Shameless self promotion

23 Sep

Please hire me. I know what graphical matching in editing means.

So as ya’ll know…

I’m a a man with dying ambitions of world domination and film making. I want to make the Hollywood remake of Dallas while working on the script for the greatest slasher film from this side of the millennium (script halfway written already).

So it’s the times to write my CV online so that anyone who would want to could hire me:)

These videos have been posted on YOUTUBE.COM. They aren’t high budget, contains very little nudity and violence with few if any SFX.

The first gem I’d like to share is called The Raven. It’s all about me (me, me, me) experimenting with background, contrast and symbolism. In other words I did this in-between surfing for porn. The sound is horrible in this video, and that is with reason. The low sound from this Grand Guignol symbolise the American soldiers in Afghanistan fighting for us and we don’t pay our tributes to them. It’s also a protest against patriarchy since the low sound can also be a muffled woman in pain. This last interpretation is of course arbitrary, but I think you could see it if you wanted to.

After watching this sublime pearl you should perhaps take a brake to digest the powerful impressions I have given you. This especially since my next piece is just as mind blowing as the first.. I call it Ludvig Nessa – without the robe and collar and it is my most popular video on youtube. It was made as a collaboration with some friends of mine with completely different political and world view. This to make a neutral depiction of a sensitive area of humane humanity; Abortion and the cost of being against the majority.


Now that was dynamite! This next one you probably should take another brake or at least a Valium as it’s even more mind blowing and EXTREME than my two first videos. I call this masterpiece Rock and Cigarettes and it’s another collaboration with two almost as talented strong and powerful individuals like myself. Almost!

Anyway the video is about a Dutch artist called Paula Mall and her love of smoking inspired by the rockumentary and Cinéma vérité from the 50-60’s.

Now “comment pourrait-on perfectionner ce qui a été perfectionné?“, you might ask. Is there anyway you can top what has already been shown? Of course I can… Here’s my next éclat; Nature vs Culture- Part 1: Nature.

There probably will be a part 2 and part 3 in the future. But there has to be a pause between my work as too many mind-blowing masterpieces of great existential depth can destroy societies, solve world hunger, tear down leaders or create wonderful feelings of loss, void and meaninglessness. I`ve made works that was so powerful in their expression they had to be removed from youtube. I am of course talking about NoMeansNo – Mondo Nihilissimo 2000 (unofficial music video)

Yeah, it´s banned. I am a rebel! Take that society. Now where is my spray can and bat?

So in conclusion… Oh yeah!

Blog 2.0 -If you're wondering why `When all I wanted from life was to be Famous I have tried for so long, it's all gone wrong.´ AMC will tell you why

(Blog update 8/28-11: To all those curios people out there… Here you can download the original video that was banned on youtube. It´s in flash so you need some kind of flash player)

Anything on your mind? I am listening:

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