Time for some Q&A. Part 3 (About AMC. To be honest it´s more like a faq)

10 Oct

It´s been a while since I have answered questions from my many fans and the mailbags are piling inn. I fear there may be a mail avalanche. So I have read some of your many, many interesting questions, and todays theme is about my blog as there seems to be alot of people who haven´t found the “about AMC” page on the top right side —>

The first question is from a man (I guess) from France called Pierre (no joke, he´s name really was Pierre). He wonders:

Q&A? More like FAQ U!


Je suis un Français qui ont poignets pliés et je dois donc faire court. Je me demande pourquoi vous haïssent la France et la Suède autant.
Avec l’amour homosexuel,


Of course this disgusting fellow had to write in french. You tried to make french the world language and you failed. Get over it. Eat your baguette and shut up. Anyway, since I don´t speak french I had to translate in on a internet application (no advertising here!) from french to English (no, not the other way). And he wonders why I hate Sweden and France so much. Well, Pierre, I hate France and Sweden because of history, ideology and culture. Sweden I hate because of the Norwegian-Swedish rivalry (history), because of their worst kind of cultural relativity, atheism, PC despotism and feminism gone horribly wrong (ideology) and their spinelessness (culture).
France I hate because they were cowards through most of recorded history (history) , because of their smugness and self-righteousness that is so far from reality as human denial can pervert (plus their atheism) (ideology) and their spinelessness (culture). I hope you can understand the cultural (relative) similarities between these two countries. In fact; I always say “If you´re an atheist who wants to live in a atheist-cultural relative world you should move to Sweden or France”

The next question is from Jack D. Ripper, from Hell, and he writes:

por eso nada?!


I read your blog everyday. If nothing new is posted I read the old once again and I am a hardcore fan of your work. I have a degree in medical science and I am a agnostic liberal, democrat and feminist. Your satire over conservative values surpasses even Stephen Colbert. What is even more fun is that only I seem know that you are joking. It makes me feel so smart. Thank you. But sometimes I wonder if you write too long, too complicated and with distracting digressions that could give people head-aces. Would you consider writing more pleasing to your readers?

With an intelligent bow,
Jack D. Ripper


Dear Ripper.
It´s nice to have fans of my work as not every blog entry I have written has been dragged out my ass. But to answer you question. Yes, I have considered writing more pleasing entries, and sometimes even tried. But looking back, I think my expression works best. It´s called verfremdungseffekt (I learned about it in college). And if I didn´t my opinions would be propaganda. We can all manipulate people to believe in what we believe. There are lot´s tools of the trade (just study Dawkins). I don´t want to lecture people, nor preach to people. They are entitled to their belief, but I refuse to sit idly by when young impressionable teens with new found atheism rants about how their “logical world view is the only rational conclusion” without acknowledging the dark shadows behind their opinions. But I do not claim to know anything, but I have a strong got feeling (aka. secular psychic) that says that nothing good will come of it. And it would be a placebo (aka. secular miracle) if atheism would remove human power hunger, bigotry, war and death. But that is their faith, let them have it. But the problem is that they are not having their cute little meetings in their moms basement anymore. They are gathering strength, and demanding things. That´s why I speak against the pure logical nonsense, because it´s a war coming. A war between people without a sense of humor. (Yes, atheist have no sense of humor. They only laugh when they feel superior. Just observe)

But I digress. The point is that I don´t have a point. I do not know anything, but I believe that truth can be found but that perhaps we don´t want to know it. I also feel that feelings are an important part of being a human, and that if logic is our only compass, than that could be the end of humanity (not necessarily homo sapience, just “humanity”)

The next and last question is from OptimusPrimeMinisterofNoway55 and he writes:

Q&A? More like FAQ U!

Q&A? More like FAQ U;)

Dear AndyAce83,
I am a state leader of a country (but I can´t revile which). I use your blog as a guidance in everyday matters as having a Guru is far to expensive. I have a problem; I don´t know how to lead a contry, I just got the job through my father. I pretend to be in control, but sometimes I just want to cry. I didn´t want this. I didn´t want to stand between humanist and Christians, between communist and fascist, and feminist and sane people. To be honest I am scared. What can I do to hide my fear? How can I avoid destroying my country? How can I avoid being hated by everyone who do not agree with me and my party?

Jens (OptimusPrimeMinisterofNoway55)


Dear OptimusPrimeMinisterofNoway55,
in the last year or so my fan base has become more and more powerful. Originally it was just perverts and crazy loners who read my blog but I get more and more letters from state leaders, presidents of big business and organizations. Just the other day I got a letter from someone in the UN. They all say the same thing. “We don´t know how to lead. We know some theories, but reality keeps messing them up.” To be honest with you, I don´t know how politics work, nor stock exchange or the powers that be. And that is my advice to you, be honest too.

Now I am not an idiot. I know that honesty is not the best policy and lies will get you anywhere. But web of lies can also snare you, and if you don´t get caught, you still may live in constant fear of being caught. Now one knows how to rule the world, but humility could get you somewhere not completely destructive. By working hard towards self knowledge (ask “why do I want power?” and “will my changes be for the better or is it just fool hardiness that makes me want to force my ideology onto others?“). There is a factoid that is said so many times that it has become a truth and that is “the common man is an idiot“. Many say that, and they are the real idiots (FACE!).

The truth is; people are different (but also fascinatingly similar), and not just one solution could fix all. It is important to be a liberal, and it´s important to be a conservative.It is in short important to believe in a democracy. A democracy is not red, or blue, it isn´t for the rich or the poor, no for the gay or the bigot. It is for everyone. That means that a good politician listens to everyone and tries to make everyone happy. Not just their voters, but also those who voted differently. It´s called the Golden mean (you and every other politician should look it up). Politics are NOT about right and wrong (that is for religion and philosophy), it´s about causing the least amount of damage.

Oh, and there is a story from a book that could also be useful to know. The story goes like this; It is this king, and two woman comes to him claiming an infant be theirs as another child died during birth. The king then listens and they both has solid arguments, and at this time DNA was not yet been discovered. Anyway, he says “Let´s chop the child in two so both can have a part“. Now I don´t know what you know about human bodies, but that would kill the child. Anyway, one of the woman says “No, don´t kill him, let the other woman have him instead” while the other said “What a great idea. Now we can both be happy in our misery“. And that´s when the king knew who was the mother and so he chopped the child in two. The moral being, if unsure, make sure no one is happy. And don´t listen to holy scriptures because they are all nonsense.

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2 Responses to “Time for some Q&A. Part 3 (About AMC. To be honest it´s more like a faq)”

  1. Kate Simpson November 13, 2010 at 12:27 pm #

    It was rather interesting for me to read the article. Thanks for it. I like such themes and anything that is connected to this matter. I would like to read a bit more soon.

    Kate Simpson
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    • AndyAce83 November 13, 2010 at 7:20 pm #

      Hello Kate,
      how nice of you to post a comment in your bizzy day.I bet that you have plenty of work to do, and such hard labor to.

      I have always admired a working girl. Lots of luck to you:-)

      a frequent user of your services

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