Trance-dance-techno-whatever (part 0.3)

5 Sep

So there are many classic Trance-dance-techno-whatever songs and melodies out there. Today I will mention some of the more lowbrow productions that still is worth listing to, if not for anything else but there nonsensical lyrics.

Take this one for example:
Sylver – Turn The Tide

How can I be mad at you, when I’m the one to blame.” Yes, how indeed.

The next great through funny song comes from Norway and was made by the talented wolf A.Moe. The song; Mom is home

The great parts of the song is stolen (very common in this music genera. But at least they make it their own and not just sample and add a beat like that *bleeping* rap music) from the Romanian musical-on-ice story of “Rock-n-roll Woolf“. But “the wolf who want to come in and party“, that’s all A.Moe’s genius.

The last achievement in bad lyrics today is Daze – Superhero lovers.

She needs a superhero lover. Very relatebal:)

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