The Internet is dirty

7 Sep

We may not smell it, we may not even see it, but the internet is a filthy place. We think that web 2.0 with all it´s interaction and videoblogs makes it an arena for intellectual, clean stimuli. But I see what you´re searching! Oh, yes… Filthy people looking for porn.

People who read my blog came over it not because I tagged it Postmodern or Happy-go-crazy or atheist or funny or Ambivalence please or do not tell the teacher or Political gibberish. No they find my blog because I write about social PORN. Oh, yes.

These are the searches that reaches Andy´s Mercury Comments.

1) andy mercury
(Whom ever that gentlemen may be)

2) socialporn

3) lyrics “find the words without being dis…

4) manfred gerstenfeld

5) free socialporn

6) “abortion until birth”

7) feel empty

8 ) electra complex porn

9) am i going to see god mommy

10) where do people like us flow

It really seems that my blog is the final stopping place for perverts and lost souls.


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