Oct


Dance from Europe.

Or as I call it…

Early 90´s classics. The Eurodance sound was the defining sound of music in the 1990. Someone will of course problematize by saying it was GRUNGE or Alternative rock. But I was not an alienated teen in the 90´, I was a kid. And kids and happy people listened to euro-dance in those days.

So in this blog entry I will show three great examples of a sub-gengrea of Trance-dance-techno-whatever called early 90´s classics
No, no.
No, no, no, no,
No, no, no, no,
No, no, there´s no limit.
2 Unlimited:

Let me hear you say YEAH! NOOOOO! What a beat! What tits! (Sorry, but she really had!). And if you noticed the meatlic sound… Yeah that was 90´s classics. Played loud on exploded speakers while chewing gum and looking scared at girls (somethings never change)

Oh, here´s a gem. My, my, my. Me and My – Dup-i-dup. GREAT!

Prodigy was big, and European, but it was too hardcore. As was Marusha. The Early 90´s classics had an empathize on existential lyrics. Like this one; Haddaway – What is Love

What is love? Really? What is it? I don´t know, but don´t hurt me. -Lyrical brilliance.

Now, the list of Early 90´s classics are endless. I could mention, Sash, DJ Quicksilver, Robert Miles, La Bouche, MAXX, The Outhere Brothers (not euro, but still classic!), E-rotic, Dr. Alban, Cappella, Antiloop, Corona, Culture Beat, Captain Hollywood Project, Faithless, Reel 2 Real, C & C Music Factory, Pet Shop Boys, 20 Fingers, Whigfield, Paradisio, Technotronic, Snap!, U96, Opus III, Sin with Sebastian,DJ Bobo, , Scatman John, Rednex and a little unknown project called Scooter. But, as I´ve said, the list would be endless… So I will not mention them.

Blog 2.0 - `´Hey, where´s 6?´´, ´´Sometimes 7 comes before 6, stupid!´´EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!


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