My blog is one year old.

17 Sep

Just thought I’d mention it.

Blog 2.0 - Have given you quality food for thought since 2009.

(Blog update @ same day:
As a celebration of my one year anniversary, perhaps I should add some great blog entries?

Here is my top 3 favoritt entries on AMC:
1) Suicide blogs
As it touches taboos like non other, and to me it really is written well:)

2) I’m a freethinker, but are you? (A check list)

Great satire on why I dislike those who label them self “freethinkers“. (Fun fact: The flower that represents the “freethinker” is the pansy. THE PANSY! Hahahaooo… funny, funny stuff)

3) Age Hierarchy (Smells Like Teen Spirit)

Why? I dunno. I had to choose a third, sooo… You know they are all great!


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