Trance-dance-techno-whatever (part 0.4)

10 Sep

Let´s go old school! You see the Trance-dance-techno-whatever music genre is not a new one. Computes have been around for quite a while (although easy to use music software that makes everyone a DJ is.)

Now I am not a music historian and I am not a know-it-all but here´s a short and perhaps wrong understanding of the early years of the hardcore pumping beats.

All great music has started in one of two places; Africa and England (more precise the Manchester-Liverpool area). The electronic beats started, to my understand in Manchester in the late 70´s, early 80´s. There are two important “bands” recognize here; New Order and Happy Mondays. Blah,blah, blah. Here´s New Order.

But hey,” you may say, “this isn´t dance music. This is more indie-alternativ-postpunk music” proving your knowledge surpasses mine. I respond by looking threatened by your intelligence and almost back-out completely until I remember this one:

Notice the beat? Notice the sound? This is old-school trance-dance-techno-whatever.“, I say with a smile hopefully shutting your trap.

But some people always needs to win the argument, and if one part of the discussion fails they will attack another. So you may say “Hey, you said that the genre started in England. I´ve heard of Kreftwerk and that woman… Carlos… Made the soundtrack to Clockwork Orange“.

So?“, I say.

So you´re wrong.”, you laugh in my face. Giving me images of violence, murder and pain. But then also police, lies and punishments so everything stays the same.

And yeah.. Manchester wasn´t the genesis of all electronic music. But Manchester were the place where the genre not just was a wired gimmick but became a sound of it´s own. Suddenly crackers could dance freely and all was good in the world.

Blog 2.0 -If you really want to know the historical truth you should look it up yourself. You will not find the truth in a blog, only opinions logically or emotionally charged. Sometimes, if you´re lucky, with citations. But ``citations don´t make truths`. You can write that down in your diary!


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