Trance-dance-techno-whatever (part 0.5)

2 Oct

Bzzz….bzzz…bzzz… whatever.
I hate angry music as I am not angry. I am annoyed, irritated and alienated but I am not angry. Angy involves throwing, punching or destroying. I do neither.

Another reason why I can´t stand angry music is that it´s often vulgar, over the top and incomprehensible and unreflected nonsense.

But worst of all… The sound! Angry music involves screaming, a wall of noise punching me in the face and groin and lot´s of profanity for the easy “I am angry”-sound. Yes, I also swear when I am angry, but if I where to sing about my anger I would sit down and think about why I am feeling the way I do and express it more intelligently. But I guess that´s just me.

The point it: The people who make trance-dance-techno-whatever genera also can have issues. Sometimes their electronic beats wants to express anger toward something. So today I will post some videos from the more angry pumping sounds.

Let´s start with Apex Twin- Come to daddy.

Oh, it´s angry alright. But I can also hear what he screams. I like to know why they scream, and not just that they scream. Yes, one can always read the lyrics, but if I can´t understand them. I tend to believe they have nothing to be made understood. I remember watching this video when I was young. It scared the hell out of me. But enough childhood trauma.

Now a list (no matter how short) of angry techno sounds would be incomplete without Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up. This is the ultimate break-up song for any boy wonder. Yeah, smack my bitch up, chain my bitch up, smack my bitch up! The video is of course censured, because the internet is a place for freedom of expression:)

Now I could post many a Prodigy tune here to illustrate the anger of this versatile genera, but that would be to easy. Instead… ALARMA!!! by 666

Now the metal fans who enjoy dark satanic music believe that their Devil chords would be Satan´s music. But they are idiots. Satan would not waste his time on angry metal music. Those who listen to that often already is jaded (it´s a buyers marked nowadays:). There is no reason to steal souls already stolen. No! Satan comes through pop music and in this little song. Something that can appeal to the masses. I would rather play Brittney Spears backwards to check for hidden messages than any slipknot song.

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