Trance-dance-techno-whatever (part 0.2)

30 Aug

So here are some new track worth playing in a gengre many people ditch because “[they] could make the same shit on [their] computer but [they] just choose instead to make nothing and criticize instead because that’s very constructive“(!).

The first piece I will play is Boards of Canada’s Roygbiv.

I like this lade-back song. It’s chill-out and nice. Very cool.

The next sound of happy is Delerium – Silence (featuring Sarah McLachlan) – Tiesto Remix edit

This version is the short radio edit version. I would recommend the long version, but this one works as a great introduction at least. But yeah, if you want you should find the 8 min version somewhere in cyberspace. To people who think that Tiesto is not a great DJ, well I have no comback, but who are you really? Really who are you?

The last one 4 now is a Norwegian-Swedish collaboration. It’s Royksopp feut. Robyn – The Girl And The Robot (Spencer & Hill Remix). The Spencer and Hills remix makes this also a German collaboration (but let’s not complicate things to much).

The original is great, but this one is HARDCORE! Whoohoo! You can’t tell me that your feed ain’t moving:)

Blog 2.0 - Oh yeah! This is just right! CAN YOU FEEL THE BEAT?

PS: Now you may wonder or not care at all, as to why I call it “Trance-dance-techno-whatever“. It’s what I call a “know-it-all-buffer” which is important to use when talking about music/movie genres or other cultural stuff since there is always someone who feels the need to differentiate trance with techno or harcore-grinde-metall with angry-screaming metall (or point out that there is no such thing). Genera is only important when we are talking about… well, I dunno when genres are important… but I’m sure they have their uses other than smug know-it-alls need for assertiveness.

Anything on your mind? I am listening:

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